Reincarnation of the Cheater
42 Goblin“s Rage 10
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Reincarnation of the Cheater
Author :ByDevon
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42 Goblin“s Rage 10

As we come face to face with the Goblin Lord I hear Finn say something under his breath.

"That's impossible." Finn says while staring at the Goblin Lord. He looked aghast as he stared at the monster that was supposed to be the Goblin Lord.

Seeing Finn's shock I look over the Goblin Lord as closely as I can. To my shock, he looks human-like. The only thing that would separate people calling him a human was that he was green and he had the same tips on his ears as goblins do. I almost thought that someone had been playing a joke on me but then he spoke.

"What, why are you looking at me like that? Is that how humans act towards someone who invited you in?"

"You aren't supposed to look like that. What are you?" Upon hearing the monster talk Finn couldn't help but have a surprised expression. Something must be wrong with the Dungeon.

"Is something wrong?" Seeing Finn ask the monster cautiously I couldn't help but ask if something was wrong. Even though I know that something has been fishy about this dungeon since I've been getting the messages from the system. It looks like even the Dungeon's Boss had mutated.

"Yeah, the Boss if supposed to be a Goblin Lord. And whatever that monster is, it isn't a Goblin Lord."

The Dungeon's Boss just sat there in silence as Finn and I conversed. It continued to look at Finn and I as if he were studying us. It looked like he was taking a closer look at two unique specimens.

At the time I wasn't so sure but after a little while, the Dungeon Boss spoke, "Two transmigrators huh. And one of them is a unique skill holder. Both of you have my pity having to be carrying out the will of whatever god wannabe's that summoned you."

"What do you want?" With the Dungeon's Boss willing to talk I was going to take this opportunity to ask some questions

"It hasn't been long since I've been reborn but there is already a large amount of unwanted attention from the greedy humans. That attention could lead to some problems so unfortunately, I will have to ask you to leave. You humans aren't needed here and I won't be staying here either. The demons have offered me a position in their army and I don't wish to have to deal with you as of now. I'm still gaining bits and pieces of myself so I'd rather both parties just ignore each other's existence. I promise that I won't touch any of the locals as well." The Goblin Lord nods as if he expects us to agree with him. His argument was indeed valid but with the feeling that I'm getting from him I couldn't shake off an odd feeling I'm getting.

We could probably fight him but Finn or I or maybe even the both of us would perish in the process. That was the kind of feeling I was getting from seeing the Dungeon Boss. It's aura radiated a controlled killing intent as if it was a warning that he would be completely fine dealing with us here.

'It's my fault for pressing forward given all of the obvious signs.' I couldn't help

"And we're supposed to let you go after you saying that you'll enter the Demon's army? Wouldn't that just be letting a strong enemy go when they are currently weakened?" It seems that Finn had noticed that he was currently weakened from just being born. At the current moment, he wasn't at full strength.

With the weird feeling that I was getting from how the Dungeon Boss was talking I decided to take a peek at his status. To my surprise, I couldn't believe the information that was displayed from the appraisal skill.


Name: Shiv

Race: Goblin [Parasite]

Titles: World Traveler, Evolved Monster, Mutated Monster, Unique Monster, Cursed Immortal, Seeking Death

Class: Goblin Prince [Parasite]

Level: ???

Strength: ???

Agility: ???

Endurance: ???

Intelligence: ???

Wisdom: ???

Skills: Self Calamity (Lv.Max), Appraisal, Mana Manipulation (Lv.Max), Qi Manipulation (Lv.Max), Intermediate Sword Mastery (Lv.Max), Presence Detection (Lv.Max), Earth Magic (Lv.Max), Extreme Poison Resistance, LifeStyle Magic (Lv.Max), Body Reinforcement Magic (Lv.Max), Trap Detection (Lv.Max), Stealth (Lv.Max), Survival Instincts (Lv.Max), Disarm Trap (Lv.Max), Dungeon Adaptapion (Lv.Max) ...

Unique Skills: World Traveling (Lv.19284), Immortal Soul (Lv.Max), Parasite (Lv.Max)

"Stop speaking nonsense human, you humans have never been as strong as us monsters who have reached our peak evolutions. I may not be at the peak of all monsters but I am at the Final evolution for a Goblin Lord, and through the Demons, I can go even further. What is the use of fighting if both parties sustain permanent damage and are willing to avoid the fight? To have revenge for the fallen humans? I'll have you know that since I've been born I haven't even seen any humans face to face, they all die on the Seventh or Eighth Floor. You have already gotten your revenge and more out of them than what should have been possible. So leave and come back to the Dungeon after I've left and it'll be returned to normal." The Goblin Lord explains while holding his arms out showing he doesn't wish to fight.

Upon listening to the Goblin Prince and seeing his status I just can't find out why he doesn't want to fight, with his strength he could easily kill us and get away faster than he could be tracked. Seeing how reluctant he was I couldn't help but ask, "Why do you want to avoid killing us?"

The Goblin Prince looked at me briefly before replying, "It seems that you may not be aware of what kind of aura's are on your body. From him, I can feel a medium level god, which is doable and I could get out with light losses. But from you, I can't even feel which God has left their aura on you. With the amount that I can sense right now, I can tell that I wouldn't even live to tell who killed me. I'd rather not make an enemy of someone who could trap my soul and give me torture for an eternity."

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