Reincarnation of the Cheater
19 Attacked in the Undead Dungeon
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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19 Attacked in the Undead Dungeon

Newbie Hunters. Bell had been told about them from Finn. They were people who found enjoyment from hunting newbie adventurers. Killing newbies and taking their gear they normally aimed for those who either looked loaded or newbies who were naive enough to think they could enter the Dungeon alone safely. Although there weren't a lot of confirmed cases for newbie hunters since there wasn't any surveillance in the Dungeons a lot of newbie deaths are rumored to be tied to their "Hunt". And now, it was happening again.

Although Bell may have not been focusing on his surroundings all of his stats still increased upon leveling up. Even the hidden ones. Although he had poor senses leveling up had increased and sharpened them.

"Now" One of the adventurers whispered as they all began their "Hunt".

By the time that the 3 attackers had made their moves and gotten close to Bell with their skills going off and their weapons incoming fast Bell had already reacted by stopping time and moving to a safe location before yelling at them.

"Who are you? What are you trying to pull!"

Bell had asked them this even though he knew what was most likely the answer. They were probably the newbie hunters that Finn had warned him about.

"Oooh, this newbie has a nice skill. How long is the cooldown on that?" One of the adventurers says in amazement as he eyes Bell looking to attack again.

"Probably a long cooldown since it involves teleporting. Skills like that always take a lot of mana as well."

'Speak of the Devil and he will show. These newbie hunters really had to show themselves.'

Although he knew they wanted to hunt him an up and coming newbie he still hesitated. He knew that he had to act in self-defense but instead he instinctively ran away. Even if he thought of this world as a Virtual Reality game there was always the chance that it wasn't. That this was actually a different world. And that these were actual people and not avatars. Killing them would be against everything he had learned from Earth's Society. and so instead of killing his attackers he instead asked them why.

"Why do you kill newbies? There's no need."

"Ahh, We love to hunt newbies like you. Newbies who believe that killing people is bad. Newbies who instead of protecting themselves decide to run away. It brings the best feeling in the world especially once they start to beg for their lives." One of the 3 adventures that looks to be the boss says. He had a disgusting grin on his face as if the joy he felt from this situation was overwhelming. The emotions that he was feeling would burst at any moment and he may not be able to hold himself back.

Upon seeing the Boss of the newbie hunters gain enjoyment from their "Hunt" and the disgusting smile he had on his face as he had the others attack Bell felt his stomach-churning just looking at him. The feeling of Disgust and the pressure from the potential of being hunted had overturned the feeling of hesitation that Bell had felt towards killing them. Instead, he had begun coming up with different reasons in his head to justify the action of killing.

'They won't let me go.' He told himself as one of the two incoming newbie hunters' head went missing.

'It's either me or them.' He said as the other incoming newbie hunter fell onto the Dungeon Floor in two pieces.

Seeing his comrades fall so quickly and without any chance to resist the Last Newbie Hunter's mental state quickly fell into disorder. At first, he refused to believe that he was seeing but even after blinking and rubbing his eyes the situation refused to change. It was a literal nightmare for him. He the "Hunter" had someone he considered "prey" to become the hunter instead.

"They're just trash. It won't matter if I kill them." He said to himself out loud as he made his move to finish the last of them.

With an infinite amount of wind blades closing in on the Boss of the newbie hunters he wasn't in the right mental state to react and instead was chopped to pieces. No one would ever know that the last thing on his mind at that moment was that he was not the "Hunter", he was the "Hunted".

The sound of someone vomiting resounded throughout the empty First Floor of the Undead Dungeon. Oddly enough no one else was in this dungeon for now.

After vomiting, I started to feel relieved of the twisted pain from my stomach. Although that pain was still there it is more bearable.

'This world is real.'

With the feeling he had when he killed the newbie hunters he had in turn begun to realize that this world wasn't like he thought. This world isn't some virtual reality game this world was real. Not everyone would be nice and there were people who would have ill intent. He had thought that the run-in with a Demon was some forced event for the plot but now it looked like they are actually aiming for his life.

'I need to get stronger. Stats may make me physically stronger but knowing how to fight would be better. I can't rush levels without having the experience on how to use my power.'

Through this event, he had decided that rushing to increasing his overall level would instead be worse for him in the long run. While increasing his level would increase his power in the short term the natives of this world leveled not through experience gained from monsters but instead through gaining insight into their class and increasing their skills.

'While the cheater class may be unknown for now I can definitely increase my knowledge on the mage apprentice class. Actually using magic is something new for me so I should experiment with it since I won't run out of mana anyway.'

After activating Sense Presence again while still being cautious of his surroundings Bell had begun thinking to himself for a while. Eventually, he made a decision.

'Let's go home and practice magic. I can practice the sword at the guild's training area.'

With the decision to train instead of leveling for the first time since coming to this world Bell had decided that he should become stronger without relying on Leveling for now.

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