Tales of the Paladin
13 Demon Ice Queen God’s Physique
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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13 Demon Ice Queen God’s Physique

As Rae continued to admire Mjolnir on Yan's hands, Yan proceeded to act on his plan.

"Catriona, can you check Rae's physique? Also find the most suitable cultivation art for her. When we grow older, I want her to join in me in my adventures. This is a lucky chance for me as Rae is still young and we make her stronger as the years passed by.". Yan asked Catriona thru his mind.

[I can, Master. To check her physique, hold her forehead then I'll let my energy to examine her. Only then I can suggest a suitable cultivation technique for her.]

Yan nodded in agreement and walk towards Rae. "Rae, let me check you about something. Just close your eyes. A type of energy will flow through you but do not be afraid, okay? You trust your Big Brother, right? ". Yan then pinched her bubbly cheeks then put his hands on her forehead.

"Mm. Okay! I trust Big Brother! Hehe.". Rae then closed her eyes and let Catriona's energy flow in her body.

[Checking target's body - 2% completed]

[Checking target's body - 23% completed]

[Checking target's body - 58% completed]

[Checking target's body - 87% completed]

[Checking target's body - 100% completed]

[System had completed the investigation. Had arrived to the most suitable cultivation technique in target's physique. System found Demon Ice Queen God's Physique gene's in dormant in the target. Imparting Demon Ice Queen God's Cultivation Technique to target's memories.]

[Knowledge transfer completed. Target can now practice Demon Ice Queen God's Cultivation Technique.]

Yan was shocked by the result of Catriona's investigation. Yan was now thinking that his Aunt and Uncle where not simple people. Specially Aunt May. She is so beautiful at her age even though she lives while farming in almost barren land.

He stopped thinking and smiled in approval of Rae's physique.

"Rae, can feel that you have new knowledge in your mind? Can you follow those instructions given?" As he checked to ask the cute loli.

"Mm. I think so. I think I can follow these instructions." Said while her beautiful big black eyes were blinking and staring directly at Yan's.

"Okay. Good! I knew my cute little sister is a genius. You should follow those instructions. It will make you grow strong! When we are older, then you can follow me in my adventures outside the village."

"Really?" Said Rae with eyes sparkling.

"Yes, really!". He then kissed Rae's cheeks.

"Yey! Okay!". Rae jump happily then calmed down. She sat on the ground and closed her eyes and started to meditate.

"Now, I'm going to start my practice too."

He then swinged Mjolnir and proceeded to practice two handed basic strikes.

Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes: (60/100)

Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes: (75/100)

Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes: (88/100)

Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes: (97/100)

Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes: (100/100)

[Congratulations in mastering Two-Handed Hammer Basic Strikes! You can now learn Two-Handed Hammer Intermediate Strikes.]

After almost 2 hours of brandishing Mjolnir, Yan has now mastered the basic strikes. He was so happy when heard the notification. He collapsed on the ground to rest. He can see that his clothes were now soaked with sweat. He was huffing while breathing. "Ha...Ha...Ha...That was tiring." He can still see Rae 3 meters away from him. She still at her meditative pose and sweat also now started to fall in her face. He then heard Catriona's warning.

[Master, people are approaching your position. They are 11 individuals with level ranging from Level 8 to Level 20.]
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