4 Mikage Fores
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Author :bigtits222
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4 Mikage Fores

Zeus and Irene as well Rhitta lived happily in the Sun Village. It's peaceful in the village as there were no beast or monster approached the village because of Zeus presence, One day he accidentally released a bit of his aura making nearby monsters fainted. Since then in the monster's eyes, they saw this place as forbidden.

When Irene saw Rhitta revealed her figure she couldn't help but be dumbfounded as she compares her looks to her and you can see competitiveness in her eyes. She also got to knew from Rhitta about what's her relationship to Zeus making her think that Zeus becomes more mysterious to her as the passes by, at first they always arguing with something and sometimes not agreeing on each other opinions which made Zeus felt a headache. After some time Irene and Rhitta got along pretty well they even called themselves sisters sometimes which made Zeus happy. Unknown to him that the two girls made some agreement of who will be the main wife and the girls decided that Irene will be the main the one who will manage Zeus's harem while Rhitta the second wife who will support Irene. They both know that many girls will fall into Zeus' hands in the future.


In their apartment.

You can see Zeus, Irene, and Rhitta having breakfast.

"Zeus I'm bored is there anything interesting that we can do

There are no even enemies or beast that attacking so we can take an action" asked Irene with boredom. In the Alvares Empire Irene always spar with her children and sometimes doing a mission for the emperor so that made her miss some actions.

"Yeah me too Zeus-sama💓 the life in this village is always peaceful I wish I could show my prowess to you," said Rhitta.

"Just hurry up... And finish your breakfast we will go shopping today," said Zeus.

When the girls heard that their eyes lit up because who girls didn't like new clothes and both of them exclaimed at the same time "Yayyyy" then hurriedly start eating.

Zeus slightly chuckled seeing her girls acting such a manner then he starts eating too.


The three of them finally finished their breakfast as they went out of their apartment. They start to walk in the streets to find some store where clothes are, then they quickly found a store called fashion King Zanac then they entered it they saw a small looking man.

"Welcome guest My name is Zanac the manager here" The Manager greeted us and introduce himself while slightly bowed.

"What can I do for you, sir?" Zanac looked at Zeus and asked politely.

'I'm just looking for beautiful clothes for my ladies over here" responded Zeus as he introduced her girls.

While Zanac saw Zeus' girls he was shocked and became excited because what he saw can only be called goddesses. Zanac was in a daze and thought inside his mind, finally, my dreams come true to found goddesses for my masterpiece.

"Excuse me?" said Irene when Zanac heard that he broke out in his dreams and said awkwardly.

"Yes...yes this way please" Zeus glances at the two with a looked of (I'm going to wait here) while the nodded. Zanac quickly the lead the two to a room Zanac masterpiece is and show them the dressing room.


Time passes

Irene and Rhitta finally came out from the dressing room revealing Irene wears a Red dress match for her scarlet hair and white dress for Rhitta match with her silver gray hair. Zeus was stunned and he felt his lust burning, couldn't help to jump at them. Zeus resisted it because it's way too early and dismissed his thoughts.

"You, two are so very beautiful in your dresses" Zeus looked at the two.

While the two can't help but be embarrassed and was really happy deep inside for Zeus praised

"U-hmmm" both of them responded while their cheeks are red.

Zeus saw this was amused and decided to this them. Zeus leans in front of them and quickly peck their rosy lips. The girls were stunned and lowered their head again while blushing.

The three continue to have fun until the day lasted as they walked in the streets to go home.

They saw a 2 old man chatting with each other and unintentionally heard what they are talking about since their senses were sharper than a normal human.

"Oi, did you hear? Asked the Old man 1.

" What is it Old man 1??" The Old man 2 responded.

"That the branch HQ of the notorious Avatars is located in Mikage Forest," Said the Old man 1

"Seriously!! Is that true?? Exclaimed the Old man 2

"Yes! informed your young ones to not get close in that forest because if by chance they encounter the Avatars there they will be dead" warned the Old man 1.

The Old man 2 was terrified as he quickly notifies and warned his family.

While the three head that they the same thought inside their heads. " Avatars huh? This will be Interesting".


*The Next Day*

Zeus, Irene, and Rhitta decided to take a trip to a mysterious forest called Mikage Forest that they had heard from the rumors of the village's people because they felt bored lately in this village so they think about an action or a fight so they can ease their boredom. They were also curious about this forest, Zeus and Irene both knew that they only have 2 months to be together and decided to live the fullest.

"Are you girls ready?" Zeus asked the two girls beside him then the two girls nodded. Zeus brings both of his hands to them and said.

"Then hold my hand" The girls did what Zeus said as Zeus quickly use his Instant teleportation soon they suddenly vanished from the scene.

Zeus and the girls appeared in the middle of Mikage Forest.

"Why it's so gloomy in here" Rhitta frowned as she inspects the forest.

(Mikage Forest (ミカゲの森 Mikage no Mori) is a forest in the Kingdom of Fiore, one that bears one of the many Avatar branches.)

The Mikage Forest is a dark, vast forest, with a large variety of overgrown trees and branches that overlap and cover most of the area's structure. The climate appears damp as none of the trees have leaves growing from them, due to little to no sunlight available.

"Let's walk around maybe we can find something that leads to the avatars," said Irene.

Zeus and Rhitta nodded as the three of them start to wander the forest.

"I might as well wipe the troublesome for the fairy tail," Zeus thought because he clearly remembered that in the Fairy tail final series Gray did undercovered and join Avatars as a spy.

While Irene heard that the Avatars is cult worshipping the name of her emperor. Irene thought that this is a chance to get rid of them because of tarnishing Zeref's name.

Rhitta thinks that this a chance to do some actions so she can make Zeus amaze by her prowess.


In the base branch of the avatars

The members of the cult become aware of Zeus, Irene, and Rhitta presence.

"Kkkkkku, There are three of them.... This will be fun" said Mary while sadistically laughing.

"They dare to enter our territory like a vacation.. I will cut them into thousand pieces" said Jerome furiously, as he was angered by the three presence and just wandering around like a trip so he thought they didn't put the Avatar in their eyes.

But he's wrong because they just wandered to find their base.

"That's enough bushy" said Briar the dark skin woman with big boobs.

"It's fine, Briar this is my chance to make them know what the avatar really is" said Jerome.

Then Briar just shut up as she didn't know what to do with her teammate.

"I want to try my new curse on them" said Abel with a little voice.

Abel has a small body, and is clothed fully in a blue cloth adorned with black rings

"Yeah me too I want to torture them with my weapons" grinned Goumon.

Goumon is a tall, older gentleman with blue eyes and a very prominent, bushy eyebrows and a thick goatee. He is bald and wears a dark blue robe decorated with various symbols and tied with a white sash. He also keeps a straw-hat draped on his shoulder.

D-6 just looked to his teammates quietly, Not much is known about his personality other than being quiet and observant.

"Just kill them quickly so they would not be a bothered for summoning lord Zeref" commanded Arlock The leader of the Cult.

Arlock has the general body build of a middle-aged man, however his true appearance is shrouded in mystery; the majority of his body is concealed by a black.

The members just shrugged their shoulders not bothering about it anymore.
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