Reincarnation of the Cheater
4 Capital of Ligh
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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4 Capital of Ligh

With my first night being pretty bad due to sleeping in a tree while trying to train myself to keep Sense Presence on at all times. Using the skill doesn't seem to use much but it takes a toll on my mental health since it builds up stress.

"I feel like I pulled an all-nighter man. Am I sure I even got some sleep?" I say while walking throughout the forest with Sense Presence continuously on. Keeping it on for the entire night may be a problem in the future but the skill kept on leveling up throughout the night. Sense Presence is currently level 3 after using it for a full night.

After deciding that keeping Sense Presence on for longer will be detrimental to me I decided to just head to the Capital of Light so I can go to sleep without any worries. While walking through the forest I run into some slimes and goblins again but this time I'm stronger than before so I finish them with ease. I put their remains in my inventory and check the notification I got from the system.

[After continuous use of a Sword, you have learned the skill Sword Mastery (Lv.1)]

As I walk through the forest towards the direction of the Capital of Light and eventually reach the end of the forest barely running into any monsters but running into just enough to reach level 5 bringing all of my stats one higher than they were before. With the increase of my level and the increase of all stats, the built-up stress lessened and my headache lessened as I reach the end of the forest and see the Capital of Light in the distance. Getting closer I see that there is a line to enter the city by foot so I wait in the line for my turn.

"Identification please" The guard says while looking at me nonchalantly and holding his hand out.

"I lost my identification while traveling, is it possible to get it reissued?" I answer saying a rehearsed line I thought of while waiting in line. Let's hope it at least somewhat believable or maybe I can get some kind of identification here.

"3 Copper coins to get in, if you have no money then after you enter the city you will have a guard escort you to the adventurer guild, or the merchant guild and help you sign up or trade some stuff." while saying that the guard calls one of his colleagues and tell him about my circumstances while also telling him to guide me.

After some talking and pointing at me he leads me to the guard and asks, "Where to?"

"Adventurer's Guild, please." I say while looking through my inventory for some stuff to trade. I hope the 2 slime cores and 10 goblin remains are worth something.

"Follow me." One of the guards says while the other goes back to work letting others in.

After walking in through the gate all I can see are the old medieval-like houses and buildings. While looking around at the houses and streets filled with people I quietly follow the guard that was assigned to me while looking around like I was someone from the countryside. After about 5 minutes of walking, we near a building that has the words Adventurer Guild on top of a sword and shield.

"Here we are, we'll head in and I'll help you sign up."

"Thanks, and sorry for the trouble."

"No trouble at all, at least I have a reason to get a break from work." He says while we walk in and he leads me to the front desk.

Ah, so he was thinking of me as a way to get a break huh. Well, not that I don't understand sometimes you just need to let your nerves rest, working all the time is stressful.

Walking in the Adventurer's Guild there are people looking at the guard and I but they quickly look away as though they are used to this kind of event. Walking up to the front counter there is a receptionist who has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nice figure. Seeing that we are heading her way she smiles and waves us to her while she starts to talk to the guard.

"Welcome, Is this person someone who needs identification?" she says looking at the guard and then at me.

"Yeah, he lost it while traveling," he says while looking at me as if this kind of situation was the norm. I guess people might be attacked by monsters or bandits often then.

"I would like to register as an adventurer please" I say to the guild receptionist as I look around the front counter.

"I'll need you to fill out this form and write down any skills you have in this box. Do you know how to write?" She asks as she hands me a paper form and points towards the box at the bottom.

As I look through the form and begin writing down all the information it asks me for the birthplace so I ask the receptionist a question. "Excuse me but my village was destroyed by monsters, what should I put down then."

"It's fine to leave it blank, there are many cases of villages or small towns being destroyed." The receptionist answers with a smile.

As I go through the form there is only 1 thing left blank on the sheet of paper. Seeing this the receptionist asks, "You don't have a job?"

"Yeah, I never got the chance to change into a job." It's probably best they don't know my class, I don't want to get mistaken as someone who has a unique Job or something. That will just bring in unwanted attention.

"Do I need a job?" I ask.

"Yes, you can't go higher than level 5 until you choose a job"

"I'll get a job then."

The receptionist grabs a crystal from nearby and holds it out to me. "Just put your hand on here and you can choose a Job."

[You can choose a second class but leveling will require twice the amount of experience. You won't gain any extra stats for the second job either.]

'That's fine, I gain experience from killing monsters anyways.' I say while taking a look at all of the job choices I have.

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