2 Visiting a Town
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Author :bigtits222
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2 Visiting a Town

Zeus woke up in the morning and found a beauty lying on his chest while she cuddles his arm, he found it cute seeing her like this. As he began to get up, Irene notice that woke up and found herself in Zeus' chest she became red and embarrassed."Good Morning Zeus" Irene get up.

"Good Morning too...did you get a good rest last night" Irene nodded as they walked out from the cave.

"Zeus can we go out to visit a town today??" Zeus looked at Irene with confused."why do you want to go their again, Last time some troublesome thugs bothered us because they didn't recognize us, they think that we're some kind of country bumpkin plus the fact that you're so beautiful is the main source of trouble" Irene was really happy for his praise as she blushed." but I don't have spare clothes anymore and besides we live in a mountain so my enemies wouldn't find me and the world wouldn't know about you, I'm confused about the fact that you're so strong yet you wouldn't want the knew about your existence. Irene was confused what Zeus plans to do by staying in a secluded mountain.

"Isn't for you to accompany me and to be with me, I did that so the world wouldn't bother us or gave us some problems that will shorten our time staying together. Irene was sad and felt wrong as she thought of how could she forget the time that they only have two months to be together, Irene resolved her mind and plan to enjoy her two months the fullest staying with Zeus, While Zeus understood what Irene was thinking and decided to allowed Irene to visit the town.

" Let's Go" Zeus hold Irene hand while Irene nodded and didn't put any resistance let Zeus held her hand as start their journey to the nearest town.


Zeus and Irene reached the nearest town called Sun Village.

Sun Village

Created long ago by the Dragon Atlas Flame, the Sun Village is inhabited by Giants, massive humanoid beings who are several tens of times taller and larger than humans. Only male giants have so far been shown living there: all of them are rather rough in appearance, sporting long, thick hair, and beards, massive noses, wearing clothing made of leather or fur and carrying around melee weapons fitting their size. Domesticated animals found in the village (such as dogs) are proportioned to their owners, and thus several times larger than their standard counterparts. The Sun Village's population is known to worship Atlas Flame, who, to the villagers, is known as the Eternal Flame, an ever-burning flame which grants them protection.

The entire village, as discovered by the Wizard Saint Warrod Sequen during his quest to stop deserts from spreading, was frozen solid, with every living being, including the guardian Dragon Atlas Flame himself, being encased in ice,courtesy of the Devil-Slayer Silver, who thought that Atlas Flame was a Demon rather than a Dragon. The Sun Village is, however, unfrozen by Atlas Flame, representing his last act as the village's personal guardian deity.

The Sun Village is located in one of Fiore's desertic areas. Surrounding it is a number of large, elongated rocky formations, jutting up from the ground and extending their slender shape towards the sky; smaller rocks are found throughout the place. Despite its position in a desert, trees grow freely in the village's vicinity, even creating small forests (something which might be a result of Warrod Sequen's Green Magic). A rocky mountain of notable height isn't located far from the town; this is where Erza Scarlet speculated the Eternal Flame to be located.

'So this is the Sun Village huh. It's certainly amazing than the one in the anime' Zeus' thought.

Zeus and Irene entered the Sun Village as the village guards approached them.

"Who are you, people" Guard 1 look at Zeus and Irene cautiously.

"What is your purpose coming here??" Guard 2 asked politely as he felt this two mysterious person are not ordinary.

Zeus looked at the two guards then glanced at Irene which Irene understood and nodded in exchange as if some kind of message.

"I am Zeus and this beautiful lady beside me Irene, You see they said that this place is wonderful so we thought that is such a regret to not visit it so we wish to explore this place" the two guards made a bright smile as they welcome us" Welcome, to our Sun Village it's true this is a wonderful place so please enjoy visitors" The two guards slightly bowed as Irene and I start to walk inside.

Zeus and Irene start to wander around as they wander around they encounter a lot of interesting things as people look towards them with curiosity and some women look at Zeus with admiration, lust while the men just *sigh* as they can't compete with Zeus handsomeness, Irene saw this was proud of her man and felt lucky because Zeus is the perfect man that every girl that would dream of. Even though they hadn't reached that kind of relationship yet, Irene didn't notice that she slowly start to fell in love Zeus. While Zeus the same too.

"Zeus I wish this could last long" Irene leaned on Zeus' shoulder while they admired the sunset.

"Then I will fulfill your wish, my lady" Zeus pulled Irene in front of him as he kisses Irene's rosy lips, Irene was stunned by a second but didn't push away Zeus as she kisses back. Zeus's tongue invades Irene's mouth making her eyes widen and her face red as they entangle their tongue to one another as if the time has stopped that they kissed forever, as they make out.

Minutes have passed, they finally broke out their kiss leaving them *panting* while catching up their breath.

"That's was good," said Zeus

"U-uhmm" Irene just nods while her face was flushed from the intense kiss.

"Irene I think we should stay here for two months" Zeus looked at Irene.

"I think so too I'm getting bored in the mountains at least here there are some people to talk too" Irene agreed on Zeus.

"Then let's go it's getting late, then we will rent an apartment that will be staying for the last two months" Irene just happily nodded and start to think how fun for the last two months will be as they went back.

Zeus and Irene went back as they looked where they can rent an apartment then finally found one named L.E.G.O apartments.

Zeus and Irene open the door as they enter inside and see the manager in the cashier.

"Hello, what will it be??" The manager asked Irene and Zeus.

"Do you have some spare apartment that we can rent??" Irene looked at the manager.

"Wait, Miss, I will just check it for a moment" The manager started to check the records as he flipped to the pages.

"Found It" The Manager exclaimed and said as he squinted his eyes." We have one on the second floor but it will cost expensive.

"Does not matter, How much is it for two months?" Zeus looked towards the Manager.

"It should be 2 million jewels, Sir," The Manager said politely

"Then we will get it" Zeus grab a pouch full of jewels in his pocket and throw it to the table.

"Thank you, Your fully paid sir" The Manager guide Irene and Zeus to their apartment that they will live in. Then Zeus and Irene start to buy things like furnitures, clothes and some stuff that they will need. While they are buying they heard about a story about the strongest guild in Fiore the Fairy tail, some of the powerhouses and the guild master got vanished 7 years ago. As the guild start to declined and fall to the last.

Zeus grinned when he heard that and thought 'So I only have two months before the tenrou arc will finished, wait for me fairy tail and the world AHAHHAHHHAHA'

Then Zeus and Irene went home and quickly go to their bed to get some rests.
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