Reincarnation of the Cheater
22 Sparring with a Guild Staff Member
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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22 Sparring with a Guild Staff Member

Thinking to myself that night I decided to focus on increasing my skill levels instead of raising my level for now. I had been training the sword in the morning, training magic abilities in the afternoon, and training mana control at night. After 2 weeks of training skills, my current status looks like this.

Name: Bell(17)

Race: ???

Titles: Main Character, Variant Killer

Job: Cheater, Apprentice Magician

Level: 10

Strength: 20

Endurance: 20

Agility: 20

Intelligence: 20

Wisdom: 20

Skills: Presence Detection (Lv.1), Sword Mastery (Lv.4), Mana Manipulation (Lv.5), Body Enhancement Magic (Lv.3), Water Magic (Lv.3), Wind Magic (lv.2), Heal(Lv.2), Fire Magic (Lv.3)

Cheats: Infinite Mana, Time Stop

Although my skills were slowly increasing I had leveled up after training with fire magic. After asking the system it seems that you gain experience from doing certain actions with classes. Training with a sword if you had a swordsman class or using magic with a magician class. Even though I was gaining experience I didn't get any system notifications from it and since I can't see how much experience I need to level up the only way to rely on that is to use my infinite mana to spam spells. With Sword Master leveling up twice I had become more proficient at wielding a sword, with the increase in Water, Fire, and Wind magic I am able to use more spells like Water Bolt, and Fire Bolt. Even though wind magic's level increased all that increased was the power of the wind I can create.

Every now and then in the guild's training area, I would spar with some other people who were training or some guild employees who wanted to make sure they weren't rusty. Today I'm gonna spar with one of the guild employees who would watch over the guild training area, from what I heard he was really strong so I'm looking forward to what I could learn from this fight.

Walking into the guild's training area I see a group of people talking to the guild employee I'm supposed to be sparring today. Upon noticing me enter the training area he calls out to me.

"Yo Bell. I'm ready to go so just tell me when you're ready." He said in a happy tone. It looks like he's looking forward to the spar as well.

"Let me stretch before we fight. I don't want to pull a muscle." I say excited for the fight as I begin stretching.

After stretching for a little I feel that I stretched enough so I called out to the guild employee.

"I'm ready Keenan."

With that, all the other adventures that were going to watch the fight all back away to give us enough space as Kennan and I both have training swords that the guild has sitting on a rack. Although they are made of wood I can feel that they conduct mana very well.

"The rules are simple, if you get a hit in on me you win. If you fail to hit me after 5 minutes you lose." The guild employee Keenan says as he puts the wooden sword in front of him in a lax position.

As we both move into position the surrounding became quiet and Keenan spoke to me, "I'll let you make the first move."

As we both face each other I move at my fastest speed as I try to strike him in the waist. With the sword having no mana in it at all I swing for his waist but he blocks my sword with ease. With the free hit blocked we continue to go back and first trying to hit each other. Either blocking or dodging each hit we both continue to fight as we unintentionally move around the guild's training area. Although it is a big space there are still people watching so we have to avoid certain places so we won't run into anyone watching. After 2 minutes if fighting I still haven't hit him but neither of us is tired so we continue to fight until we reach the 5-minute mark.

"You're even better today, you have been improving fast lately. Have you been entering the dungeon?" Guild Employee Kennan asks as if he was having no problem with the current fight.

'You think that you have enough room to talk while dodging me huh.'

"I was thinking of going again recently. I wanted to increase my skills instead of my level for now."

I said as I put some mana into the sword and swing again. This time though when the two wooden swords collided his wooden sword was knocked away and since he couldn't block it so it continued to get closer. As the sword was about to hit him he jumped backward and dodged it.

Although the sword was knocked away he grabbed it when he was backing away.

"That was a good strike! Since we're using mana don't mind if I do. There's only 1 minute left so you better be quick to hit me." He said enthusiastically as he readied himself to block any incoming attacks for a minute.

"You talk too much." I say as I put more mana into the sword and encase myself in mana as well and attack.

After attacking in multiple directions there's only a couple of seconds left until we reach the 5-minute mark.

"One last try." I say under my breath as I swing straight at him. Although this swing doesn't have much mana in it I decided to not lose this fight.

As the sword got infinitely closer to Keenan he reacted by bringing his sword in front of mine almost instantly. If I continued to swing this hit would definitely be blocked unless I do something else.

'Time Stop'

With the two swords about to clash I stop time and put my wooden sword past his and then let time resume. Keenan put his strength into blocking and thought he had blocked me but seeing the incoming sword that had already passed him he could do nothing but smile as he was hit.

After laughing to himself he said, "That was well done. I didn't expect that in the least. An afterimage due to how fast it was, simply amazing."

"I tried to hide it but it seems that I can't get it past you, old man." I awkwardly say as I rub the back of my head in embarrassment.

'So you can leave afterimages after being too fast.'

"Nicely done. Keeping a trump card is always the best decision that could save your life. Make sure to be careful while using that."

"Yes sir." I thank him while moving to put the wooden sword back.

"Ah, just throw that away. I doubt that someone else would be able to use that now." Keenan says as he looks towards my wooden sword.

Looking down at the sword in my hands I notice that the wood that was previously smooth was now splintered and dented in some places. After throwing the wooden sword in the trash I say goodbye and head outside.

'Right now it's probably around 4 pm. I think I'm ready to go back into the dungeon now.'

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