2 Flashback
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Author :TragicTales
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2 Flashback

7 years ago, age 6.

I had a crush on a boy, his name was ----.

I admired him even though this is my first year in this school. Was always that joyful, happy, and innocent child. Although after that year end I transfered school and my feelings for him started to disappear slowly every year that passed. Happy, cheerful and annoying I go everywhere. Till my grandfather died of cancer...

i did not know what to do, he was the very first person I care to die. I was 9 at that time (or probably 10) I cried for more than I expected. Finally recovered I went enjoyed my first weeks of grade 6 and made friends with Rea.

I almost thought I forgot about ----.

Until I heard his name again.

"I heard we will be having a new classmate! His name was ----!"

I was sooo happy, although I don't have feelings of him as a crush anymore, I still remembered that I cared for him long before so i looked forward to it.

"oh...but he died when he had a vacation in china...heard his head got smashed with a truck."

it cracked me when I heard that. I was not sure if it was the same person 7 years ago just because of a name but I felt so sure it was him... I just knew that it made a great impact in my life...

'will all my crush go like that?'

'it hurts.'

'no, its not HIM!'

'listen, let go... you just recovered from

your grandfathers death.'

I thought about it all day and became silent and confused. Reality was so cruel it hit me twice. Now I was scared growing up and my cheery side grown away and then it was replaced by a gloomy silent one. Rea gave me some laughs though then I had another crush.

his name was --- and yeahhhh he did not die but he left to go to New Zealand cause he was and orphan. His mother died giving birth to him then his father who died of heart cancer. He is being took care of his uncle and auntie? I forgot but they were to old to take care of him so he was sent to New Zealand (I think that was the place) to live with his cousins.

soooooo back to the present.
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