Tales of the Paladin
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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3 I want to change 2

[Say, "Status Open".]

"Status Open!"

NAME: Yan Norton

AGE: 6 years old

JOB: Paladin


STR: 777

AGI: 777

INT: 777

DEX: 777

VIT: 777

WEAPON: Mjolnir - The Killer of the Gods

"Wow! I think for a 6 year-old kid, I'm pretty strong." Yan was amazed how his status screen popped up in front of him. What caught his the attention the most is his weapon. "Mjolnir - The Killer of Gods" He felt it was a very intimidating name. "Wait. Didn't the said he was the only God? I knew he was bullshiting. So, there are many Gods too?"

[You are right, Master. There are many Gods. Each world have their own Gods. The one who summoned you before was one of the main Gods of this world.]

"Does that mean that there are also Gods in Earth?" Yan asked curiously.

[Yes. The God that summoned also asked permission to the Gods in Earth to let you reincarnate in his world.]

"Oh. So that guy was just a braggart then. Though he may be like that but he did grant me all of my wishes like it was nothing. I can tell that he is indeed a very powerful God. But back to the topic, what do I do to survive in this forest?" Yan asked nervously. He was really scared of his current situation. In his past life, he had never been gone into the forest. When he was young, if there field trip is in the forest, he would excuse himself and tell the teachers that he was sick. It's not that he didn't want thrills like other kids, it's just that he was afraid. You could say that he was somewhat of a coward.

[Master, to survive our current predicament, you must need to know how to wield your weapon. Mjolnir is the best hammer in the Universe. It was used in the past to kill top ranked Gods in the all across the cosmos. First, summon Mjolnir to learn how to use it.]

"Okay. I must learn it myself. Only me can save me. Tell me, how do I summon Mjolnir?" Yan felt reassured. If he was alone and the system did not exist, he would not know how to calm down much less know what to do.

[Say, "Mjolnir, come forth."]

"Mjolnir, come forth!"

Suddenly, a majestic hammer appeared in front of Yan. It was glowing with holy light. One can feel it's sacred aura leaking from the weapon. Its handle is about 4 feet long and 10 centimetres in diameter. The head if the hammer is 1 feet tall, 2 feet long, and 8 inches wide. It is inscribed with symbols that are glowing with holy light. It has a deep blue color with a wint of gold. Purple lighting is crackling allover its body. It floats in front of the tiny Yan. It was a lot taller than him. The 6 year old Yan is just about 3 feet. Mjolnir was double his height! As it gushes out holy light and sacred aura, Yan grabbed the weapon with his tiny hands and it started to dim. Yan felt that the weapon was part of him. Like an extra hand or or his long lost lover. It just feels so right in his hands.

[Master, even though Mjolnir is a very strong weapon, as you are right now, you can only use its 0.0001% of power. The more you grow stronger in the future, the more of its power you can use. To others, it maybe very heavy. Heavier than the largest mountain in this world. But for you, it is as light a feather. It was bestowed upon you by the God so only you can handle it. Master, you must learn to wield Mjolnir. I have uploaded into your mind the sets of basic strikes you must learn to use Mjolnir. Please try to practice it.]

Feeling the majestic aura of Mjolnir, Yan was very dumbfounded at first. As he was holding it, he swallowed large amount of saliva. He snapped out of his daze and followed the advice of the voice in his head and tried to practice the sets of basic strikes in wielding the two-handed hammer.

Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes: (1/100)

Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes: (2/100)

Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes: (3/100)

Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes: (5/100)

"Wow! This was easier than I thought." Yan was very happy of how fast he was learning the basic strikes of two-handed hammer. He knows that the more he master it, the stronger he can be.

[It is all thanks to your first wish, Master. You learn 777 times faster than other person. If it was others, they would take years just to master these simple strikes.]

Yan was very happy of his first wish. He could just have asked for 1000 times or more but he chose for just 777 times. He really liked that novel whose protagonist have 777 times of stats gained. He always wanted to become that man. As he was depressed of this latest break-up, Yan started to read light novels in the internet for the past 2 years. Thus, he was very knowledgeable about his current situation. "Of course! Good thing I remembered those novels . Haha! So, system, how long does those wolves will arrive here?"

[In about 2 minutes, Master.]

"Okay. I will practice Mjolnir as many times as I can in this 2 minutes. Mastery of these strikes will help me save my life." Yan said with determination. He swung Mjolnir perfectly the same with the guide that was sent into his brain by the system.

Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes: (10/100)

Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes: (15/100)

Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes: (22/100)

Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes: (55/100)

[Master, they are here.]
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