Reincarnation of the Cheater
8 Last Day of the Beginner’s Class
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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8 Last Day of the Beginner’s Class

After 2 continuous days of long lectures with little to no breaks, we finally are on the last day of the beginner's course. Cramming so much knowledge into my brain makes my head hurt but it'll be worth it once I go inside the dungeon.

After the classes would end it would be around 9 pm so everyone would head home to sleep and finish their day but since I had no money I had to hunt in the forest until 11 pm. While hunting in the forest I got a couple of system notifications.

[You have reached level 6]

[Through Continuous use, the skill "Sword Mastery" has reached level 2]

And even that wasn't it since while trying to use mana for other things in my room at night I ended up making water with it and after forming it into a ball I received a notification from the system.

[You have learned the skill "Water Magic (Lv.1)"]

Since I was staying up these last two days to earn some more money for my living expenses I woke up later today but I have no idea what time it is so I rush to the guild just in case I was late again.

Upon arriving in the agreed meeting room I hear the same voice as last time sigh and say, "You're late again."

"Sorry Finn, I slept in on accident. It won't happen again." I say while awkwardly smiling

"Since you're late again you need to do 20 push-ups, then we'll start." Finn says as he crosses his arms and waits for me to finish.

Ugh... getting down on the floor in the push-up position I do 20 push-ups and get back up.

[Secret Quest Completed: Work Out!]

[Secret Quest Description: Work out for the first time in the new world.]

[Secret Quest Reward: Healing Card]

'What's a healing card?' I ask the system surprised about the new item.

[A healing card will heal any injury as long as the person is not dead.]

'What system why didn't you tell me about this earlier!'

[Do you not know what the word secret means dam- System can't display secret quests.]

'Well today is not my lucky day, the system seems to be pissed, and I feel like It's going to be a long day.'

"Alright from now since this is the last day of the Beginner's Class we're gonna leave the city but first we need to assign partners, seeing that we have an odd number the last here is partnered with me. Introduce yourselves and something you are good at starting from you." he says as he points at the girl with animal ears on the right.

"My name is Eve desu, I use the mace and light magic desu." now that was an introduction, what guy doesn't get excited when a pretty girl introduces herself, yesterday I heard that some people in the world are discriminating against the beastfolk but they're even cuter than I imagined.

"I'm Lance, I use the spear. If you need help just ask." he says smiling, looking all handsome and shit, fuck you, I bet that's just an act he just wants to get on the good side of all women, fuck this guy.

[To be honest, you can't talk, did you forget you made your character with the beauty of an elf.]

'Shut up system it's a habit from making characters all the time.'

"Marvin, I'm a ranger, I use curved daggers and specialize in stealth." his name sounds very familiar.

"Ryu, Fire Mage" The quiet girl in the corner says.

"My name is Bell, I'm an apprentice Magician. I only know the water ball spell though so I'll mainly be using the Sword and Body Strengthening Magic." I say when my turn comes up.

"Alright, I'm Finn. Everyone follow me. For the last day in the Beginner's Class, we are going to get you guys to experience the dungeon that the guild uses for teaching newbies how to hunt." he says as everyone follows after him.

As we leave the city we head the same way that I came from but instead, we head past the forest and reach a giant mountain looking thing with soldiers guarding the entrance. While staring at the dungeon entrance someone calls out to me.

"Hey, Bell are you okay?" Finn says as I notice everyone is looking at me.

"Your face just changed expressions a lot and you weren't really responding"

"Yeah, I'm fine It's my first time in a dungeon so I'm kinda worried." I say as we head in with Finn leading the group.

As we wait to enter into the beginner dungeon Finn talks to the guards at the entrance and them after a couple of minutes he comes back.

"They said that there have been some weird things happening lately but with me here we should still be good to go in safely. So we're gonna enter right away. " He says as he gets ready himself.

Upon entering the dungeon Finn turns towards us and speaks to everyone.

"Alright everyone, get into the groups that we decided earlier." Finn says as he waits for us to get into the decided teams.

'Sucks that I'm on his team, he's probably gonna make me fight alone.' I say while sighing to myself.

As we go deeper into the dungeon I get surprised by a notification from the system.

[Secret Quest Completed: Enter A Dungeon]

[Secret Quest Description: Enter a Dungeon for the first time in the new world.]

[Secret Quest Reward: Random Cheat Ticket]

'A Random Cheat Ticket from completing a secret quest. It seems like this is going to be my main source of Cheats from now on then. System, use the Random Cheat Ticket.' I say to myself as I immediately us the Random Cheat Ticket hoping to be able to gain a great skill in return.

[Using Random Cheat Ticket (x1)... Done]

'Come on, please give me something good.' I say while looking at the display finish randomizing and the system display leaves me frozen just staring at it.

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