Tales of the Paladin
11 The Current Me and Destiny
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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11 The Current Me and Destiny

[Master, Catriona will serve you forever.]. Yan can feel that the system was happy with her name.

"Yes, let us take care of each other for now on." As Yan said while smiling. He then remembered something and suddenly asked "Catriona, can you provide me a mirror? The house don't have mirrors. I remembered that only the rich and nobles can afford good mirrors. I actually have never seen my current image. I don't know what I looked like.". Yan only just now wondered what his current appearance is.

[Master, I can't provide you physically a mirror but I can upload the image of your current self into your mind. Please continue to close your eyes and concentrate to see it.]

As concentrated while his eyes still closed, Yan saw an image of a handsome young boy appeared in his mind.

The boy is about 3 feet tall. He got an ash-grey hair. He got a pair deep blue eyes like the ocean. But if you also look closely, he also has a golden-coloured pupils. His skin is as white as snow with a hint of pinkish glow in his cheeks. Women would be very envious of his skin. Though he was currently wearing a simple shirt and shorts made of fabric sacks, it still could not contain his handsomeness. Yan thought if this kid could continue to grow, women everywhere could fall in love with him.

"Catriona, who is this kid?" Asked Yan with curiosity. As he felt that the kid was very handsome.

[Master, that is the current you.] Said Catriona with proudness.

"What?! Really? Nice! I'm so handsome! I'm a lot more handsome than my past self. Maybe it's because my handsomeness was multiplied by 777 times?". Yan theorised with delight. He was really very happy with his current appearance. People would always pursue to become beautiful. Yan was also included but God provided him with normal appearance in the past. Now, he was very handsome. "It could take at least 10 years and I would then make every woman fall for me. Hahaha!". He continued to observe his image for quite sometime and then nodded with satisfaction.

"Now, let us proceed to main topic, what is our plan for the future. Catriona, what do you think I should do? This body is still 6 years old currently. I'll stay here at least 10 years here before I can move out.". Asked Yan for he does not know where to start.

[Master, my suggestion is that...]

Yan and Catriona talked for almost 3 hours in planning for their future head with each other. Yan listened and also added things to their plan.

"Yes. This should be the main objective of our plan but it should not be fixed for we do not know what the future will offer." As Yan added to their plan.

[I agree, Master.]

"So, that's that. I think I should sleep now and I'll start to follow our plan tomorrow morning. I'm quite sleepy. Kids should always sleep early. Haha.". Yan laughed and then proceeded to run back home. He then entered the house thru the windows of his room. He then lied on the bed while hugging his lovely sister.

"Good Night, Catriona."

[Good Night, Master. Please have a good rest.]

"Yes." As Yan replied with his sleepy eyes. He fell asleep seconds later.

At the other room, Cain was still awake in his bed while his wife naked in his arms.

"Time waits for no one and destiny guides the chosen one. It is his destiny to follow them in to that place.". As Cain murmured. He kissed his sleeping wife's forehead and then closed his eyes to sleep.
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