Reincarnation of the Cheater
34 Goblins Rage 2
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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34 Goblins Rage 2

"Welcome to the First Floor of the Dungeon Goblin's Rage." Finn says smiling as he waves his arms in the air showing off how different the dungeon looks.

The dungeon before just seemed like a cave that was man-made but this dungeon has crystals at the top that give off light. I don't think this could be remade without technology from a sci-fi movie. The entire first floor is wide and I don't see any people off in the distance as if we're alone. It looks like the adventurers are still taking an off day so we'll be having the Dungeon all to ourselves today,

"This is what this dungeon looks like, all dungeons are made from the energy emitting from the dungeon core and they are made to look different. The energy is different from mana and isn't seen anywhere else in the world other than dungeons. This dungeon, in particular, focuses on goblins, goblins used to have a high population count outside of the dungeons but they were hunted down and slain by one man and his endless rage. The goblins in this dungeon were taken in by the dungeon core and were hidden until that person eventually died. Today the goblins are purposely kept in low numbers outside so they don't cause too many problems. The goblins in this dungeon are all stronger than the ones outside so be careful." With Finn explaining the dungeon's history I couldn't help but remember a certain person that sounded oddly similar. Even though that person had hunted goblins I don't remember him dying at all so I'll just consider it a coincidence.

"Alright, the first floor has some goblins but none of them should be a problem for us since in the first floor goblins don't have any variants or different classes. Only basic goblins spawn on the first floor. Do you want to try handling it yourself on the first floor? You can learn a lot from how goblins react."

"Sure, as long as I can handle it I don't mind. If I need help I'll ask." I say taking the front and heading towards some goblins that were standing there idle. I followed their presence to reach where they were currently sitting idle, they were sitting there in a daze just waiting for something to happen. They didn't react to my presence at all so I guess on this floor they don't have any sense type skills.

The goblins are short, green, and overall they look creepy. From behind, I can see that they have devilish smiles and look to be intelligent. As I approach the small group of goblins I get ready and reinforce my body with mana. They are all pretty weak so I finish them and receive a notification from the system for each of their deaths. They didn't give a lot of experience individually but altogether it reached 4000 for 6 of them. I was surprised at a new notification from the system though.

[Goblin's Rage 6/100]

'What?' Seeing the confused look on my face Finn starts laughing.

"This dungeon is kinda special as every party that comes in here gets their own "Dungeon" and the more goblins you kill not only do the goblins become stronger, a stronger "Mini-Boss" appears to try to get revenge for their fallen kin. This dungeon is known for its monsters and their cruelty so don't be merciful." Finn says answering my confused expression. It looks like he thought that I was confused by how weak they were but I guess he can't see the notification for the Goblin's Rage.

As we go through the dungeon we run into little groups of goblins every now and then and I got some new notifications throughout the first floor. Throughout the floor, the goblins were getting stronger but it wasn't that noticeable since they all died in one hit anyway. There were some Hobo-Goblins which are goblins that went through evolution but they weren't that difficult either and were very easy to deal with. After running through the first half of the first floor I had ran into a couple of groups of goblins. I even leveled up since there were a lot of goblins

[Goblin's Rage 86/100]

[You have reached level 17]

The counter just keeps on going up with my kills but I hope that when the counter hits 100 the so-called "Mini-Boss" will show up and try to get revenge. I hope he'll be stronger than the other goblins on this floor and put up more of a fight since so far this Dungeon was a walk in the park for now. Although I wasn't bored since I was earning a lot of experience I couldn't help but want the miniboss to be something that could satisfy me.

"This floor seems to not be too difficult for you so how about we go ahead and go down to the second floor." Seeing how easy I've been taking the dungeon and how easy this floor is for me Finn decided to take it up a notch.

"Sure." Since the first floor was as easy as the goblins found in the forest I agreed to head further into the dungeon. After finding the entrance to the second floor I notice that it is just stairs leading down into a dark hallway.

On the second floor, the goblins were strong enough to take two hits but they still weren't putting up much of a fight. At least that was what I thought until I got a notification telling me about the goblin's rage

[Goblin's Rage 100/100]

[You have killed 100 Goblins. Their rage and deep hatred for you has spawned the Goblin Horde. Please prepare as the horde will make it's way to your current location in 10 minutes.]

"The goblin's rage has activated." With the notification from the system, I decided to tell Finn about the incoming miniboss.

"Do you know what is coming? There are multiple versions that come depending on how much hatred racked up." Since Finn knew that I had a way to tell that the miniboss was coming he thought that I may be able to tell which one will be spawning as well.

"The miniboss that's coming is called the goblin horde."

"Fuck. The Goblin Horde is the worst one out of all of them. If we're lucky we can get only 200 goblins but if we're unlucky than we could end up with 1000 of them. We gotta use fire magic to keep them at bay." Finn couldn't believe our bad luck. The miniboss that we got was the worst one of the bunch and if we're unlucky there could be 1000 of them.

"It's fine then, I have fire magic. I can make a fire tornado for now." With the horde of goblins coming in I decided that making a fire tornado could help get a large amount of them out of the way.

"Ready. Fire" Finn says as he helps me determine the best place to aim the fire tornado at.

As the fire magic activates and flames spin into a tornado and fly over to the goblin horde where it landed on a group of the goblins those goblins instantly died and all other goblins are drawn into the fire tornado dying as they burn into ashes. I was looking all over for any surviving goblins but the system confirmed that all of the goblins were dragged into the tornado so I don't have to worry about goblins hiding nearby.

[You have slain the goblin horde!]

[You have reached level 18]

[Congratulations due to your achievement you have gained the title "Goblin Slayer"]

[The title "Goblin Slayer" gives you the buff of double damage against all goblins as well as an x1.5 multiplier towards all experience gained from goblins.]

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