6 Mikage Forest doesn“t exist anymore
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Author :bigtits222
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6 Mikage Forest doesn“t exist anymore

"It's time we show these sewer rats the true horror of black magic," Briar said as she walks towards the girls while the other members followed her.

Arlock stood in the platform as he observes this scene while smoke gushes out from his mask.

Zeus observes their movements then suddenly Jerome appeared above him as he slashes his dark sword attempting to cut Zeus in half with a sneak attack.

This is a perfect vicious move when dealing with enemies with a sneak attack. Normal people would have been cleaved into two but Zeus is different.

When Jerome's dark sword was about to slash Zeus in half. Zeus immediately uses his Instant Teleportation to dodge Jerome's attack.

Zeus vanished then appeared in distance. The Dark Sword didn't hit Zeus as it hits the ground. the ground corrodes when the sword touches it.

"What! Where are you!?

Jerome was startled when he saw that he didn't hit Zeus and realize that his sneak attack had failed. Jerome observes his surroundings trying to locate Zeus and saw him in a distance.

Then Zeus uses his Instant Teleportation again and reappeared in front of Jerome.

Jerome was shocked when he saw Zeus instantly appeared in front of him in a blink of an eye. Jerome jumps in a conclusion that his enemy specializes teleportation magic.

"Teleportation magic? Huh..."Jerome exclaimed in surprise then immediately calm down then he snickered and said." What a good ability, But it's no use since my dark sword corrodes everything it touches soon you will run out of magic if you continue to use it.

"I see! but don't worry I don't need to use teleportation magic to defeat you" Zeus looked at Jerome as if looking an ant.

Jerome was furious and irritated when he saw Zeus looking down on him. "Tch! Don't be so full of your self"

"For a lone rider to throw us into chaos... speaks volumes on their skill. However... I shall purify them with the forbidden Black Magic of my sword and cut them to size."


Jerome slashes his dark sword to Zeus, While Zeus didn't even dodge.

"Since you think... that I'm weak that weak attacks don't hurt you but you made a mistake die!!!" Jerome thought as he imagines Zeus being cut with his dark sword and scream in pain.

then Jerome's dark sword hit Zeus' right shoulder as it contacts in the skin it melts that made Jerome dropped his jaw.

"That's not POSSIBLE!?"


when the dark sword touches Zeus' skin, Zeus activates his sunshine that made the sword melt.

Zeus can control his sunshine in a terrifying degree, so he can make his height and muscles not bump up when he activates it.

"Hmph!" Zeus was disappointed that he didn't even manage to exert his strength the sword melts then Zeus leaked out a bit of his magic power that made the world trembled.


During when Zeus trains his The One form, Zeus accidentally leaked out a bit of his Magic Power that made Acnologia sense him. then Rhitta advises Zeus to train in another dimension so that the Fairy Tail world would not be destroyed. So Zeus remembers his skill Instant Everything it has Instant Creation so Zeus made a dimension where the time inside doesn't exist. When Zeus enter his dimension the time in fairy tail seems to stop so Zeus figured out that when he entered his dimension the time would stop outside. So Zeus spent a lot of time practicing his power making him easier to control it.

*Back to the story*

"Wh-what is this magic power!?"

"How could someone be this strong! even the S-class mages don't have this power!"

"I can't take the pressure anymore! ahhhh-!"

Jerome was shocked and horrified when Zeus's released his magic. Jerome screamed then it stops when his body turned into meat paste because he can't take Zeus magic power.

Briar, Mary, Goumon, Abel, and D-6 were alert and stopped their track when they're about to engage in battle with Irene and Rhitta. They notice that Jerome has been killed by that man. they felt horrified and despair when they sense a very powerful magic power that can easily crash this world. then they felt a powerful pressure crushing them. they couldn't move even they wanted to.

Irene and Rhitta knew that it was Zeus doing didn't bother much about it while Arlock was sweating when he sense Zeus' magic power.

Arlock already knew that the trio wasn't ordinary when his minion army got annihilated.

"A nightmare...."

Briar seems to lose her mind and start uttering nonsense.

"Who are these guys? Who are they"

Mary wailed in despair.

The 5 members were in despair because they already knew that they can't escape this nightmare, they felt death coming.

Rhitta and Irene don't care even if they die or not. They knew that they weren't righteous. Rhitta can act freely according to her own because the god upgraded her, While Irene judges them as evil so she doesn't care if they are alive. As the avatars were evil themselves killed a lot of innocent people for their stupid purification plan, they wouldn't spare them.


"This can't be happening, if this continues we're going to be wiped out. Our plan will be destroyed" Arlock exclaimed deep inside he knew that he wasn't a match to this man, then he sinister laughed. "Huhuhu There's no choice now I just have to do that'

Zeus heard Arlock said start to guess what's the plan of this old man then he remembered that he summoned the God of War.

Zeus looked towards Irene and Rhitta who were about to finish the avatar then commanded.

"Irene, Rhitta move to the sky. I will take care of this"

Irene and Rhitta were puzzled but decided to follow Zeus said.

Irene and Rhitta can fly so it should not be a problem. Irene and Rhitta fly in the sky as they observe Zeus was planning to do. then they saw Arlock the leader of the Avatar cult kneel down then chant seems to be summoning something.

"Now, O covenantal God of Battle! Deliver on the price paid and Unleash your might for me!

Ikusatsunagi! I summon thee!

Zeus starts to materialize his axe. As a light flew up in the sky then a weird phenomenon happens the sky went dark, the roaring of thunders could be heard.

"What is this I feel the air change," Rhitta said. Irene and Rhitta notice the went dark. Irene knew what the cause of this weird phenomenon.

The other 5 avatar members looked up the sky and knew what is this as Mary said.

"It's Grandfather spell.... Everyone, die, Everyone, die"

"So he summoned one of the Eighteen Battle Gods of Yakuma?!" Irene muttered and already understood Zeus previous action "So that's why Zeus want us to move in the sky. Because he wants to test his power in front of this so-called battle God.

"Gods huh? Not even Gods can defeat Zeus~sama" Rhitta proudly stated.

A Giant appeared holding a giant sword in his right hand.

"What do you think of it," Arlock asked Zeus and said with disdain. "There's nothing you can do. Ikusatsunagi is God of Battle. his might beyond human reach. Hear me, My Brethren. Offer your soul. Sacrifices yourselves... for Zeref.

"Battle God!? his might beyond human reach?" Zeus mocks then mysteriously said. "Well, that works for other human but not me The Lion's Sin of Pride, Zeus."

"What are you talking about? You're not a human, are you??" Arlock Zeus.

"I am indeed Human. However, I am also the who stands atop all gods. Zeus points his finger up ☝☀ the dark sky vanish as the bright sun lits up. Zeus activates his sunshine as his powers grew.

Arlock, on the other hand, didn't believe what Zeus said. Because he thought that there's no way that a human stands atop all gods.

Zeus jump in the air as he raises one of his hand then summoned a big powerful sun and throws it to them.

" Be grateful to receive my majestic magic "

"Cruel Sun!"

"What is that!? F*ck another sun again but Ikusatsunagi is a battle God there's no way it will be defeated by a mere sun" Arlock said as the sun getting near he felt something is wrong that it was a lot stronger than the b*tch sun but it's too late the sun quickly reached its target.

"This can't be?!... Impossible!!" Arlock shouted in his last breath. then Zeus stretches his palm. "Pride Flare"


An explosion occurs then the aftermath was revealed. Ikusatsunagi, Arlock and The other 5 members of Avatar were nowhere to be seen even the Mikage forest got vaporized in the map.

From now on Mikage forest doesn't exist anymore. While the magic council notices the strange phenomenon thought it was some big battle so they send someone to investigate it.

Zeus and Irene knew that Magic Council notices this. Then three quickly flee out from the scene and went back home.
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