Tales of the Paladin
18 Targeting A King
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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18 Targeting A King

Yan and Rae spent a whole month hunting monster nests around the perimeter of the Misty Forest. Though levelling up here in this region were comparatively slower than hunting monsters in the central area, it did solidify further their foundation of battle experience. Yan and Rae learned and gained more knowledge in fighting monsters in groups. They also learned how sneak attack and to pull mobs and aggro. Yan led their party of two around the forest. One can say that Yan had already got experience in hunting monsters in the past. Of course, all of this were just by playing online games in his past life. Now, by using his innate mature mind, past knowledge from playing online games, but the most important factor of all was his 777 times reinforced faster brain process and thinking. In this new life, he was a unsurpassable genius!

Yan had planned to enter a certain dungeon as early as possible this time. Yan and Rae were planning to conquer the outer rim of the Misty Forest by killing the the King of the Outer Rim of the Misty Forest. Yan was confident enough with their levels and understanding of battles. Also, with the help of Catriona, they have certain understanding in the battlefield so the possibility sneak attacks are zero.

To get to the location as fast as possible, Yan let carried Rae on a piggyback ride while running.

"Weeeeeee!". Rae was so happy with her current position on Yan's back. She hugged Yan by the neck. Her waist-long auburn hair fluttered by the wind as they became as fast as like it. With Yan's current strength, his speed was very fast. He agilely jumped and hopped the very humongous tree roots, traversed mountains and climb cliffs like they were nothing. He was a little monsters.

At their very far back, a certain shadow was very depressed. He tried his best to catch up with Yan. Damn! Is this a kid or a high level monster? The person thought while cursing Yan.

Yan did not know that someone was following him so he travelled as fast as possible.

After 30 minutes of travelling, they reached a certain cave. Its entrance was at least 20 meters large. It's entrance was full of vines. Guarding the entrance were at least 15 - Level 2 and Level 3 Dire Wolves. Yan was certain that this was the hideout of the king of the outer rim. He was certain that it was at least Level 15 Dire Wolf. Though their current level were Level 30 and Level 24, as Yan's level were higher than Rae, he knew that its strength were at least up-to Level 20 monster. Its strength were comparably higher because of mutation. It became an elite type monster. But the king's real strength was commanding his army to do things for him.

Yan stopped for more than 200 meters from the entrance just to be safe from alerting the cave's guards. As they stopped, he let Rae jump out of her. She was disappointed on how fast her heaven end.

Yan kissed her bubbly cheeks to appease her. She cheered up when he did it.

With the help of Catriona, Yan had already planned their attack last night in his bed.

[Master, do not worry for I will do my best to help you.]

"Thanks, Catriona. You're the best!". Yan was reassured.

While they were on their way here, he picked up some small but hard stones from the ground. About 20 pieces.

"Are you ready, Rae?" Asked Yan while patting Rae's head.

"Un! I'll do my best, Big Brother!" Replied Rae while pumping her little fist to to show her determination.

"Good! Let's start the attack!". Yan's smiled evilly.

He then closed his eyes to focus to open all of his potential.

At the far back, like a shadow as usual, Cain were inspecting them.

"Let see how well you two will do on your very first dungeon hunt.". As Cain murmured while eating a popcorn like enjoying a show. But one can see his eyes being sharp as a knife for he was always ready if trouble may arise.

Rae was standing behind Yan, ready to when Yan will direct her on what to do.

As he tapped 100 percent of his current potential, Yan abruptly opened his eyes.


In his hands, 15 stones flew so fast and so accurate. It hit on the heads of wolf guards in the dungeon entrance. He did not let the wolves howl from pain, afraid of alerting the monsters inside the cave.

It was like a field of roses staring to bloom as the sun rises from the sky. But this time, it were the heads of the Dire Wolves Guards continuously bursting as they were hit by the stones thrown by Yan.


By Yan's signal, Rae casted Ice Missiles as fast as his stone hit the wolves. Yan told Rae to so this to freeze the blood of the dead wolves to seal the smell of blood entering the entrance. Yan meticulously planned all of this to successfully get close to the entrance to avoid monsters flooding out of the cave.

After checking that all the guards were dead and the smell was sealed, Rae then jumped to Yan's back happily. Yan carried her to the entrance quickly.

Rae jumped out again. They both took deep breath and their eyes focused on what's in front of them.


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