1 Introduction
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Author :TragicTales
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1 Introduction


My name Elain and I am on my way to my first day of highschool. I was clearly excited and rushed. I had a bff last year who moved school, her name was Rea and her father actually had another woman and now she has only her mother. Actually her father was married to another person before her mother so they were fighting alot and broke it up. We try not to touch that subject but now when Rea is gone I will be lonely.

People call me a silent-type, book lover and such but no one hated me (I guess). I've been into anime

Many months later

its fun fare tomorrow where Rea is coming to visit and play with me. I actually became bffs with Maria (Rea's other bff I did not bother to talk to). I was just a highschooler with just a normal life to talk about.

I went to the food court and ate there walking slowly to my booth cuz its almost my duty. Maria and I was talking about a certain anime (if your wondering its 'Kuroshitsuji' or Black butler) imitating Sebastian, then I said to her, "I remembered my first crush. He died though..." Maria started laughing saying "what anime character?" I just stared at her smiling afraid to let these words out of my mouth

'When did I say it was an anime character?'

Rea came to my school after lunch saying she had no school after lunch time so we had the time together. It started to rain when I was walking to the food court so I took shelter inside the bus (which was the jail booth) cause I left my umbrella in my booth. I was talking to my 2nd year friends inside the bus till I heard someone say there was a 1st year class picture taking in the photo booth so I quickly borrowed Hanne's cap (which was not her cap but whatever I was rushing) and ran down in the rain running to the auditorium. I looked but they were not there so I just went to my booth.

NOTE: I am not using the real names cuz it just feels strange... also identity protection!!! story about me. @@
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