Reincarnation of the Cheater
20 Increasing Skill Levels
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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20 Increasing Skill Levels

After leaving the Dungeon I headed for the guild to turn in the kobold bodies that I forgot about. I turned those in at 20 copper coins each and the variant went for 15 silver so I have at least a month's worth of expenses settled for now. I decided to test out my magic at the guild's training grounds instead of my room since I wanted to try fire magic.

Although the guild's training ground was mostly empty at this time of day there was at least another group of adventurers there practicing doing fighting drills and one other person was practicing his magic. The amount of mana he has was very little, in fact, I was wondering if it was just me who had an enormous amount of mana. Even before I got the infinite mana cheat, I still had 10 times the amount than this guy had.

'I guess not everyone is born with the same amount of mana.'

Taking my attention off of the guy controlling his mana I decide to try to see what my limit is for controlling the infinite amount of mana. Even though I may have infinite mana there is still a limit to the amount of mana that I could control so I want to increase that for now.

'System what is the best way to control mana.'

[Controling mana is different for every person. Although there are mana circulation techniques compatibility is a key factor while controlling mana. It is recommended that you try circulating the mana inside yourself to avoid affecting the others around you.]

Taking the system's advice I try it myself and circulate as much mana as I could around my body. While tracing my body with mana I add on a little more mana whenever I feel that I could control more. I continue practicing my control until eventually my entire body is filled with mana and I get a notification from the system.

[Through continuous use, the skill "Mana Manipulation" has reached level 3.]

'Nice, now that is encouraging. Now I know I'm going in the right direction. It seems that encasing my body in mana could help toughen my body past its current limits.'

With the system notification showing the increase in skill level I continue trying different things including focusing all the mana that I could in one spot but at the most that I could do was create balls of water and have them hover around me. I made sure not to create them too big since it would cause a commotion but instead I tried to create as much as I could while controlling them all at the same time.

After creating 3 balls of water having them hover around me and training with them for about 10 minutes I get another notification from the system.

[Through continuous use, the skill "Mana Manipulation" has reached level 4.]

'Even though mana manipulation increased water magic didn't.'

Seeing that just making balls of water wasn't enough to increase the skill level I made a whip out of water and started moving that around as well.

[Through continuous use, the skill "Water magic" has reached level 2.]

With water magic increasing I start to try and create fire out of mana as well.

After spending a couple of minutes visualizing fire I feel confident and manipulate the mana around me to create fire above my hand. With the mana following my will fire is created hovering above my hand.

[After continuous use, you have learned the skill "Fire Magic (Lv.1)"]

With fire magic acquired I continue to experiment with it since Fire Magic will be doing more damage for now. After experimenting for 20 minutes of trying to create different things with magic I end the training session being able to create fireballs and being able to increase the heat in my hand without hurting myself. While trying to create the fire hand spell I ended up slightly burning my hand until I was able to think of making only the area above my hand burn. Though it didn't hurt since I could heal myself instantly I don't recommend using magic on yourself without preparations.

After leaving the guild's training ground I ended up with Mana Manipulation reaching level 4, Water Magic reaching level 2, gaining the Fire magic skill, and Increasing my Heal skill to level 2. I also gained some insight as to what the heal skill does to the body so I would say that today's training was a success. Its dinner time so tomorrow I plan to train in the morning with my sword.

After reaching the Inn I lengthen my stay for 2 more weeks as I decided to train my skills and reach level 20 before going anywhere else for now.

Inside my room, I go over what had happened today and how I could do better in the future. I can't let my guard down in dungeons. But keeping the Sense Presence skill on would bring me a ton of stress.

'Wait, what about the upgrade ticket that I got today.'

Remembering the upgrade ticket that I got today I look at my inventory to see the ticket sitting there. After debating what I could upgrade I finally decide on what to upgrade.

"System, use the upgrade on the Sense Presence skill."

[You would like to use the "Upgrade Ticket" on the Sense Presence skill. Please Confirm.


After selecting yes the system loads my request and the upgrade ticket disappears from my inventory.

[Upgrading "Sense Presence"... Done.]

[The skill "Sense Presence" has been upgraded to the passive skill "Presence Detection (Lv.1)"]

'Since it's a passive skill I guess I'm going to have to get used to feeling any presence near me.'

After checking the skill out it looks like I can turn off the passive skill but using it won't cause any stress to me so I decide to activate it for now as I lay on the bed thinking to myself.

'It has been a crazy few weeks since I got to this world. Being forced into a different world for an unknown purpose, no goal, and no known way back. I guess I'm going to have to look into Libraries to see if there is any knowledge on a way to go back.'

While deciding on a temporary goal for now I slowly drift asleep as I think about what to do from now on.

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