Reincarnation of the Cheater
6 F-Rank Adventurer
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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6 F-Rank Adventurer

Waking up to the sound of the town clock and hearing 11 bells meaning that it is 11 am right now. Getting up from the bed and getting ready for a new day I put on my clothes and put my possessions into my magic bag. Grabbing my beginner adventurer gear and setting them up for today I head out the door and into the dining hall. The brown-haired hostess seeing that I am sitting down heads my way to come and take my order.

"What will you be having?" she says as she hands me a menu and takes out a paper and pen as she gets ready to write down my order.

"I'll have today's special." I say after looking at the menu briefly.

While waiting for the food to be made I use mana manipulation to experiment with what I could do with it and see if I could understand how I could use this in a fight. After some testing and moving the mana all around my body I get a notification from the system.

Through continuous use, the skill "Mana Manipulation" has reached level 2

Through continuous use, the skill "Body Enhancement Magic" has been created

After messing around with my mana I earned a new skill and my mana manipulation leveled up so I continued experimenting with my mana manipulation until the food came. With the food being delicious I left the inn with a great mood as I headed over to the guild as it was almost time for my 12 pm test.

Upon reaching the guild I see the same receptionist from yesterday helping an adventurer so I wait in line for my turn.

"Welcome, the test is being held right now. You can head through that door to the testing grounds, there will be a couple of people in there taking their tests already." She says as she points towards a wide door.

As I go through the door I see two people fighting in the center of the room while others are waiting on the sidelines in seats. With the fight finishing up one of the guys who looked more experienced says to the other that was holding a spear.

"You have the basics down but you're overconfident. That wouldn't be a problem if you had the ability to back it up but you clearly don't. As a senior adventurer, I recommend that you get some experience in the dungeon's first couple of floors and after a year or two you should be able to be confident about yourself." He says while looking at the young man with a spear with a stern face.

Upon finishing up with the guy with a spear he looks towards me and says, "All the others have finished their tests, you're all that's left."

"Alright, I'm ready when you are." I say while I take my sword out and stand before him.

"I heard you were an Apprentice Magician. Why do you have a sword?" He asks while looking at me with surprise.

"Even if I'm an Apprentice Magician I would rather rely on myself for my own protection. There will be times where monsters get through the front line I believe that I should be able to protect myself when those times arise." I say while remembering what one of the NPCs from 'Swords and Magic' said whenever you applied for the Magician Class.

"That sounds good, just remember that someone who is a jack of all trades will be a master of none. Let's start then." He says as he starts the test and lets me make the first move.

Seeing that he is going to let me make the first move I use mana manipulation to strengthen my body while using Body Enhancement Magic at the same time to receive even more strengthening and rush the test administrator.

As we go back and forth eventually he stops and says, "Alright that's enough, your mana manipulation seems fluid as well. How long have you been practicing?"

"It hasn't been that long. I was curious about it so I experimented with it a little." I say while putting away the basic sword.

"Alright, from this moment on you are all F-Rank adventurers. I'll tell the receptionist at the front. You guys wait here." He says as he leaves the testing room and heads to the front counter.

After some time he comes back with one of the receptionists from the front.

"Your all F-Rank adventurers now. You can come to get your guild cards updated at the front counter I'll be doing them now." The receptionist says as she turns around and leaves the room.

As we all head out of the room and go to get our guild cards updated at the front counter the test administrator stopped me to talk.

"Hey, I'm Finn. I was your test administrator and I'm a C-Rank adventurer. Nice to meet you!" He says as he puts his hand out for a handshake.

"Nice to meet you I'm Bell." I say while shaking his hand. He has a strong grip, he's probably a high level.

"I saw on the list that you signed up for the 3-day beginners class." He says as we wait in line for my guild card to be updated.

"Yeah, I don't think that I'll be around long enough for the longer class. I want to see more of the world." I say as I want to get experience and level up fast.

As we continue talking it becomes my turn for my guild card to be updated so he says, "I'll head out then, see you around." and with that he left to some back room.

"Next." The receptionist says as she extends her hand for the guild card.

As I hand the receptionist my guild card she sets it under what looks like some sort of device. Seeing me staring at the machine the receptionist laughs and says, "This must be your first time seeing something like this. It's a magic tool that was created to let us edit the guild cards. The only way to edit guild cards is with this machine."

"That's awesome." I say fascinated with the magic technology. I wonder what other things have been made for convenience around here.

With the card coming back out of the machine the receptionist takes a look at it and then hands it back to me with a smile and says, "If you activate your magic the guild card will update your level and skills."

With her explaining that I use mana manipulation to see just what the guild card will show. After using magic on the guild card it brightens and words start to form on it. With the light dying down, I look at what is written on the guild card.

Name: Bell

Age: 17

Job: Apprentice Magician

Level: 5

Skills: Sense Presence, Sword Mastery, Mana Manipulation, Body Enhancement Magic

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