Tales of the Paladin
9 Uncle And My Little Sister
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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9 Uncle And My Little Sister

Aunt May carried the small Yan to the back of their house. One can see tubs of clean water being stored, hanged laundries on a bamboo clothesline, and another group of chicken inside a coop pecking the container of their food. At the very back of their lot, Aunt May and her husband raise swines inside a pen. Yan can hear the squeaks of the swines inside it.

Aunt May placed Yan onto the ground and started to undress him. Yan blushed as he was being undressed by his beautiful Aunt. Aunt May didn't know that inside this cheeky child was an old man fantasising about her.

"Look at your clothes. There are rips everywhere. Now it's ruined. Let me make you new set of clothes tomorrow. Your uncle bought new sets of sacks that were made in fabric. I will use that to make you new clothes. Please be careful next time when playing, okay?" Said Aunt May worriedly as she caressed the face of when which has full of dirt. "So, where did the blood on your clothes came from? There's also dried blood on your hair. At first I thought the blood was yours but you have no wounds. Tell me, what did you do when you were playing outside?" Aunt May added as she started to wash the body of Yan with cold water from the tub.

Yan shivered. Not from the cold water, but by her question. The coldness of the water can't affect him anymore due to his risen stats. His heart pounded but he also started to calm down and said "Actually, Aunt, I went to the forest." as he pointed to direction of Misty Forest. Then added "I saw a rabbit jumping around there and I chased it. When it stopped, I threw a stone at it. It bled when I hit it. I thought it was dead. I wanted to bring it home so that we can have a good dinner but when I picked it up, it started to squirm and started to scratch my clothes. I let go of it then it ran away.". Yan said it with a trace of sadness and regret on his face.

Yan already thought an excuse when he was going home. Thus he lied to her with a straight face. He was already 38 years old before so he already knows how to lie properly.

"So, the blood from your clothes are from that rabbit?" Asked Aunt May seriously while looking through his eyes.

"Yes!" Answered Yan as he also looked straight to her beautiful eyes.

"Okay. I believe you. But please, don't go there again. You know people only go there when they are already an adult. And they do not go there alone too. But your just a kid. Just look at your small hands." As she lifted his hands and washed his smelly armpit. "You are still a kid. Kids don't go to dangerous places, okay?" Said Aunt May as she warned Yan.

"Yes, Aunt May. I won't do it again." Yan answered while still blushing. His beautiful Aunt May was washing every part and nook of his body. Every part!

"Ah. The advantages of being a kid and having a beautiful Aunt." Thought Yan while smiling.

As she finished cleaning him, a man and a little girl opened the door.

"It's your uncle and little sister." As Aunt May hurriedly dry Yan with a towel and quickly put in his clothes.

"Wife, I'm here. Is Yan home?" Asked the man who is Aunt May's husband.

"Husband, I'm at the room. Yan is here with me. I changing his clothes."

"Is Big Brother, home? Yey! Where is he?" Said the little girl energetically. She ran towards the room where Aunt May and Yan is currently. She lifted the curtain door as she ran past her mother and jump straight to embrace Yan.

"Big Brother, I missed you! I cried when you were gone. Where did you go? Please don't leave Rachel alone." As tears fall to the eyes of the cute loli. She rubbed her face to the face of Yan. She embraced him hard as though afraid of Yan being missing again.

"My cute little sister. I was just playing outside and then fell asleep. How could I ever leave you when you're so cute?" Yan said as he wipe the tears on her face and pinch both her pinkish cheeks.

"Un! Rachel will not be a bad girl anymore so please take me with you wherever you go." As her big black eyes stared at Yan's with expectations.

"Of course! Don't you know that I love you very much?". He lifted Rachel up to the ground and kissed her cheeks.

"Yey! I love Big Brother too!" Then the lovable little loli kissed Yan's lips.

Yan was shocked at first and he smiled.

In a while, another figure entered to room as he lifted up the curtain door. He was his uncle, Aunt May's husband and the father of the lovely girl he was carrying. He called him Uncle Cain.
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