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1 Reincarnated

In the Mountains in Ishgar

"Ughhh where I am??", Zeus woke up as he looked around to find himself in the mountains full of forests and dangerous beasts.

A couple of hours have passed since Zeus regained his strength, he walked around in the forest to find water or something to drink and finally found a lake in the middle of the forest as he began to form his hands into a cup then gulp the water and began to wash his face revealed his heaven-defying handsomeness then he remembered those events and his powers.

"Haaa, that was refreshing" Zeus took off his clothes being dirty when he rushed out into the forest as he began to wash his perfect body with a height of 7.ft Zeus suddenly heard a strange noise in the lake and he immediately approached where the strange noise was to found a beautiful scarlet woman taking her clothes off and he quickly remembered who that woman is, as he was surprised by this unexpected encounter, It's none other Erz *Cough* Irene.

Irene is a tall, voluptuous woman with thickly braided, bow-adorned, scarlet hair. Her two front braids have two golden ornaments near the upper sections; she also wears two U-shaped earrings (one on each ear) and wears red lipstick.

Zeus step in the lake as he continues to bath his body, On the other hand, Irene quickly notice this and found a tall handsome man that should never exist this world bathing his perfect body in the lake, Irene went her gaze to his body and notice what she was doing quickly blushed then shrugged it off to ask who the man is.

"You.. who are you??" Irene looked at Zeus cautiously, Zeus saw this decided to tease Irene and responded.

"Isn't rude to ask someone's name without introducing your name first" Irene became embarrassed because it's literally rude to ask someone's name."u-uhm.. right..... My name is Irene Belserion a member of Alvarez Empire one of the 12 Spriggans called Scarlet Despair, you.. who are you and what are you doing here in the middle of the forest??" Irene was surprised to see human bathing in the middle of the forest with a carefree attitude, She remembers that there were many dangerous beasts lurking around nearby.

"My name is Zeus I don't have a surname because I am an orphan and for what I'm doing is currently bathing because I suddenly found my self in these mountains when I woke up got my body being dirtied and you what are you doing here, Are you perhaps peeping me??", Zeus grinned as he walked toward Irene with his naked body Irene was sad when she heard that he was an orphan and remembered her daughter that she left in the village until she heard what Zeus said." Who's PEEPING YOU IDIOT!!" Irene said furiously and looked in front of her to see Zeus standing in front of her revealing his naked body with his MIGHTY 12inch ERECT BROTHER down there. Irene quickly blushes at this scene remembered that she was naked too.

"PERVERT!!!" Irene quickly punched out Zeus' face with all of her power however seeing Zeus's just standing there not dodging or blocking her attacked she began to feel nervous and worried she doesn't know what that she was feeling just now even if she was cruel and merciless in front of her enemies she felt a deep strange connection to this man right in front of her while Zeus just stand there because he thinks that weak attacks do not affect him that much. as the punch hit Zeus face a strong wind gathers and engulfed them by the impact while Irene felt her fist ache when she hit a Hard Iron or metal something on Zeus' face and she looked around worriedly to checked if Zeus was dead, to her surprise she saw Zeus in front of her not moving off his place as he takes the hit, she felt that this man in front of her wasn't normal and he was powerful that can kill her within a seconds.

"I'm sorrrrrry for hitting you suddenly like that Please forgive me and I will do one thing that you will want in my power" Irene apologize to Zeus in a sincere manner. Irene was afraid making this man angry resulting her death, Irene was not afraid of her death what she was afraid is to leave her daughter early not knowing that she had a mother and Irene another purpose of existing is to kill Acnologia so that she gets her revenge for the ones that died on that time.

"It's ok Irene it doesn't hurt me but you said that you will do one thing for me in your power, Really??" Zeus was surprised that Irene would put compensation as he knows that Irene is prideful so he doesn't know what has gotten into her.

"U-uhm" Irene nodded and said." before that could you please dress so we can talk properly" Irene began to pick her clothes as she head in the back of the tree to dress while Zeus nodded and quickly dressed his clothes.


"So what do you want for me to do?" Irene looks at Zeus handsome face and admits that not only he had a great body with a handsome face too. Irene began to think what will be Zeus would want.

"Be my wife" Zeus was mesmerized by her beauty"Ehh can you repeat it" while Irene was stunned not expecting that kind of answer not know what to respond.

"I said be my wife" Irene began to think that their relationship progress was so fast as she barely knew this man in front of her, Irene thought that even if he's so perfect and powerful that many women would want, Irene had her pride as a formerly queen was not easy to get and became frustrated that slowly swallow her pride as a woman when she thought that she was unworthy of him because she currently had a child and he will not accept him.

Then Zeus understood that and said to Irene."It's ok even if you don't want to marry me now, So let change the deal accompanied me here in the forest in three months then decide if you want to marry me or not" Irene nodded happily because she will have a reason to keep her pride as a woman and make him accept her.

As Irene and Zeus began to walk towards the mountain to make a cave that they will be staying then they quickly went down to the forest to hunt wild beasts to be their food.

Zeus and Irene began to wander the forest looking for a wild boar or some good meat animal to their food then suddenly they heard a *whistle* of the wind coming towards them revealing a big wyvern spreading and flapping it's two wings then said furiously with arrogance as he looks down on Zeus and Irene.

"What are you doing in my territory mere ants" Zeus and Irene heard that frowned in displeasure they decided to show the wyvern who the mere ant really is.

As Irene ready to charge to the wyvern, Zeus stopped her with a look of I will take care of this. Then Zeus turned around to the wyvern then looked at it as an ant, The wyvern notice this as displeasure, anger and rage erupts in his mind then his mouth condense the energy into flame breath it out to Irene instead of Zeus. Zeus saw this got enraged because this mere lizard ignores him then quickly calm down as he teleports in front of Irene and stretches out his right arm blocking the breath and said.

"There's no need to bother Irene I will be enough." Irene wasn't shocked by Zeus power as she already knew that he's incredibly powerful.

The wyvern heard this got enraged again and launch his claw attacks to Zeus furiously in max speed while saying"You talk big for just a human! You are no match for me, Draco,

The Wyvern King of the Six Demons of Black" Zeus continue to block his attacks with unamused expression and said"That you should call King of the Forest in front of me... is presumptuous! CRUEL SUN"Zeus channeled his sun energy in his palm the condensed it into a mini sun then throw it to the wyvern, The wyvern screamed in pain"aghhhhhhhh"then die being roasted.

"Now then we're going to have a fried meat today. Let's Go." Zeus picks up the wyvern behind his back then continued to walk back home.

While on the other hand Irene just subconsciously nodded as she followed back Zeus, Irene was stunned by the mini powerful sun that can even destroy this world, she already thought that Zeus was powerful but never to this extent.


One month have passed Zeus and Irene live in the mountains happily while Zeus began to train his power that releases a hot atmosphere along the process that melts the ground, Irene was shocked by his majestic magic that could even kill Acnologia in one hit then she began to trains too while Zeus gave her a pointers to improve her power with his Instant Everything resulting her power getting stronger every moment.

"Zeus I have something to talk to you" Zeus nodded as he follows Irene in a while and Irene finally stop to sit in the rock on the top of the mountain while feeling the fresh breeze.

"Zeus I wish to tell you my story" Irene began to tell her story of her past that kept buried deep in her heart for the long long time while Zeus began to listen to her story. Minutes have passed since Irene tell her story to Zeus about how all of her people were killed and humans became dragon slayers while Acnologia began to hunt dragon slayer to supply his power. Meanwhile, you can see Zeus gnashing his teeth in rage and anger thinking how despicable Acnologia is. Zeus decided he will the lizard when he got a chance, while Irene rests her head into Zeus' chests as she sobs. Then Zeus notice that there were hidden stories were not revealed in the manga. While Irene was relieved that Zeus did not disdain her after she revealed her dark past and tells Zeus that she already had a child. Zeus began to comfort her as they fell asleep cuddling one another.
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