Reincarnation of the Cheater
35 Goblin“s Rage 3
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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35 Goblin“s Rage 3

After all the notifications I take a look and my stats went up by a lot. I can't wait to see what new skills I get for reaching the Second Rank. As I'm looking at my status Finn is still staring at the fire tornado that is slowly going out and a new notification appears in front of me.

[The Goblin Lord has noticed your existence.]

[The Goblin Lord is intrigued at your existence.]

[The Goblin Lord de-activates "Goblin's Rage" while laughing at your puny existence]

'This bastard is taunting me. Where did a fucking goblin learn to act like that huh.' Being slightly annoyed at the notifications that showed up I decided that this golbin lord will regret deactivating the Goblin's Rage so easily.

While the notifications have my attention, Finn stopped staring at the remnants of the goblin horde. The random pieces of goblin arms or legs were scattered all around the first floor of the dungeon while slowly being absorbed back into the dungeon. They hadn't dropped anything so Finn and I continued through the dungeon.

"I think we can go faster than our current speed, these goblins aren't much." With how easy the first floor was I wasn't expecting much from this dungeon. Even the goblins rage was deactivated so Finn and I should be able to reach the boss room even faster. Based on what Finn told me this dungeon has 10 floors with each floor becoming smaller as we go up until the boss room.

By the time we had reached the fourth floor, there wasn't much of a difference in the goblins other than a couple of evolved goblins that had some intelligence trying to have us run into traps they previously set. All throughout the fourth floor, there were terribly made traps. It looks so bad I thought that someone showed these goblins an episode of Scooby-Doo and they tried to copy the traps. As the traps were deactivated Finn lead me through the deactivation as I had to do them myself.

"These traps are easy even for beginners. We're lucky that these traps are your first experience with them. Follow these steps and you should be able to disarm them." Finn says as he leads me through the disarming. Throughout the dismantling, I started to get the hang of it.

"This trap is an easy one, just cut through this spring here and the trap won't even set off." Finn says as he has me cut the spring. As I'm disarming the traps I get a notification from the system.

[You have learned the skill "Disarm Trap"]

With the notification from the system disarming traps were becoming easier as I started to notice things myself. Some of the traps were easier to just set off instead of disarming them so I would set them off from a distance with a rock.

After disarming all of the traps on the floor the disarm trap skill leveled up and I felt more confident with disarming traps.

Even though I was using magic to deal with a lot of the goblins none of my magic skills had increased in level so I decided to start using my sword more. While using my sword mastery may not be leveling up but I can clearly feel an improvement. I think I may be able to level it up sometime today.

"We're halfway through the dungeon now, let's take a break before we continue on throughout the dungeon." Finn says as he grabs some snacks and water from a storage bag.

As we eat the snacks and stay hydrated with water Finn and I talk as we sit down against the Dungeon wall while trying to get a quick rest in. While going over what I have gotten throughout the Dungeon so far. After going through a couple of floors I reached level 19 and all of my stats reached 29. I could feel my body getting stronger as I leveled up and the amount of strength I could use was increased as well.

"So why did want to go to this dungeon together?" With a moment to ourselves, I decided to ask Finn why he wanted to enter this dungeon together. Since he didn't want to accompany me to the undead Dungeon I thought that he wanted to check in on me every now and then but with him suddenly wanting to go together there may be something that is going to happen in the future. Something dangerous enough that he wanted to me get stronger by accompanying me to an Intermediate Dungeon.

"It's mainly to set your foundation as an adventurer. You're talented but you only focus on fighting. I mean we saw what happens when you need to fight but when it came to traps you had no knowledge whatsoever. As an adventurer no matter how strong you are there are times when you have your guard down so I'm trying to teach you the basics to at least ensure your survival in this world." Finn says while staring at the ground. It seems like he was looking towards the future by wanting me to learn more of the basics.

With intermediate dungeons and above having traps in them I did need to know more about how to disarm the traps since I didn't even know that dungeons had traps in them. I'm grateful that he took the time out of his schedule to teach me how intermediate dungeons can be dangerous. If he hadn't I may have gone into an intermediate dungeon without the knowledge and if I had run into any traps activating them without suspecting anything that would lead to me getting hurt.

"Thanks, I appreciate it." Since Finn had taken time out of his life to teach me a lesson on dungeons I decided to listen and learn wholeheartedly soaking up all the knowledge that he gives.

As we sat there and continued talking we got done resting so we walked down the fifth floor's steps leading towards the sixth floor of the Dungeon.

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