Reincarnation of the Cheater
36 Goblin“s Rage 4
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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36 Goblin“s Rage 4

The second we get onto the Sixth Floor a chill runs down my spine and I look over to Finn and even he seemed to feel pressured and have noticed that existence as well. Looking at where the feeling is coming from there is a shadow of a huge goblin, probably not the goblin lord but it seems to be close in strength from what I've been told. Even though there was an oppressive feeling I wasn't feeling fear looking at the general.


Name: ****

Race: Goblin General(Variant)

Titles: Variant, Likes Traps, Transcendent, Arrogant, Goblin Lord's Right Hand Man

Class: Goblin General Variant

Level: 40

Strength: 42

Agility: 43

Endurance: 51

Intelligence: 20

Wisdom: 15

Skills: Loyalty (Lv.Max), Scratch (Lv.Max), Goblin's Roar (Lv.2), Strong Arm (Lv.1), Swordsmanship (Lv.Max), Soul Manipulation (???), Monsters Instincts (Lv.Max), Dungeon Adaptability (Lv.Max)

'What the hell, a skill that can't even be ranked. Is that even possible?' Having surprise and shock written on my face as I look over the Goblin General's skills. It seems that I've met something incredibly rare. I haven't seen a skill that cannot be ranked yet.

'System how does the skill have question marks instead of any ranking or level.'

[Skills that aren't from this world haven't been ranked. They aren't limited by this world's laws either and don't have a limited growth rate. At the same time, the system can't determine the skill level. Of course, that means that someone taught this Goblin General that skill so you have to be careful of the repercussions.]

'Alright then, It may not be a skill that this world can rank but that won't stop me.'

'Skill Steal "Soul Manipulation"'

[Activating skill... Stealing skill from target... Done]

[Congratulations the skill "Soul Manipulation (???) has been acquired]

As the skill disappears from the Goblin General's status and appears in mine I can feel an entire new sense. I can feel the entirety of my soul and even look into it as well. Looking into my soul I can see orbs of light gathered around an even bigger light that is shining blue. My soul, in general, is like a never-ending ocean that swallows up everything. Upon receiving the skill a flow of knowledge appeared in my head and I know that each smaller orb is a skill and the thing their surrounding is my life force. The Goblin General seems frustrated and angry that it can't activate it's skill and rushes at us with bloodlust.

I tried to steal another skill from the goblin general but it seems that I can only steal one skill at a time from each enemy. Even though skill steal was limited to one skill I'm glad that I used it on the unranked skill first. If I had used it on another skill instead I would have definitely regretted not testing it out beforehand.

"This one is a general but it's a variant as well. This hasn't happened in 40 years. The Goblin Lord has to be a variant as well if this guy was still loyal to them. Goblins have a rule of only the strongest can be the ruler so we might have to go back and admission a quest to the higher-ranked adventurers." While getting ready to dodge the goblin general Finn didn't forget to teach me some things.

"Let's deal with the goblin general before heading back though. I want to see how strong a variant general is." With how the goblin general had lost its unranked skill, the one that had given off that unimaginable pressure. I don't feel that this goblin was that oppressive anymore. Even though

"Alright, but you're buying dinner." Finn says as he helps me push back the incoming goblin general.

"Are you sure that we need someone to come and kill the Goblin Lord? Why don't we just kill it ourselves." I ask as the beginner sword is lifted into the air and slashed down causing even the air to make way for it. The damage done to the general was that it barely cut through his skin on his shoulder. Jumping back I decide to use the Soul Manipulation skill to see what a skill not from this world is like.

"Soul Manipulation"

As my soul brightens and enlargens my eyes start to glow white and I can see everyone's souls in the surrounding area as well. Finn's soul is like a calm and soothing lake. The Goblin General's soul is huge and violent like the ocean during a storm. It seems that he had a skill like that for a reason. Although I don't know if it will still work or not I still need to watch out for him since he was still a variant. With the skill, I felt that I could control all souls around me so I decided to try and crush the Goblin General's soul. As the Goblin General's face contorts in pain form the anger he had before he holds his chest tight and falls to his knees. The light in my eyes dies out and the Goblin General's soul is damaged in return as his will to fight completely vanishes and is replaced by a fear he has only felt twice before. Once when he was forced into loyalty by the Goblin Lord and another for the Demon who taught him how to manipulate his soul. He was able to make use of the skill after learning through hard work and dedication but now that was all for naught. With the goblin general laying there as if he were dead I grab my sword and aim to stab him through the head while he was down.

'It seems that the thing that gave us all a sense of fear was indeed the soul manipulation skill. Just from using it the first time on someone who wasn't suspecting anything was very deadly.' Although the goblin general looked to be dead I hadn't gotten the notification from the system telling me the acquired experience so I approach the general with caution.

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