Reincarnation of the Cheater
7 An Unfinished Book
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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7 An Unfinished Book

After looking at my guild card I'm surprised that they can tell what my level is and which skills I have. I guess since I can do it with the system there has to be some kind of system in place in this world as well. The guild card can't pick up some things like titles, Cheats, and the Cheater Job though so I guess it's not going to be a replacement for me. I'll update it whenever I have to I guess.

With that, I ask the receptionist if there is anything I could do to pass the time and she gave me directions to one of the libraries close by. As I walk out of the guild the sound of 12 bells echoes throughout the city indicating that it was 12 pm.

'I have 2 hours before the beginner's course starts. I'll go see what's in the Library then." I say as I follow the directions that the guild receptionist gave me and walk through the somewhat crowded streets until I get to my destination.

As soon as I enter the Library the lady at the front desk calls out to me and says, "It's 5 copper coins to enter. If you destroy any books there will be a fine." she says as she looks at me waiting for a response.

"Here you are." I say taking out 5 copper coins to pay the entrance fee. I noticed that I only have 2 copper coins left after I gave the entrance fee to the librarian and make a mental note to go hunt some monsters later today.

After handing the entrance fee to the librarian she puts the money away and quickly goes back to reading whatever book she had on her desk as the entire Library is filled with silence.

Looking through the Library I see people sitting down reading books while spaced out so I look through the shelves of books looking for something interesting until I come to find one book that is labeled "The tragedy of the Goddess Alice".

While reading the title of the book I look at the front and see a picture is of a woman crying while holding a child in her arms.

Upon opening the book I immediately get sucked into it as I continue to read the flip through the pages absorbed into reading the story.

Upon using the lifestyle spell light, the previously dark room becomes illuminated and a giant magic circle covers the floor. In the middle of the magic circle is a woman laying on the floor naked. Looking closer the woman is remarkably beautiful, her hair is golden brown, her body line is curvy which raises the question of why is she naked? Upon walking closer to the woman the magic circle lights up the room while it activates with the white light engulfing everything in sight. After some time the light dies down and the woman is already standing.

"How long are you going to stare at me?" a feminine voice rings in my head as I notice I have been staring at her the entire time.

"Why are you here?" I ask, blushing slightly from being called out.

As she looks at me with a deadpan face the light from my lifestyle magic flickers and the ring on my finger shines in the light.

"You... that ring, where did you get it?" She asks in a commanding tone.

'What is this, her demeanor changed when she discovered the ring.' I think to myself as I answer.

"When I was around 5 years old one day it just showed up." I say to her. For some reason, I felt like telling her everything.

As she hears my story she continues to stare at the ring.

"Should we head back to the town? Our guild master will probably want to speak with you and get a report written down." I ask as I hand her some extra clothes I had on me, they may be men's clothes but they were larger than her so they should do for now.

"Sure. My name is Alice."

As soon as I go to turn the page I realized that there were no more pages, every other page was blank. This was the end of the book, and yet while I was reading this book an unknown tear escaped from my eye.

'There wasn't anything sad but I still shed a tear. Why is that?' I say to myself as I hear the sound of 2 bells ring throughout the city.

'Shit I'm going to be late.'

As I put the book away and begin to walk out of the Library I look for the librarian and see her putting books away in a corner so I quickly head over there since I'm going to be late.

"Excuse me." I say while getting walking closer

"Yes, what can I do for you?" She says as she turns and sees that it's me.

"I would like to know if there's a second part to "The tragedy of the Goddess Alice" I can't find it anywhere." I ask as an unknown curiosity overcomes me.

After a pause she says"Ah that story, it's a kids book that was never finished since no one knows the author. We keep it here since we were ordered to but it looks like no one in the world has the next part." She says after remembering the story.

"Thank you for your help." I say while leaving the library disappointed.

As I head back to the Adventurers Guild I noticed that my emotions seem out of control today, overwhelmingly sad while reading the book and heavily disappointed that I couldn't find the next part of the book.

'This is the first time I showed such emotions upon being summoned' I say to myself as I looked down onto my arms.

They were different than the ones I was used to, the ones I spent 17 years with. This body was said to be modified by the system from my old one but there are too many differences. In fact, the only similarity is the age. I just hope that I can continue to live happily.

While I walk in the Guild a familiar voice says to me, "You're late. Class is going to be long today."

Looking up to see the familiar voice I see the Test Administrator from earlier.

"Follow me. The others are already studying." He says as he goes to the back of the guild and enters through a door.

Following him, I enter into a room just like the classroom from Earth. Chairs everywhere and a teacher's desk with a podium at the front.

"Now that everyone's here I'll begin telling you about monsters in the dungeon and their characteristics. This will be a long 3 days." He says in a loud voice as he begins going through what to expect in a dungeon.

'No matter which world I'm in I'll eventually have to go to school huh.' I say while sighing and taking my seat for the lecture.

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