Reincarnation of the Cheater
21 Humanity“s Greed
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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21 Humanity“s Greed

Looking down at the report on the desk the Demon Looking figure sighs and leans back in his chair.

'With Kirm dead the enemy is now stronger. Although Kirm was a low-level demon he was still a Demon. All Demons are born as strong as a B-ranked adventurer so it seems that this Hero has a trump card.'

While thinking to himself and going over the matter in his head this Demon couldn't figure out how a newly summoned Hero could defeat a Demon without any help and with minimum training.

'Isn't this just cheating. What kind of monster did those Humans summon? When will they ever learn that their greed will be the end of them?'

Looking at the report anymore would just frustrate him so instead, he got up and called in one of his subordinates.

"Send this report to the Demon King, tell him that 'The Hero is growing fast and can already defeat low-level Demons. I suggest that we bring forward the attack'. Make sure to properly convey what is on the written report as well. Don't let Kirm's death be in vain."

"Yes General!"

With the matter of reporting to the Demon King settled the Demon King's Third General sat in his chair once more.

'That Hero bastard. Kirm was one of my people and you dare to kill him.'

Although the Third Demon General didn't want to get frustrated he had still let this mater affect his emotions. Kirm may have been a low-level Demon but he was related by blood to his right-hand man. He was currently trying to figure out how to calm his right-hand man that was outside "training" the ones who sent Kirm.

'Man I kinda feel bad for those Demons, they're getting the shit beat out of them.'

Looking outside the window at the training area all that could be seen was 4 figures and a floor full of blood. Some of the figures' limbs are bent the wrong way but there's nothing that can be done to save them from this hell. The only things they could hope for was the mercy of the one beating them.

While looking at this sight the Third Demon General felt next to nothing but instead said to the air around him "Hans, go and tell Amos that I'll let him use "it" to get his revenge. Anything that happens will be on him."

As soon as he finished speaking a Demon dressed as a butler appeared out of thin air kneeling in front of him.

"As you wish, Master."

With that, the Demon Butler Hans disappeared once more only to appear in the Demon's training area.

"I'll leave it to Amos then. He hasn't failed me yet, lets hope he doesn't this time."


A little while later near a Human village.

An unknown person was walking up the tallest mountain in the area. Even though he had been told many times to never come back here he just couldn't help himself. With the leaves cracking every now and then as he walked up the mountain the man had finally reached the area of the mountain he had been looking for.

"Soon I will avenge you, father."

This man looking for revenge was Juan Escalera a Hunter for a nearby village. He had been hunting animals for this village ever since he reached 15. His father had taught him how since he was young so that they could both be the village hunters.

After a couple of years went by his father died while they were on a hunt together. Even though they are called "Hunters" by the villagers they had little power and were low levels. So with them running into a strong monster they could do nothing but run in the face of adversity. Even though they were running for their lives at full speed the monster followed behind them at half speed. As if he was playing with his food.

His father realized that if they continued running they would bring disaster upon the village and seeing that the monster was playing with them decided to fight the monster and at least keep him there so that his son could live.

"Run and don't look back! I'll hold this monster back!" His father yelled as he prepared himself to fight the monster.

Even though his father told him to run at that time he had stopped and turned to fight with him.

"Just run! Don't let us both die!" His father yelled at him for his actions but he couldn't bring himself to leave.

"Run!" His father yelled once more.

Seeing his father so desperate he turned and ran as fast as he could. While running he heard screams but he couldn't turn back. His father didn't want him to.

After a while, the screams stopped and he heard the monsters loud footsteps once again. The monster had killed his father and lost his trail. He ran down the mountain and hid in a cave until he couldn't hear the monster's footsteps anymore.

'Why do I have to be so weak. I couldn't do anything but leave him behind.'

He had been in the cave for an unknown amount of time waiting for the monster to leave so by teh time he had left the sun was already coming back up. As he was leaving he heard something talk to him from inside the cave

"Do you want power?"

Hearing the voice from inside the cave the hunter Juan turns around and yells, "Who's there!"

"I can give you power."

After debating if he wanted to leave he couldn't stop thinking about the offer.

'Power. If only I was powerful.'

The thoughts of what if had clouded his mind and instead of leaving, he walked further into the cave.

"Yes! Let the greed for more power consume you. Nothing else matters, only power! Let the greed course through you for my revenge!" The voice yells in excitement as it sees the human coming closer.

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