Reincarnation of the Cheater
25 Running Through the Dungeon“s Floors
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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25 Running Through the Dungeon“s Floors

Although someone was hunting down people for their items it had nothing to do with me so I finished my dinner and went to bed. Even though I had been in the Dungeon fighting for a couple of hours I was pretty tired so I blinked and it was already morning once again.

For now, I just wanted to conquer the undead Dungeon and Fight the boss. Since heal is effective against the undead as well as being used to heal injuries I wanted to level it as fast as I could. Recently though it seems that heal has hit a wall, no matter how much undead I finish off with it I never get the notification that it had leveled up.

Since I was just going to run through the Dungeon floors today and hopefully fight the boss I asked the waitress for a packed lunch and head out of the city towards the Dungeon. It was surprisingly quiet on the road to the Dungeon today, there were no adventurers on the road at all even though it was 10 am. There weren't any merchants carts passing by either.

'Is it a holiday or something?'

Following the quiet road, I reach the Undead Dungeon, even though I hadn't seen anyone else I did see the guards at the entrance today.

Upon seeing that I was approaching they waved at me and as I got closer they called out to me, "Oi, I'm surprised that you want to go into the Dungeon on a day like this." One of the guards says to me astonished like I was going in on a holiday.

"As I thought, is it a holiday or something? Why am I the only one on the road?" I ask the guard since it seems like they aren't busy.

"It isn't a holiday, there are rumors of a unique monster around the Capital right now. The rumors of people disappearing and not coming back were found to be true so we are in a state of emergency right now. Most people just decided to take an off day but we guards still have to work." He sighs as he slouches over like he didn't want to work today.

"A unique monster huh, what's that?" I was interested since if it was anything like the unique monster like the manga and novels that I read then things are going to be interesting around here.

"A unique monster is a monster with a unique skill, this particular monster must have a nasty skill since no one that has run into it has lived to tell the story. Be careful if you go into the forest, the city lord is looking to make a punitive force to wipe it out beforehand."

"Thanks for the information." I say while passing by him entering the Dungeon.

'So it was a unique monster huh, how interesting.'

Although the unique monster had piqued my interest it was only a shallow curiosity since I had never seen one myself. I still wanted to get stronger so that I can travel around the world looking for a way back to Earth. I might even find a way to be able to travel back and forth between the two worlds so that I can keep increasing skill levels.

I decided that I was going to rush through the first two floors of the Dungeon since I already know where the stairs were. After running through the first floor I had received a lot of experience from the skeletons but I still didn't level so I walked down the stairs towards the second floor. Upon finding a zombie I rush at it dealing damage and then finish it off with heal. Although the skill heal didn't level even after killing at least 100 undead with it I still got something else that will be useful.

[A Random Skill Ticket has been found]

'Nice, a new skill ticket.'

With the appearance of a new Random Skill Ticket, I felt even more motivated than I was before and increased my speed through the second floor while looking for the stairs.

'If I got a Random Skill Ticket on the second floor I can't wait to see what other things I could get from this dungeon.'

While hunting zombies all throughout the second floor I make sure to finish them with heal so that I can increase the skill level but no matter how much I kill it still hasn't increased. I'm beginning to wonder if it has something to do with me so I ask the system for some advice.

'System, why is heal's skill level not increasing?'

[After killing this much of the undead I'm just as surprised as you are. While there are some exceptions the only explanation that I can come up with is that you have very little talent for healing magic. So little in fact that it's almost non-existent.]

'Well then. Even if you learn skills you have to have the talent to increase their level huh. Sounds like a scam.'

[That's just how this world is structured. The only reason that you even got the skill was because of the system, you reaching level 3 was probably the limit of your talent.]

While the system had told me about talents I decided that I wouldn't believe it, I refuse to believe that there's no way that having low talent would cap the level that your skill can be. It probably just takes more experience than others. While thinking about how to increase the skill level of heal I continue to go through the second floor looking for the stairs.

After 3 hours total of being in the Dungeon, I had finally reached the third floor. It was already 1 in the afternoon so I ate lunch on the stairs while keeping Presence Detection on just in case anything tried to approach me.

'If I remember right the third floor had wraiths.'

Although wraiths were a ghost or ghostlike image of someone, these wraiths were created by the Dungeon's mana so they didn't resemble anyone. They were just shadowy figures that floated around everywhere. I can detect them with Presence Detection so I hunted them down while looking for the stairs for the fourth floor. After hunting 30 of them I received a notification from the system.

[You have reached level 12]

'So they give a lot of experience huh, I thought that they wouldn't since they were so easy to kill.'

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