5 Meeting The Avatars
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Author :bigtits222
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5 Meeting The Avatars

"Tch! this will take a lot of time" Rhitta grumbled in displeasure as she was clearly losing her patience.

They just wandered in the forest for two hours but never seen the base. They at least admitted that the Avatars were so good at hiding.

"You're Right" Zeus and Irene agreed.

"Irene, use your Eye magic," Zeus said.

During their time in the mountains which they previously resided in, Zeus happens to know a lot about Irene's abilities.

Irene just nods as she activates her Eye magic while she focuses on her mind the location she wants to see. Somewhere in the forest where Avatars' base was located, A giant eye appeared in the sky then Irene said "found it'. As Irene eye and the giant eye was linked so what the giant eye can see Irene can see too.

"Good" Zeus grinned as he began to think something and said "Let's go" the girls nodded.

Then the three quickly vanished as they went where Avatars' base was located at high speed leaving the area distort.

Eye Magic (眼の魔法 Me no Mahō): Irene has shown the ability to remotely view an area by summoning a giant eye in the sky over the location she wants to see and linking this eye with her true one. Both the giant eye and her real eye show a cross-shaped pattern while the Magic is active.


In the Avatars' base



The cannon fodders got panicked and were terrified almost everyone pisses in their pants as they never this kind of magic then they quickly went where the higher-ups were to inform them.

In a place where the higher-ups of the Avatar was.

The 6 members of the Avatar watched a hologram where Zeus and the girls previously in. Arlock their cult leader was absent and they didn't even know where he went as he was always mysterious.

"Tch! They found our location" Jerome frowned in displeasure then he quickly realizes something and said, "It's also good this way, We can save our effort going to their location".

"Kkkku, Jerome was right," Mary said.

"Just don't do something bushy that will affect our plans purification sacrifices for Lord Zeref," Briar said.

"Don't worry Briar, there's no way in my life I will let that" Jerome said with conviction while the latter nod in agreement.

"Now... Let's give them a warm welcome" Jerome said and smirked.

The other members just nod Then Jerome vanished from the room as they quickly vanished too.


Zeus, Irene, and Rhitta quickly arrived at the entrance of the Avatars' base. They saw an old looking building full of gloomy and malicious aura.

"We're here," Irene said as she looked at the building

"This is it huh? Don't dare to disappoint me" Rhitta said while licking her lips.

"Let's go girls... Let's start their purification" Zeus said.

The girls just nod and the three enter the gate of the Avatars' base.

"W-who.. are you, people, Identify yourselves or we will purify the three of you" The guards of the gate were startled when they saw suddenly three mysterious people, One man, and two girls, the man was a 7ft tall handsome man and the girls were a beauty too but gave a dangerous feeling which made them feel terrified, they quickly regained their confidence as they remembered their beliefs "Nothing can defeat dark magic" and began to threaten them.

The guards saw that they're not responding thought that they were terrified.

"Haha, Lucky they were two beauties beside him" The Guards mumbled as they looked at the two beauties with lust and greed, start to threaten the man.

"You better kneel down and make your girls accompany us, we will spare you"

Seeing the man in front of them made them pissed.

"Hoy!! you didn't hear it I said tha-"

Zeus frowned and the guard didn't even manage to finish his words, exploded like a watermelon as Zeus punched his body and the other guard was terrified, didn't even have a chance to react immediately killed by Zeus.

The three mysterious people were none other Zeus, Irene, and Rhitta. Zeus was pissed when somebody looked at his girls lustfully.

Zeus and the girls continue their way in as they encounter a lot of minions each of them was instantly killed.


" aghhhhh"



Screams can be heard as they start their slaughter After some time Zeus and the girls finally saw the 7 members of the Avatar standing on a platform. During when Zeus and the girls start their slaughter, Mary informs her grandfather and cult leader Arlock about their situation. Arlock responds as he quickly arrived in the scene.

In front of the seven members, there were thousands of minions waiting for their order. As the mobs saw that they have arrived. One of the minions went to the platform to inform the situation.

"Arlock-sama they are here" The mob whispered.

Airlock didn't respond as smoke gushes out from his mask but the mobs take this response as an initiative to attack. The thousands of minions start to run towards the three are with their weapons while shouting.





Zeus and Irene saw the thousand of minions running towards them became uninterested. While Rhitta slightly curled her lips then said.

"Zeus~sama let me swat those bugs for you" Zeus nod and said. "Okay, just finish it fast... They were not our target in the first place" Zeus looked at the platform where the member of the Avatar are while Rhitta responded. "Hai~💓"

Rhitta jumps near the minions and starts to materialize her axe. Rhitta's axe was incredibly powerful but a downgrade version of Zeus' axe, because Zeus' axe was Rhitta herself as her axe was made from her the axe will have a power lower to herself.

(A/N: It's so confusing I hope you understand it)

The thousands of minions quickly arrived where Rhitta was then they quickly start their assaults. Some cast dark spells, some jumps at her while raising their swords. And the others did the same the same to Zeus and Irene.

Zeus and Irene just there not wansting their energy to block their weak attacks as Rhitta swings down her axe towards the enemies and shouted.


Suddenly a Black and Red sun appeared in the sky falling towards the mobs. The minions were terrified as they the freaking sun falling towards them even though the sun was pretty far from them, they already felt burning as if their bodies are melting. They didn't dare to imagine what would happen when that sun descends on them.




"Arlock-sama Please help us"

The minions cried out as they plead for assistance not wanting to die, but it's futile since the black, red scorching sun finally descends on them.


As the sun touches the ground *BOOM* a loud explosion can be heard and the minions were engulfed by the sun leaving them into ashes in the process.

(A/N: Imagine Frieza's death ball but don't have the same damage tho)

Zeus, Irene and Rhitta smile in satisfaction at the same time when they saw this.

The members of the Avatars especially Jerome starts to imagine the three getting purify by their minions but something they didn't expect happens. The Avatar members were startled when they saw a freaking black red sun suddenly appeared in the sky falling to their minions killing them in process.

"What the....?"

"Who are these people's!? More importantly who is she"

"They're monsters!, They're...animals!"


Mary uttered in shock as she saw Rhitta's attack.

"Enough with the low-vocabulary quips Mary."

"I guess only we can put an end to them"

Briar sighed then Jerome looked at them and said.

"I'll deal with the man, The two girls are all yours."

Briar and Mary as well the other members nodded as Jerome vanished.

"It's time we show these sewer rats the true horror of black magic." Briar said as she walks towards the girls while the other members followed her.
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