-2 Prologue:Reincarnate and My wishes
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Author :bigtits222
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-2 Prologue:Reincarnate and My wishes

I woke up and looked around to find my self in the nothingness, Nothing could be seen absolutely nothing. I began to roam to search if this nothingness has no end, then suddenly a bright light that breaks this nothingness wraps around me and found my self in a white room with an old man in front me.

"Who are you??" Zeus began to inspect the old man in front of him.

"I am God what you mortals called Zeus and you're dead by the way," said the old man.

Zeus didn't suspect the old man's identity because there's a lot of strange things happen to him and the old man said is true because he really did die.

"Okay so where I am going to now??" The old man was surprised by this young man because he is literally calm even when he knew that he was dead and the old man felt guilty as he accidentally killed the young man in front of him.

"Zeus as I accidentally killed you, I will give you compensation so I can make up my mistakes" Zeus finally know why he died it's because of this god, well I will let him off for now. Besides, he said that he will give me compensation as I really want to know what is it.

"It already happens so nothing can be changed right, So what are my compensation," Zeus said with expectation as he looked towards the GOD.

"Thank you!!!" As God began to cry in happiness and remembered Zeus compensation," oh right right your compensation that I will give to you are two first you can choose any world you wish to reincarnate second I will give you five wishes so you can wish what you will need to survive there.

"Ok, then my first wish is I want to be able to travel to different worlds, Second I want to be an immortal and can give immortal to anyone I want, Third Instant Everything, forth I want to have a handsome and charming body that nothing could compare.

And for my last wish, I wish to have the ability of Escanor sunshine that has no weakness and my power could continue to grow infinite even in the night that can access the One Form and upgrade Escanor Battle Ax Rittha that can withstand my power.

"Very well My child the wishes are done and pick the world you wish to Reincarnate," Said the Old man.

"I wish to be reincarnate in ********* in the timeline ********" Zeus said with an excitement.

"Then Good luck my child hope I never see your here again😇😇" The old man flickered his fingers as zeus wrapped by a white light then vanished.

Instant Everything:

Instant Mastery

Instant Comprehension

Instant Regeneration

Instant Growth

And Etc..
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