Reincarnation of the Cheater
12 Dungeon Training 4
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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12 Dungeon Training 4

"Everyone, leave this Demon to me and go get help from outside. This Demon is too strong for any of us but I can at least keep him here while you get help." I say while still facing the Demon ready to cast time stop in case he decided to attack again.

The Demon looks at his fist in wonder and then back at me and smiles widely.

"I'd have it no other way. This mission would have been too easy if they died just like that." The Demon says while laughing.

"Everyone run and get help from the guards. Bell and I will hold him off." Finn says while getting ready to attack the Demon to keep him occupied so that the others can run.

With the other adventurers following Finn's order they all retreat and run through the metal doors closing them after themselves as they run up the stairs to the second floor. As they run as fast as they could to be able to get help from the guards in front of the dungeon it just leaves Finn, Me, The King Kobold, and the Demon in the boss room.

"You're just going to let them go like that." I ask while eyeing the Demon for any suspicious movements." With them gone Finn and I should be able to hold off until help arrives.

"It'll be alright after all, I'm going to need a snack after completing my mission aren't I?" He says as he disappears again.

He may be fast but he can't beat cheats.

'Time Stop'

With time coming to a stop for another time I look around for the Demon only to find him nowhere in sight. I begin looking for him in the room but I can't find him anywhere and the metal doors haven't moved.

After being unable to find him I decide to have time resume and manage to see Finn's surprise at the Demon missing.

"Where is he?" Finn says while looking around the boos room.

"I can't find him anywhere. Be careful he may be hiding somewhere dark." I say but it's too late as the scene of the Demon coming from Finn's shadow and about to puncture his stomach.

'Time Stop'

After a bit of a surprise, I stop time once more to try and stop the Demon's strike but it already connected with Finn so even in the world of stopped time the Demon's arm is somewhat in Finn's body already.

Taking the Demon's arm out of Finn's body I see a gaping hole just sitting there in Finn's chest. It missed the heart so he should still be alive but I don't think he could survive in this fight any longer. After a moment of panic, I remember the thing sitting in my inventory that should be able to solve this situation.

'System, use the healing card on Finn" I say hoping that time stop didn't affect the system as well since it gave me the cheat in the first place.

[Using "Healing Card"... Done]

With the notification from the system, a glowing light encases Finn as his injuries begin to heal at a rapid pace. After a couple of seconds, they disappear as if they were never there in the first place and I drag Finn away from the Demon and through the Metal Doors and let time resume again.

With time resumed once more Finn immediately gasps in pain but then looks down and sees nothing so I say, "Finn, follow after the others and get help. We need someone stronger."

"No, I promised to keep you safe. You aren't even level 20 yet there's no way I'm abandoning you." He says arguing with my plan.

"I understand, but just then you would have died if I didn't save you. How could you complete your mission if you die first?" I say trying to change his mind.

After hearing my words he takes a serious look at where he was punctured and sighs.

"Alright, I'll be back with backup. You aren't allowed to die you understand me!" He says as he runs up the stairs with as vigor.

As he runs up the stairs a voice comes from behind me.

"Finally they all fucking left. Hey Hero, why do humans act like they care when they just met you?" He says as his face has a questioning look on it, it looks like this bastard isn't even taking me seriously.

"Why did you wait for them to leave?" I mean I'm pretty sure he could just kill them all if I wasn't there. So why didn't he?

"Well, you see I'm not strong enough to offend some of the people they work under, That Finn guy has a strong aura of one of the "Gods" if I kill him who knows what would happen to me. That thief as well, he didn't even have an aura so he was suspicious. I decided that if I let them go they wouldn't try to get revenge later on." He says while smirking.

"Any particular reason you haven't tried fighting me yet?" I ask while readying my sword for any incoming attacks.

"Let's see... if you were to see the most delicious food in the world but someone else has already laid claim to it would you still try to eat it knowing that you'll die if you do?" He says with a regret-filled tone.

"What do you mean by that?" I say intrigued, by his saying I'm claimed as someone else's prey.

"The Demon King has claimed that your life is his to take, so anyone else trying to take it would be disrespecting him, and that will incur his wrath. That is why I'll capture you and gift you to the demon king. Why don't we play for a little while so I can be somewhat satisfied" he says as he has King Kobold rush towards me.

Holding the hilt of my sword tightly to not let go I rush King Kobold as well and my sword clashed with its claws just barely holding it back. Right now would be a good time.

'Time Stop'

And with that everything comes to a halt and the pressure from the King Kobold claws disappears from my body as I climb its nearly 8-foot tall body and stab into one of its eyes. As I finish stabbing its right eye time resumes automatically and I hear a deathly wail as the King Kobold swipes at me with its claws. I ended up getting hit directly and sent flying.

"Interesting, so that's the Legendary Skill "Blink". That's one dangerous skill for only the Hero to be able to learn. That's kinda unfair don't you think?" The Demon says while looking at the King Kobold which has been howling loudly in excruciating pain the entire time as he was holding his hands in front of his damaged eye.

While the Demon is talking a wave of pain flows through my head as time stop has been taking a toll on my body. I thought that Time Stop would take mana or something but it seems that I was wrong. This cheat is seriously affecting my body.

"What's wrong Hero? Does the legendary skill have an incredibly high mana cost?" The Demon says laughing while sending the King Kobold to me once more.

"You're in the way." I say as I decide to move a large amount of my mana to encase my sword.

With an infinite amount of mana encasing my sword, I swing it at the incoming King Kobold with as much strength as I could muster as the body of the King Kobold flys right by me. The head of the King Kobold though was currently on the floor in front of the Demon as blood splattered everywhere.

[You have killed a level 1 King Kobold and have earned 2000 experience]

[You have reached level 9]

At first, the Demon was staring at me with a surprised look on his face but he eventually started laughing.

'Time Stop'

As the Demon laughs and begins to talk I decided that this was the last I wanted to deal with him so even though Time Stop takes a toll on my body I activate it once again and rush the Demon frozen in time with a mana filled sword.

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