Tales of the Paladin
8 The Village and Aunt May
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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8 The Village and Aunt May

The sun was already setting when Yan reached the village. The sky was scarlet red and a hint of dark blue. Yan can observe that this world have two moons instead of one like in the Earth. It was a breathtaking sight for Yan. No pollution can be seen in the sky or can be breath in the air. Fresh air hit his nose as he took a deep breath.

Due to his stats being relatively high for a 6 year old, 5 kilometres for him was just a short distance though it still took quite some time for he only has two little legs.

Yan arrived at a village. It was called Rosario Village. It was named from the Magician Rosario that once saved this village from epidemic 50 years ago. The village was small, about 80-100 families live here. It was less populated village than other villages for it was closer to the Misty Forest. Light from the oil lamps already illuminated the houses. People already started to cook their dinner.

The staple food in this parts of kingdom are potatoes and other root crops. At the back of each houses are their personal farms exist. Livestocks also exist but it was quite rare. Monsters coming from the forest sometimes roam the village during the night and steal livestocks when the people are sleeping. Only the stronger individuals raise livestocks for they can defend themselves from the monsters.

Yan was currently walking in the middle of the road towards their house. Their house is located at the near entrance of village. As Yan looked around, he can still see people cultivating their lands. It was already the start of planting season. People are now plowing their lands so that they can plant their crops tomorrow to sell in the town of Bree after harvesting.

Yan recalled how the wolf managed to sneak attacked the past Yan. It turned out when his Uncle and Aunt were plowing their field in at noon, Yan sneaked past their sights and started to run towards the Misty Forest. The past Yan wanted to play adventures in the forest. The kid was quite naive and didn't know that there was a dire wolf close to him. Thinking the kid was a free food, the dire wolf bit Yan's leg and dragged him towards the Misty Forest.

"What an idiot kid." Yan laughed. "You died for your carelessness and now I'm the owner of your body. Don't worry, I will fulfil your dreams in becoming the best adventurer." Yan said as he patted his chest to proclaim.

Yan had already stopped walking for he already reached a small house. It was a relatively large house compared to other houses in the village. It was simple but clean. There is wooden fence around the house. There are about 4-5 chicken loitering in the ground and pecking the ground for worms. This was the house that the past Yan had lived for 6 years. He entered the wooden gate, took a deep breath, and then knocked on the door.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Yan, is that you?" Said the voice of a woman inside the house. Yan can hear that the voice had a worried tone.

"Aunt May, it's me." Yan replied.

Then the wooden door opened, a woman in her late thirties greeted Yan. It was Aunt May. The woman who took the role of being Yan's mother. She has a auburn hair and black eyes. Though wrinkles can be seen in her eyes, one can still tell that she was a beauty when she was young. She got a tanned complexion from farming and cultivating fields with her husband. She hugged the dirty Yan immediately. Yan can feel that wet tears falling in the eyes of Aunt May.

"Where have you been? I was so worried about you! I was looking for you everywhere. I thought you were kidnapped by the slave traders or by some monsters. I was worried. Where did you go?" Aunt May was frantically crying. She treated Yan as her own child. She loved him very much. That was why she was so worried when Yan had gone missing.

"Aunt. I'm sorry. I was just playing outside. I fell asleep when I was exhausted from playing and forgot about the time. Please, stop crying. I'm already here." Said Yan as his small and thin hands wrapped around the neck of his Aunt. He kissed her cheeks. Yan can still taste her salty tears from her cheeks. Yan can feel the emotions of the woman in front of him. That's why he reassured her lovingly.

Aunt May was surprised when Yan kissed her cheeks. It was the first time he did it. But a smile bloomed in her face. She kissed Yan back at his face. She wiped the tears on her face and said "Okay, I forgive you but please don't do that again. If you want to play, stay near the house. Okay?" Aunt May was still worried and said those as her beautiful eyes stared at Yan's eyes while holding his face.

"Yes, Aunt May. Don't worry. I won't do that again." Yan replied while smiling cheekily.

"Okay. Get inside. Let me bathe you. You're so dirty and you also smell. Where did you play by the way? Is that blood on your shirt? But you got no wounds. Tell me everything what has happened to you when you went out to your little adventure." Said Aunt May as he carried Yan inside the house.
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