Reincarnation of the Cheater
41 Goblin“s Rage 9
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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41 Goblin“s Rage 9

With the Goblin King's words, a large amount of mana burst forth throughout the surroundings and the dungeon floor started to grow.

"Rock Wall"

As the Goblin King's magic activates the ground around him rises up above his height and envelopes him blocking us from finishing him off. The rocks themselves are too hard for us to break. I sent a clone to try and the attack bounced off as if it was nothing. As the rock wall settles in place we hear another activation of magic from the Goblin King that is encased in a rock wall.

"Rock Absorption"

As the magic activates the rock wall slowly shrinks and enters the now visible Goblin King's body. All the wounds that he had received throughout the fight had healed in front of our eyes. Finn and I were both stunned from the shock. All the damage dealt throughout the battle had been healed and even his arm was completely replaced.

The Goblin King laughed as he was healed by absorbing the rocks that he had created.

"That is so broken, how is that even allowed?"

At the sight of the completely broken way of cheesing a free heal, I couldn't help but feel cheated. Even though I actually had cheats myself this felt like some kind of bug that shouldn't be in the game. This kind of free healing was unfair.

With the Goblin King completely healed the fight was basically back at stage 1. Finn and I weren't completely out of stamina but getting the Goblin King that close did indeed take a lot of effort.

"You got anything else that can fight against him or are we going to have to run?" Seeing that situation starting to turn for the worse Finn decides that since I had been doing impossible things that he would ask me for another one.

Thinking over what I could use there are a couple of things that I could think of to kill the goblin king. I could use fire magic and burn him to ashes before he regenerates, I could stop time and kill him, or I can overload my sword with magic and throw it at him as it explodes.

"We can try something else before deciding if we wanted to leave. I want to see what the Goblin Lord looks like." With the invitation from the goblin lord, I felt like there was something that it may want to say. With how it even went out of its way to send me that notification.

"Alright, we can continue on but we aren't fighting the Goblin Lord. We're leaving after confirming that it exists." With how hard the goblin king was fighting and how its skills were hard to fight against Finn had wanted to not take the risk of continuing to fight the unknown enemy.

'I don't really blame him though, I would have wanted to leave after seeing that this guy can infinitely regenerate by absorbing rocks. I would have left by now but that notification of the invitation got me wondering why he would deactivate the goblins rage, as well as sending an invite.' With the weird way that the Goblin Lord was acting, you would think that there had to be some kind of motive behind his actions.

Upon hearing our conversation the goblin king was enraged and yelled, "You want to ignore my existence huh? You won't be leaving here alive."

Upon yelling at Finn and I for not giving him any attention teh Goblin King decided that he would go all out and he had declared that we wouldn't leave the floor alive.

The Goblin King began creating and bringing all the rocks towards him and activated the absorb rock skill. While the rocks were being absorbed he stopped them halfway to make a rock-like armor.

Seeing what kind of plan the Goblin King had I decided to use the cheats and end this fight as fast as possible.

'Time Stop'

The Dungeon came to a stop as all of teh rocks that the Goblin King had created were being drawn to his body had stopped and been instead floating there mid-air. Some rocks had already been in place and partially absorbed before I had reacted in time so some parts of his body were already covered in rocks. Even though some had been covered he had left his head clear to not block his ability to talk as he tried to taunt us.

With this kind of armor blocking our way this fight would have been a lot tougher.

As time was stopped I decided to walk over to the Goblin King and immediately chop his head off as I had time resume upon cutting into his throat.

The Goblin King was surprised to see me and wanted to speak but his head was already coming off of his body by the time he moved his mouth to speak. The head that was cut off had a despaired look on its face as its eyes were hollow.

[Congratulations you have reached level 20]

[You have reached the level limit]

[To increase your level limit please select a higher class.]

After reaching the limit of the first rank the system gave me the option to choose my class right now. But as I need to register it with the guild I'd rather wait until I can choose one at the guild for now.

When the Goblin King had died a new door had appeared in the room. Looking towards Finn he nods telling me that this was supposed to happen.

"Bell, let's head down to the Boss room. We should be ready to retreat at a moments notice. If it's too much for us we retreat." WIth Finn agreeing with my selfishness of wanting to go down and meet the Dungeon Boss I couldn't help but feel bad about not telling him why.

"Let's head down, it looks like we've been invited."

As Finn and I go through the door we come face to face with the boss monster of the Dungeon.

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