Tales of the Paladin
5 Even Monsters Know Love
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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5 Even Monsters Know Love

[Yan Norton gained 10 x 777 experience. You are now Level 6]

Yan was shocked at first when he heard the voice but he did not stop charging towards the remaining wolves. He felt power running thru his veins. This was the pure power. He felt he could do anything. As he levelled up, his speed and reflex so evolved. He was almost twice as fast as his previous speed which shocked the both the wolves. The male wolf first thought the Yan was targeting his wife so he rushed towards Yan's back, unbeknownst to him, it was a trap set by Yan. Yan changes his direction to his back and plunged Mjolnir to his head. Yan thought that if he could kill the male, the female would leave him be. The male dire wolf knew he had fallen into the trap. This was death. It is here. Suddenly, a grey shadow welcomed the attack of Yan.


Receiving Yan's attack, the grey shadow slammed into the ground. Unexpectedly, it was the Level 4 dire wolf that died. Mjolnir hit her head. It was like fireworks but with blood and gore. Her head burst life a watermelon. She was nailed on the ground.

Watching the death of his other wife, the male dire wolf howled into the sky. She was his wife who was his companion the longest. They were with each other for almost 10 years. When he was struggling to survive the harshness of the Misty Forest, she was always with him. Thru thick and thin, she never left him. She was beside her when he was nothing and when he became king of the outer rim of the Misty Forest. Even when he was defeated by new dire wolf king of the outer rim of the Misty Forest, she never left her. On normal occasion, the female dire wolf should have left him for the new king, but she didn't. Even when he gained a new wife, she never said anything. She trusts and love him very much without any complain. No matter what, she would always follow him even through death. And death did came to her because of him.


The male dire wolf howled the loudest howl he had ever done. Tears flowed down to his furry face. His eyed was blood shot. Veins bulged in his face. Power surged into the male dire wolf. His once grey fur now with hint of scarlet red like a mane in his body. This was an evidence that he has now evolved into stronger life form. All of this happening but his blood shot eyes never left Yan for even a moment.

[Master, he has evolved. He is now a Level 6 Dire Wolf. You are almost without energy. You spent to much time in using the powers of Mjolnir but your body still weak. Your body can't handle that much power for a long period of time. While you still have remaining energy left, please, run.]

Yan knew that the system was right. He can feel that his arms and legs are shaking due to exhaustion. It was his first time to fight, ever! And in a body of a young boy even. He is nearing to collapse but his determination never wavered.

"I want to change. I will never back down. Never again!" Yan shouted as he gritted his teeth. One can see that there is a line of blood falling into his mouth. His body is at its limit but the enemy even became stronger!

As the male wolf finished evolving, it stared Yan with murderous intent. He stared at him for a couple of second then his focus changed direction. The male dire wolf stared at his dead wife. His blood shot eyes regained clarity as he slowly walked forward. Yan became very nervous. He gathered all of his remaining strength into the tip of Mjolnir. He was preparing for his final attack. He would go all out. To kill or be killed! That is what was inside the mind of Yan.

He gritted his bloody teeth and was about to launch his attack but then he felt something odd. He felt that the dire wolf was not staring at him anymore. The wolf's eyes never left his dead wife. Tears flowed down in the face of the male dire wolf. He then howled 3 times.


He gently bit the hind-leg of his dead wife and dragged her into the forest. He stopped for a while and then looked up Yan's eyes. Anger can be seen in his eyes. He then looked towards the body of his other dead wife. He was even more angry to that dead wolf than of Yan's. If his second wife didn't captured Yan and told them about him, they would never had gone battle with Yan. The love of his life would have never died saving him. He left the body of his second wife in the shrubs and left while dragging the dead body of his first wife. They entered the Misty Forest and became a shadow that never came.

[Yan Norton gained 12 x 777 experience.]

When Yan heard the notification, he collapse to the ground. He was hardly breathing. And then Mjolnir became ball of light and went inside Yan's head. All the powers borrowed was gone. His muscles was starting to ache due to exhaustion and using Mjolnir's power.

"Ha...Ha...Ha...Even...monsters...know...love." Yan believed he was very lucky. He closed his eyes and fell asleep due to fatigue. His body's natural healing abilities started to turn on. He was healing himself 777 times faster than of normal person. After a while, he opened his eyes.

Yan opened his misty eyes and observed that the sky with turning dark. He then remembered what had happened before he closed his eyes. "System, how long was I asleep?" As he asked the System while accepting that this was his reality now.

[You've been asleep for almost 4 hours, Master. Also, congratulations on your first battle. Job well done!"

"Oh. If that wolf didn't back down from the fight, I think I would be dead by now." Yan said helplessly. "I think Aunt is already worried about me not being near the house. I need to go home now. System, can you tell me the directions to the house?"

[Yes, Master. I will upload the directions to your house into your brain. Also, please leave this place immediately. Even though we are at the outer rim of the Misty Forest, powerful monsters still lurks in this area. Even more powerful than of that Level 6 Dire Wolf. They may not be as forgiving as that guy.]

"Yes. I need to go home now. I also need to settle everything after I got home. I still didn't even name you. It would be too rude of me to still call you "System". I will think of a name that would suit you. I also need a plan what to do in the future. Heck, even low level monsters here are very intelligent."

[I will cherish forever the name that Master will give me. Master, I will help you all the way and never leave your side.]

"Thank you!" Yan said gratefully. He then slowly stood up. He patted his dirty shirt and pants of dust. He closed his eyes for a moment. Suddenly, he opened! One can see determination in his ocean blue eyes. Determination to survive and conquer this new world that he had been in. New land, new people, and new environment. This was the combination he hated the most in his past life. But today, everything has changed. Change is inevitable. He can only gather his courage and face the new world in front of him.

"Haa!" Shouted as Yan cleared all hesitation in his mind. He moved his foot forward as he started running faster and faster.

To the new world, our adventure awaits!
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