3 Class Photo
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Author :TragicTales
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3 Class Photo


I knew a few moments later that they really did have a class picture without me. So at first I was thinking:

Ah! thats fineeee. just a pic. anyways

then tears just suddenly flowed and I started crying other people noticed but all I was thinking was

'Did they notice I was not there? '

'did they bother to look for me?'

'do they not care?'

thoughts like those rushed in my head and they comforted me.

"I was looking for you man!" a couple of girls said and Rea and Maria too.

some girl said, "We have no excuse cuz most of us just complain when we should just have looked for you too."

I thought I would be called something awful since I just cried over just not being in a picture- I did not even know why I was crying?!

I felt better (a little) and waited for my car.

Then Jaiz, a friend of mine, whisphered in my ear, "Fio was rushing thats why, she said only the *barangay lang. She got mad at me for telling her to wait."

I got mad at Fio, soooo I said to myself not to be kind to her anymore. I always thought she was the most *arte girl but this hurt me alot. This is probably going to affect my silent, calm and kind characteristics and gonna be alittle more braver telling how I feel. (Probably)

That was just yesterday and I saw this contest. So I thought

'why not?'

It felt better expressing my feelings here because I am never that brave to say:

"Oh! I am soo mad at you." or something like that. So yeah here if you don't Filipino

*barangay: umm, uhh. I don't know how to really explain it but its something like a group or a tribe.

*lang: I-i have no idea how to explain this

*arte: uhhh, something like "Ewwww no way." "oh glob theres-" blah blah blaaah thingy ( Imagine me being your 'google', 'siri' or even 'alex' )

2.16.19; 10:18 PM


Sweet dreams @@
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