Reincarnation of the Cheater
13 Getting Help
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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13 Getting Help

Running up the stairs as fast as I could I eventually reach the second floor of the Dungeon. This Dungeon was modified by the guild so the monsters will only respawn after everyone leaves the Dungeon.

'Dammit. I shouldn't have slacked in my training.' I say to myself while reaching the stairs to the first floor of the Dungeon.

'I was a burden to him instead of being able to help him. I would have died if he didn't save me. Someone who has been in this world for maybe a week is already stronger than me. Why did I slack on my training?' I think to myself while regretting having to leave Bell behind like that. I may not be able to help him but the guard captain for the Dungeon is an A-Rank adventurer. He should be able to deal with the Demon and save Bell as well.

As I run up the stairs to the first floor I run into the other newbies as they are going to get help as well.

"Who's there!" Lance yells in my direction.

'I guess they think it might be the Demon' I think to myself as I call out to them.

"It's Finn, keep running. The guard captain should be able to fight the Demon." I say as I catch up to them and run past them while panting for breath.

We run through the first floor and reach the entrance within minutes but every second will count. Upon reaching the entrance the guards see us running and wave but upon seeing us so out of breath they feel that something is wrong.

"Is something wrong?" One of the guards says.

"There's a Demon on the Third Floor in the boss room. It took control of the boss and is currently fighting with one of the adventurers. We need the guard captain." I say to the guard in a hurry.

After sending one of the other guards to go get the captain the guard that waved to us talks to me to get more information about the situation.

"There's a Demon in the Boss Room? Why did you leave a newbie to stay behind?" He says questioning me.

"Yes, it was originally just going to be me and the newbie staying since the Demon said he had a mission. The Demon was after one of the newbies so he let the others leave." I answer looking around to see if the guard captain is here yet.

"And why are you here then and not with him?" The guard asks showing he was suspicious of me.

"The newbie has a unique skill that will guarantee his survival for a short period. After he told me about the skill he had me go get help." I answer kind of annoying that this guard is suspicious of me.

With the guard continuously asking questions to get a feel for the situation I answer them all honestly and after a while, the guard from before comes back with the guard captain. As they look around the guard captain looks at me and confirms the information. With them knowing the situation the guard captain

"Let's go! We'll need all the guards to make sure that the Demon doesn't escape. Two guards stay." The guard captain says as he runs into the Dungeon with the rest of the guards following behind him.

With all of the guards

"Finn are you sure it will be okay to leave Bell alone like that." Marvin says in a worried voice as he looks towards Finn with a disappointed face.

"It should be but just in case lets follow the guards, I mean you guys heard that scream right? That should have been the king kobold so at least we know he should still be alive." I answer as I run back into the Dungeon's First Floor following after the guards.

As we run through the Dungeons floors we eventually reach the stairs to the third floor.

'It looks like the guards are already down there.' I say to myself as we head down the stairs.

While going down the stairs I don't hear any sounds of fighting either.

'Wierd, they would definitely fight that Demon right away.' I think to myself as we reach the end of the stairs and see the familiar sight of the metal doors wide open. All the guards are sitting there as they surround the entrance to the boss room. Making my way through the crowd I see the guard captain searching someone who was laying down.

As I get a closer look at whoever was laying down in the boss room the entire boss room is silent as every person there had a surprised or shocked face as the person on the floor was Bell. Everyone stared at the person laying down asleep as if they were looking at a monster. The reason? Well, that's because they were currently looking at a person who should have been a newbie have the Demon's head laying right next to him. A Demon who even a C ranked adventurer feared. He had no wounds whatsoever but it looks like his body is as overexerted as possible and he immediately fell asleep on the Dungeon Floor.

After searching around a bit the guard captain notices me and turns to ask me a question.

"This is the newbie you left here?" The guard captain asks with his face full of surprise.

"Yes, I'm just as surprised as you are. He told me he could only keep himself alive with his unique skill." I answer while staring at the sleeping Bell.

'Man, the mission I was given by the Dream God is just a joke isn't it.' I say to myself sad that I couldn't do anything this time.

"Well, we'll have to make a report to the Guild Master about this. A Demon showing up in the Capital of Light is a big problem. The Church of Light may get involved as well." The Guard Captain says as he has some guards gather the evidence and have others take the unconscious Bell to the guild's medical hall.

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