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Fireheart: Blood of the Warrior-Queen
Author :Moiraine
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-2 Setting

**************BEWARE SPOILERS BELOW*************

World Setting

The land of Jakara is a wide continent separated by an ancient wall, dividing the realm of the Hova and the realms of the humans. But the wall has been crumbling for ages, and the Hova aren't easily deterred. Each day another section of the wall comes down, making it easier for the Hova to enter the lands of the humans. And the Hova need the humans to drink their blood.

Magic is the only defense the humans have against the physically superior Hovas. The realms of humans are adept at several kinds of magic: fire, wind, arcane, water, and earth. But the only kind of magic that has proved effective at fighting the Hova is fire magic, which can only be wielded by women.

This is why the Karainas, a matriarchal tribe of warriors, has the duty to defend the humans from the Hova. It is said that three battalions of normal humans are no match to a dozen Karainas. They are also the only tribe that doesn't have a monarchical government. The rest of the humans live in small kingdoms, but the Karainas don't belong to anyone. They are sworn to protect all mankind.

On the other side of the wall, the Hova are ruled by one king: Davorin. While the Hova can survive without human blood, the noble families that make up Davorin's court refuse to drink anything else. The other poorer citizens of Hovania have to make do with animal blood.



Scarlett: Protagonist. She has long black hair dark green eyes.

Mimbi: Scarlett's best friend. Very powerful and honorable warrior. Daughter of the Karaina's leader.

Sunu: Scarlett's Rhea.

Pakuri: Fiercest, toughest Karaina. She is bigger and stronger than most men. Rough on the edges with a soft spot for animals.

Voty: Sweet, girlish Karaina. Kind and very sweet.

Davorin: King of the Hova, the vampire like people who live across the wall. He is taller than most Hova, with ashen hair and grey eyes.

Acheron: Prince of the Hova, heir apparent of King Davorin. He feels sympathy for the humans and refuses to drink human blood. Davorin's court loves him, but he doesn't feel the same way about the role he was assigned at birth. Dark hair and cold grey eyes like his father.

Ragnor: Human soldier who accompanies Scarlett on her quest to Hovania. Tall, robust, blond hair and dark brown eyes.


1. Introduction and warrior stage: Scarlett as a Karaina. Introduction of main characters and their roles in the story. This is where Scarlett shines as a warrior and the scene is set up for a major confrontation between the humans and the Hova. Here she meets the prince of the Hova and he and Ragnor start fighting to get Scarlett's favor.

2. Political stage: After learning a secret from her past that changes everything, Scarlett infiltrates the Hova court and she must learn to be deceiving, acting as a spy. Here she will encounter Hova nobles, asassins, and a myriad of cunning characters that want different things from her. There are balls, parties and events that she has to navigate in order to succeed in bringing down the Hova from within.

3. Learning stage: The humans and the Hova learn that the real enemies aren't each other, but the ones who started their conflict in the first place. Another plan is set in motion to fight the real enemy. Here Scarlett learns to use another kind of magic.
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