Reincarnation of the Cheater
9 Dungeon Training 1
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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9 Dungeon Training 1

[Using Random Cheat Ticket (x1)... Done]

[You have gained the Cheat "Time Stop"]

While staring at the system window in front of my I continuously rub my eyes to confirm that I'm not seeing things as I didn't believe that this kind of cheat would exist.

'Impossible, there's no way this is allowed. There's no way that my luck is that good right?' I say to myself amazed at my luck. I've never been a lucky person, no lucky encounters, and no lucky rolls. Hell even in a gacha game I never got an SSR rated unit.

As I think over what could have changed my luck I remember one of the perks of the cheater class. +1 to every stat, as well as the title that I received upon completing the character creation "Main Character". One of these cheats have influenced my luck and I can't wait to see what else I will be receiving now.

"Here we are, from here we will be splitting up into the teams and explore. We will meet at the entrance to the second floor and head in a group from there." listening all of them head in with their partners leaving only me and Finn. "Let's head in, just follow me I'll show you how to hunt kobolds efficiently," he says as he motions me to follow like a senior telling a junior what to do. Heading into the dungeon I can see people in the distance fighting something, the walls are covered with moss, and it really just feels like a big room overall.

"Up ahead are 3 Kobolds watch how I fight them then you will fight the next ones." he says as he runs off at a speed of at least twice my own. Reaching the monsters Finn pulls out his long sword and stabs one in the head while they weren't paying attention. As he quickly pulls the sword out the other kobolds turn around and block his next attack at a speed no less than my own. 'So these monsters are at least level 7 or higher'. As the kobolds are taking the recoil of blocking Finn grabs the dagger he has hanging on his waist and slashes both their throats and they fall dead with blood all over. Cleaning the blood off of himself with lifestyle magic he turns to me. "Like that." he says as if expecting me to say okay and do an exact copy. Man, so this is what talented people are like.

"So you want me to catch them off guard, distract them with one of their owns death, then sacrifice a weapon to take another sneak attack." I say testing the waters to see if he is all muscle or not.

"Well you can do anything that comes to mind really, these things aren't really that smart plus they are weak due to the barrier that the guild put in place so you shouldn't run into any problems," he says while looking around for more kobolds nearby.

'Well no shit they are easy prey for you, you said you were a C-Rank adventurer, I imagine he probably has a pretty strong class. System, when can I upgrade my class from Apprentice Mage?' As I ask the system this question a new system window shows up in front of me so I take a look at it.

[Level 1 Choose Job]

[Level 20 First Upgrade]

[Level 50 Second Upgrade]

[Level 100 Third Upgrade]

[Level 200 Fourth Upgrade]

'Ah so that's why it was so weird for me to not have a job at level 5, people choose a job at level 1.'

"Alright let's look for some more kobolds so I can try." I say trying to clear my head from all his titles

"What are you talking about there are kobolds heading right to you. You kept staring into space and you weren't listening so I thought you were in the zone or something. Good Luck!" he says as he watches me from behind with a thumbs-up.

I sigh as I thrust my sword into one of the two kobolds running at me, the sword enters its stomach and it drops the weapon it was holding and falls onto the floor with its hands holding onto my sword. With no time to pull out of sword from the kobold holding onto it, I let go of my sword and grab the kobold's short sword mid-fall and chop its head off since it was crouching down giving me a free shot.

You have killed a level 3 kobold and have earned 30 Experience

As the notification for the experience enters my vision I change targets and block the attack from the other kobold that was with it. Upon blocking the incoming sword I noticed that this attack was heavier than the others so I look at the kobold and notice that it is a slightly different color and is a little bulkier than the other one, seems to be smarter as well since he decided to try and get me when I finished off his friend.

'Ugh looks like it will be a tough fight' I say while grabbing my sword out of the dead kobold and thrust the Kobolds' sword at the variant. As a result, he tries to block it with his ragged sword so I put more strength into it, and as the two swords clash a loud sound of metal breaking echoes throughout the surroundings. With both swords broken and the variant kobold staggering from the powerful blow so I swing the basic sword at it and it goes halfway through the variant's arm but gets stuck. With the howl of an injured kobold echoing throughout the floor I try to pull the basic sword out of the variant but the skin was too tough and it wasn't working so I punched the variant in the stomach as hard as I could and backed away to rethink my plan. The kobold variant howls as it falls onto its knees in pain but with no weapon, I can't finish it.

'Maybe I can put the sword in the inventory and take it back out?' I think to myself as I put my hand on the sword and it disappears and reappears.

With the kobold variant heavily weakened and my sword slowly slicing through the thick kobold variant's skin I eventually stab it through the heart and get a notification from the system.

[You have killed a level 9 Kobold "(Variant)" and have earned 1000 Experience]

[You have reached level 7]

[A Random Skill Ticket has been found]

[You have gained the title 'Variant Killer']

'Not now' I say as I close the system windows and turn around to see Finn's strong gaze. Looking at his face I can see suspicion, caution, and conviction written all over his face. It looks like he noticed something. Did I give anything away? I wasn't even using magic.

"At first I thought that maybe you were an inexperienced elf who had only changed his ears due to being naive but you're a Reincarnated Person aren't you?" he says looking at me the most serious I have ever seen him be.

'Damn busted' I say under my breath while putting the kobold bodies into the inventory.

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