Reincarnation of the Cheater
5 Choosing a Second Class
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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5 Choosing a Second Class

Looking at the wide selection of jobs that I could choose from I decided to see if any of these are worth choosing.

[Apprentice Swordsman] [Apprentice Mage] [Apprentice Priest] [OtherWorlder] [Pugglist] [Hero] [Warrior] [Archer] [Ranger] [Thief] [Assassin] [Lancer] [Gunner] [Monster Hunter] [Trap Specialist] [Ninja] [Berserker] [Apprentice Summoner] [Soldier] [Knight] [ShadowKnight] [Hunter] [Enchanter] [Paladin] [Illusionist] [Gambler] [Apprentice Alchemist] [Apprentice Puppeteer] [Conjurer] [Diviner][Rogue] [Gamer]

I don't really want to stand out too much at the beginning so jobs that will draw too much attention like Hero or OtherWorlder is a no go, Unique jobs are going to have to be a no go as well. Maybe something Basic? Apprentice Mage sounds like a good start, I can use a sword and maybe go for magic swordsman as a third class later on as well. I have my entire life to be in this world so maybe I should get multiple classes.

'I choose Apprentice Mage as my second job.' I think while holding my hand over the orb.

[Creating a second job slot... Setting the second job... Done]

[You can now sense mana]

[You have earned Apprentice Mage Starter Pack (x1)]

And with the system notification, I begin to feel the mana around me and in the surroundings as the orb began to brighten and glow until it eventually died down and displayed the job that I chose.

"Apprentice Magician, that's a wonderful job. It's harder when you're a low level but once you learn some magic you can become a deciding factor in a fight." The receptionist says as she finishes up my form for me and begins to fill out my adventurer's card.

"How does the ranking system work in the adventurer's guild? What about quests?" I ask while she fills out my card.

"We have a ranking system from G-rank to A-rank, there's a special rank for those who have outstanding results called S-rank but there are only a couple of those these days. The ranking is shown on the back of the guild card so you can check it out later. At the start, you're only allowed to accept random quests like picking herbs but if you prove your ability through a test then you can immediately be promoted to an F-Rank adventurer." The receptionist explains as she points towards the back of the guild card while handing it to me.

"Where can I go to prove my ability?" I say while taking the guild card and putting it in my pocket.

"The earliest we have a test scheduled for is tomorrow at noon." The receptionist says while looking at the clock hanging on the wall.

"Alright, I also need to get some money for the entrance fee as well, can I turn in parts of the monsters I hunted?" I ask while eyeing my inventory with slime cores and goblin carcasses.

"Yes, we exchange monster parts for money. Which monster do you wish to turn in?"

"I have some goblins and a couple of slime cores." I say while getting ready to take them out of my inventory acting like I kept them in my pocket.

"We can take the slime cores for 7 copper coins each and goblin ears sell for 3 copper coins each."

After giving her the slime cores and the goblin ears I receive the 40 copper coins and give 3 to the guard since I needed to pay the entrance fee.

"And with this, I'll be on my way. See you around." He says sighing that he has to go back to work so soon.

"Is there an inn around here that I can get a good sleep in." I ask before I head out of the guild.

The receptionist grabs a piece of paper from under the counter and hands it to me. "This is a guide for newbies, there's the inn that the guild partners with. You will need to sign up for the beginner's program if you want to stay there though."

"I'll sign up then, how long will it take?" I ask since this might take my leveling time.

"There are two versions you can take, the short version which lasts 3 days or the long version which lasts 2 weeks." The receptionist says while looking at me for my answer.

It would probably be a good idea to learn from the natives here.

"Sure, can I sign up for the three-day version?" I ask the receptionist as she begins bringing out the papers required.

"Sign here and It'll begin tomorrow at 2pm." She says as she hands me a pen to sign.

After signing the paper I follow the paper's directions I walk through the less crowded streets as I reach the inn that's partnered with the guild.

Upon walking in one of the waitresses talk to me, "Guild Card"

"Here" I say handing here my guild card.

After reading the brand new guild card she rights down the required information and hands the card back to me.

"It'll be 10 copper coins a night, that includes all meals and a shower every day." She says.

"I'll stay for 3 nights then." I say while handing her 30 copper coins.

"Here's your room key, your room is down the hall to the left." She says as she points in the direction of my room.

As I take the key and find my room I sit down on the bed after getting undressed and look through my inventory. I have 7 copper coins left from all of today's expenses, I have the job starter pack from choosing my second class, I still have the random cheat skill as well.

'Use the Random Cheat Ticket please' I say to the system as I watch the Random Cheat Skill Ticket disappear from my inventory.

[Using Random Cheat Ticket (x1)... Done]

[You have gained the Cheat "Infinite Mana"]

'Nice, now I don't have to worry about being low on mana. I can also use magic without restraint. Can I open the job starter pack ' I ask the system while I watch it disappear from my inventory as well.

[Using Apprentice Mage Starter Pack (x1)... Done]

[You have learned the skill Mana Manipulation (Lv.1)]

[You have gained Basic Wand (x1)]

'Nice I got a skill and a wand. It's a shame that I didn't get a starter pack for my "Cheater" Job'

While laying in the bed I look over my status and what I have gained today until eventually the stress caught up with me and I fell asleep.

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