Reincarnation of the Cheater
37 Goblin“s Rage 5
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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37 Goblin“s Rage 5

With the system not giving me the notification telling me of the acquired experience so I approach the general with caution. Even though I was certain that nothing could survive being stabbed through the head I still hadn't got any experience. While looking over the body I notice that it is completely dead. I can't even feel its soul.

'Wait, what if my soul manipulation destroyed its soul. So it wasn't stunned, it was just a hollow shell of a goblin general. If the experience is absorbed from the monster's soul then that would explain why I didn't receive any experience as well.'

After examining it for a little Finn and I finally gave up as the monster was slowly being absorbed back into the dungeon. With the boss of this floor being dead we decided to head on down to the Seventh Floor.

"Be careful, from now on every floor will have to fight a 'Mini-Boss' with each being stronger than the last." Finn says while we head down the staircase and into the Seventh Floor where another Goblin with at least the same amount of strength is waiting.

This Goblin doesn't feel as oppressive as the other one but I shouldn't underestimate it just because of instincts. These Goblins should all have unique skills since they're strong so this is a gold mine for the current me who is in need of more skills.


Name: ****

Race: Goblin

Titles: Talented Magician, Necromancer, Blasphemous, Cursed Weapon Wielder

Class: Goblin Necromancer

Level: 40

Strength: 45

Agility: 78

Endurance: 52

Intelligence: 90

Wisdom: 91

Charisma: 3

Perception: 19

Regeneration: 7

Luck: 22

Magic Types: Necromancy, Fire

Skills: Loyalty (Lv.1), Mana Manipulation (Lv.7), Scythe Mastery (Lv.Max), Goblin's Roar (Lv.1), Raise Undead (???), Control Undead (???), Bone Reinforcement Magic (Lv.3), Fire Magic (Lv.5) Explosion (Lv.1), Scratch (Lv.Max)

'Uh, I don't think having skills like that will lead me down a good path so I'll skip them.'

[Correct decision. The skills related to necromancy all affect the user's personality and soul leading the user to become Crazy and Murderous.]

Although the Goblin Necromancer has some really evil skills and the Scythe that he has is filled with malice towards us. That scythe gives me a nasty feeling.


Item: Cursed Grim Scythe

Description: A Scythe that was Cursed by the Goddess of Life. Anyone who equips this Scythe will be unable to sleep and plagued with horrible nightmares.

'Well damn, it's cursed with something terrible. I'm starting to feel bad for him now.'

While looking at his status and the item's description the Goblin Necromancer does what he probably does best and sent over an entire horde of undead monsters. A lot of them are decomposing Goblins but there are some skeleton monsters mixed in throughout the horde.

'Skill Steal "Mana Manipulation".'

[Activating skill... Stealing skill from target... Done]

[Congratulations the skill "Mana Manipulation (Lv.7)" has been acquired]

[Congratulations the skill "Mana Manipulation (Lv.5)" has leveled up to "Mana Manipulation (Lv.7)"]

'He shouldn't be able to use any magic skills now since he can't manipulate the mana needed for the skill.'

"Immediately start attacking him before he can summon more of the undead and make this situation worse." Finn says trying to fight off the incoming group of undead but also trying to make this into a lesson.

They don't have souls so I won't even be able to use Soul Manipulation against them. Man, I just got that skill and still wanted to test that out.

"The best way to deal with the undead is to destroy them entirely or use magic to crush them. Use the explosion magic fro earlier but tone down down the mana you put in it this time." Finn says while moving to cover me so I can use the same fire magic from earlier.

With fire magic, I could create a fire tornado but with the ceiling so low I think that would cause damage to both sides. With the possibility of causing damage to both sides, I decided to try something else other than the fire tornado. This time I try to create arrows with fire magic as I condense the magic in the shape of arrows. With 100 fire arrows behind me, I unleash them upon the incoming undead horde.

With the fire magic condensed into arrows unleashed onto the horde, it didn't take long for the horde to start thinning at a rapid pace. The fire arrows were raining down on the horde as each arrow would take out an enemy instantly killing them. This one was more controlled than the last one so the aftershock shouldn't be as bad. With the horde thinning so fast the flux of incoming notifications for the gained experience covered the system's screen.

[You have killed ...]

[You have killed ...]

[You have killed ...]

[You have killed ...]

[You have killed ...]

[You have killed ...]

[You have killed ...]

[You have killed ...]

[Congratulations you have killed the "Goblin Necromancer"]

[You have found an Upgrade Ticket]

While cleaning out all of the notifications from the system telling me about the amount of experience I gained I was surprised that I didn't see one for leveling up. With the amount of experience, I gained being close to 45 thousand I couldn't help but be surprised that I hadn't reached level 20. I did find an upgrade ticket off of the necromancer though so I was happy about that. This upgrade ticket brought the total amount of upgrade tickets that I had to 2.

"You ended up killing the Goblin Necromancer in that volley of arrows as well. The next floor should be around the same strength but have a different area of focus. So stay vigilant and don't relax your guard." With Finn being numb to my fire magic prowess he accepted that the miniboss that would have taken him 20 minutes to clear was cleared by a newbie within minutes.

'I don't really blame him, this would have been way harder if the necromancer could manipulate mana to summon more undead. Luckily he didn't have any other skills that took my attention so I decided to steal his mana manipulation instead.'

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