3 Ultimate Divine Axe Hot Rhitta
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Author :bigtits222
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3 Ultimate Divine Axe Hot Rhitta

In the apartment

"Zeus do you know how to cook??" Irene sat down into her chair

"Of course, Just wait right there I will let you taste my amazing cooking" Zeus went to the kitchen to prepare the ingredients and start to cook. Zeus knew how to cook because of his ability instant everything his cooking surpassed the chefs in shokugeki even Jouichiro.

Time has passed

Irene smells a delicious fragrant aroma where Zeus was cooking that left her salivating. While Zeus quickly prepares the food then walk out of the kitchen and place the food on the table while smoking hot.

"What kind of dish did you make??" Irene asked Zeus as she looked at the food greedily.

"What dish are you talking about it's just a normal omelet?? Zeus was confused.

Irene heard what Zeus said shrugged her shoulders as she slices the omelet and quickly tries a bite, soon as the food enters her mouth she felt the normal omelet bursting of its deliciousness she chewed the food faster and gulped.

"SOOOOOO DELICIOUSSSSS" Irene exclaimed while looking at Zeus and suddenly asked furiously as she slams her hands at the table.

"I thought that it was just a normal omelet!!" Then Zeus was surprised by Irene reaction as this was his first time cooking even he had Instant Everything.

"It's really just an omelet what are you surprised about??" Irene was stunned and frowned when she heard that Zeus called the heavenly food a normal and this was her first time eating such delicious food.

"Huhhhh, then why don't you try it...to call the heavenly food normal" Then Zeus thought 'what is her problem it's really just an omelet' Zeus shook his head and decide to forget about it as he quickly tries a bite then suddenly the omelet burst out its deliciousness and quickly swallowed it *gulp*.

"It's SO GOOOOOOOOD I can't believe I'm the one who makes this then quickly ate his food like there's no tomorrow, Irene saw this had her eyes lit up and starts to ate her food too.


"Zeus, where are you going??" Irene looked at Zeus who was trying to leave.

"I'm going in a remote place to call my Sacred treasure so that when I released its power it will not take or affect anyone lives that live here" responded Zeus with concern but inside his mind, he didn't want the Magic Council notice so that nothing will come to bother him.

While Irene was happy inside when she saw Zeus kindness and concern, Irene decides not to bother anymore about where Zeus was going to do as she didn't worry much about Zeus safety because she already knows Zeus power and she reminded Zeus happily." Make sure to get home by dinner then even though my cooking isn't par with yours I would love for you to give it a taste and instruct me so I can improve my cooking skills"

Zeus nodded then quickly wave goodbye to Irene then he activates his sunshine and quickly summoned his Cruel Sun then he hopped on it and quickly fly away from the Sun Village.

Zeus can fly without his Cruel Sun as he already learns it a month ago with his Instant Everything he will just channel his sun energy within his body that will make him levitate but Zeus decided to travel in the Cruel Sun because it looks badass when they saw a human riding in the scorching sun and he was really lazy to make effort when he was traveling, Zeus also knew Instant Teleportation but decided not to use it so he can explore a bit.


Zeus finally found a remote place as he canceled his cruel sun then stepped into the ground.

"This should be a good place" Zeus inspected the place around him seeing no living being is around he activates his sunshine as his size and muscles grew as well his powers he quickly channeled his energy into the link of his Sacred Treasure so that he could find it.

"FOUND IT" Zeus grinned when he found his Sacred Treasure that has been a plugged in a rocky mountain with an appearance of red and yellow colored one-handed axe that gives off a powerful pressure, Zeus notice it's appearance and thought that it must be the god's doing and he decided to add ultimate when he calls it.

"Answer my will... Ultimate Sacred Axe, Rhitta" Zeus shouted while the Axe began to shake while the grounds tremor and pulled out itself from being plugged then launched towards Zeus direction with full speed in response.

Zeus saw a glitter of light moving towards him and he raises one of his hand to catch it.


Zeus caught the axe and began to inspect then he was amazed by the design and Zeus feels his powers growing when he was holding it. Zeus felt that axe was full of power and he decided to master the power residing with it then he quickly tried out one of his favorite strikes.

SUPER SLASH, Zeus delivers a powerful downwards slash with his axe and cause considerable damage that can be felt from several meters away."Oops, thank goodness that attack didn't hurt anyone" Zeus sighed in relief as he knew nothing could survive that swing can kill even Zeref level in this world unless he has the same power level of Zeus.

Zeus began to think about what should he try to do next and decided to test The One form by activating his power to its peak as Zeus started to test it, he was surprised but kept his stoic facial expression when he suddenly heard a beautiful voice that comes from the axe.

"Hello Master," Said the mysterious voice.

"Are you Rhitta?" Zeus wasn't surprised anymore and think that it was the doing of God.

"Yes, Master," Said Rhitta.

"Can I ask you a question" Zeus looked at the axe while unsure of his claims.

"What is it, Master... I will try my best to answer it in my power" Rhitta responded with determination.

"Are you like a Zanpakuto or something??" Zeus asked.

"Both correct and wrong at the same time Master" Rhitta responded.

"What is the meaning of that?" confused Zeus.

"Let me explained to you, Master. You call me a zanpakuto but stronger because I can go out of the weapon and form my own body anytime I want while the normal zanpakutos can't because they were either sealed or doesn't have a body when the God upgraded me my power evolved some heights allowing me to create my own body, let me show it to you" Zeus nodded and the axe glows and brightness flashed in his eyes. Zeus quickly recovered then saw a goddess beauty woman with only lingerie's she wears which stunned him to the heart as he mesmerized the beauty of this matured goddess in front of him that made him almost unable to control his lust and jump her to push her down. Soon he quickly regained his bearings while Rhitta chuckled a little seeing her master liked that.

"Greetings Master" Rhitta slightly bowed down.

"Stop that.. Just call me Zeus or Zeus-sama" Zeus commanded.

"Hai! Zeus~sama💓" Rhitta responded lovingly.

Zeus just shrugged off his shoulders when he saw her attitude.

Here is the link of Rhitta appearance I decided that it will be Rhitta so bear with it.


Then Zeus continued to test The One Form which he felt he was invincible while Rhitta was watching him.

Time has passed.

Zeus quickly notices that it was already night and decided to stop testing his powers then Rhitta went back to the axe as Zeus quickly summoned his Cruel Sun then went home.


Zeus knocked on the door of their apartment and Irene quickly opens it to see Zeus as she greeted him while wearing an apron "Welcome, back Zeus" Irene looked like a wife welcoming her husband.

Then Zeus nodded as they quickly ate their dinner while Zeus tells Irene what happens before and about Rhitta, Irene frowned when she heard about Rhitta like a jealous wife but decided to not mind it anymore as she knew that she can't contain Zeus alone. Their dinner finally and they quickly went to their room and get rest.

Unknown to Zeus that a lowly lizard was alarm when he sensed Zeus power when Zeus was in the One form.
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