Reincarnation of the Cheater
11 Dungeon Training 3
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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11 Dungeon Training 3

While Finn and I continued to hunt kobolds on the first floor I reached level 8 after an hour and he had all of us go down to the second floor of the dungeon. On the second floor of the dungeon, the monsters were a little stronger but only by a little bit. After finally making it to the second floor Finn decided that on this floor we should all try to work together so he had us fight in groups.

With Lance and Eve holding the kobolds at bay while Ryu and I get into place so that we chant our magic while Marvin gets ready to finish up any kobolds left over. With a couple of the kobolds falling before our magic had the time to get ready Eve and Lance backed off for the incoming magic.

"Fire Ball" Ryu shouts as a ball of fire shoots towards the last couple of kobolds and makes them fall onto the ground in flames.

"Water Ball" With my magic shooting after Ryu's it hits the kobolds and lets the fire out but they are still alive since it seems that mater magic doesn't do a lot of damage.

With both of the kobold barely alive Marvin drops down from his hiding place and finishes up the barely alive kobolds. The amount of experience I received from the kobolds is minuscule so I guess the amount of experience you get correlated to the amount of damage you do to the monster. As we continue through the second floor we reach the end but since I am barely getting any experience from the kobolds due to what little damage I am doing I didn't level at all on this floor. We reached the end of this floor but upon walking to the stairs to go down to the third floor Finn stops us to talk.

"Alright everyone, we reached here together so let's end this together as well. The next room is the boss room, the boss is a king kobold which is a monster that only C rank adventurers can solo, but because the guild has put a special barrier on the dungeon the king kobold can't level so he is stuck at level 1, DO NOT let that make you cocky even I would have to be careful while soloing it and I am a C ranked adventurer. Get into any fighting stance that makes you comfortable and get ready to follow my orders. One thing to look out for is when he screams you need to get as far away from him as you can because that scream causes an abnormal effect of confusion and terror. Other than that you guys should be able to manage. I'll watch from behind." He says as he goes down the stairs to the third floor of the dungeon.

On the Third Floor of the Dungeon, the entire floor is just a small area leading to a set of metal rusted doors. Walking up to the set of metal doors we stop in front of them and Finn talks again.

"Alright if everyone sticks to my orders and we take out the guarding kobolds first we should be able to do this pretty easily. Let's head in. " He says as he opened the huge rusted door.

As the door opens the sound of metal scratching the floor echoes throughout the floor hurting my ears. Looking all around the floor it seems to just be a huge cave, in the middle is a huge kobold with a rusted crown on his head with 4 kobolds in front of it. They aren't reacting to our presence so we stay in place and wait for Finn's orders.

Finn has a serious look on his face as he stares at the area behind the King Kobold. As he stares intently he shouts "Who's there!"

"Keke... Wonderful, a human who can sense me is pretty rare around. Are you someone special?" An unknown voice says from behind the King Kobold.

The second the voice echoes through the boss room everyone is frozen in place as the surrounding air turns cold. Looking at the kobolds they all had their head chopped off and someone is standing on the king kobold's shoulder as the king kobold's face shows a trace of fear. We make eye contact with the person who has a light grey skin tone, little horns protruding out the top head, black hair, black eyes, and a savage smirk on his face as he looks at us in contempt.

"Demon." Finn says in a whisper to us but it seems that it was loud enough for him to hear us, he looks towards me with his pitch-black eyes and smirks.

The adventurers all gasp seeing that a Demon has intruded upon the guild's newbie training dungeon but I felt like this can be suspected. This probably has something to do with my title, main character. This title is gonna bring me into a lot of forced events but it seems like my luck rose as well.

"How did you get in here without being detected, there's only one entrance." Finn says getting ready to attack the Demon.

"Since you humans aren't my target I'll give you a chance. The only humans that I have business with are the silver-haired human and the human that found me the rest of you weaklings can just die." he says he disappears from the king kobold's shoulder and reappears behind Ryu with his fist closing in on her face.

'Shit, if that hits her with her constitution as a mage. She'll die.' I say to myself with the resolve to stop the Demon.

'Time Stop'

And with Time Stop activating before Ryu could even finish screaming I see that the Demon's Fist was just about to hit her face. Any slower and she would probably be dead. Grabbing Ryu and moving her to be beside the other adventurers I resume time and the Demon's Fist strikes through the air.

This Demon feels stronger than anyone here, if I wasn't here everyone would probably be dead.

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