Tales of the Paladin
19 Death To The King?
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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19 Death To The King?

It has been an hour since Yan and Rae entered the boss's nest. Yan had already known that it would be easy for them to reach the final floor of the nest. The average level of monsters in they faced were at least Level 13. Yan had expected this but he needed to have a margin of safety to attack this cave before. Yan needed the margin does not mean that he can't raid this cave singlehandedly but he needed the margin because he was not alone. With Yan's power and Catriona's guidance, he can defeat everyone in this cave with relative ease. But Yan needed this to secure Rae's safety above all else so that's why he was very careful at everything he does. Rae was still very young, she was still 5 years old! She can panic or do mistakes that would get her hurt. In order to avoid this type of situation, Yan used all of his potential and not dare underestimate enemies.

The duo had already brought killed all the monsters from Floor 1 to Floor 4. They are now entering the last floor where, Catriona told Yan, was the floor where the boss is. Yan will be the main attacker while Rae will support him as usual.

Yan was prepared. Catriona already told him the number of monsters inside. There are more than 300 monsters inside. The number of monsters were larger than all of the monsters added from Floor 1 to Floor 4!

"Woah. Even the weakest here was Level 14 Dire Wolf. There are four - Level 15 elite King Wolf. The boss is a Level 18 elite King Wolf." Yan was amazed. Though he had underestimated this cave, with his higher level, higher power can be borrowed from Mjolnir. "Catriona, can you tell me all the elite monsters including the boss on the other side of the door."

NAME: Dire Wolf - North General

LEVEL: 15 (Elite)

SKILLS: Hurricane Blade, Howl of Death, North Blade Frost Claws

NAME: Dire Wolf - South General

LEVEL: 15 (Elite)

SKILLS: Hurricane Blade, Howl of Death, South Blade Fire Claws

NAME: Dire Wolf - West General

LEVEL: 15 (Elite)

SKILLS: Hurricane Blade, Howl of Death, West Blade Wind Claws

NAME: Dire Wolf - East General

LEVEL: 15 (Elite)

SKILLS: Hurricane Blade, Howl of Death, East Blade Earth Claws

NAME: King Wolf

LEVEL: 18 (Boss)

SKILLS: Hurricane Blade, King's Natural Order, Blood of the Fenrir

"Wow! They're stronger than I had imagined.". When Yan saw the name of the enemies, he was again amazed. "And that boss, 'Blood of the Fenrir'? Isn't that the Mythological Wolf? He must be a descendant of that Fenrir. And also that 'King's Natural Order' can strengthen all his subordinates on the floor. If it were 5 days ago, this would be a slight problem. What a timing when Rae finally awaken her third innate skills. Her physique is just too good."

In front of them was a very large wood door. Step by step, as walk closed in, the large door gradually opened.

They stopped at the entrance. The room was dark but both of them can see the group of eyes staring at them.

"Humans! Grrr! You dare enter the abode of the our chosen one!". Said by an individual with green eye. Yan can see that there are four individuals having green eyes. This four were the generals while the rest of the monsters carried bloodshot eyes.

Suddenly, the whole floor suddenly lit up. One by one, light appeared from fire torches mounted the walls.

Yan and Rae can see more than 300 Dire Wolves staring directly at them. In the centre, was platform, where four generals are standing. In the centre of all of them, a pup can bee seen. It was a baby wolf with a furry white hair. His was curling up but his deep blue eyes were staring directly at Yan's. The little wolf was curious about him.

Yan can feel extraordinary powers from the pup. "Is that puppy the King?" Yan was amazed the third time. At first, when Yan thought with the level of the boss, it would be a very large wolf. Larger than the average Dire Wolf. But it turned out that the boss was still very young but already possessed this kind of power. An idea suddenly popped out of Yan's mind. Then he suddenly laughed out.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!". It was so loud that everyone in the room heard it.

"Big Brother?" Rae asked curiously.

"I suddenly had a brilliant idea." Then his little hands raised and pointed at something. "Pet!" Yan said loudly.

Rae finally noticed what Yan was pointing to. It was cute white wolf!

"Woah. Big Brother, can we keep him?" Asked Rae with excitement as she wrapped her small body on to Yan's arms.

"Of course!" Replied Yan like it was as it should be.

All of the generals heard Yan and Rae's conversation. They all bursted out their killing intents.

"Humans! How dare you say that to the chosen one!" As one of the general shouted. His claws suddenly burst in flames. He must be the Dire Wolf - South General, Yan thought.

"Hmmp! Let's see if you can stop us. Let's go, Rae!"

"Okay!" Rae then closed eyes. Suddenly, a strong gust of cold wind enveloped her small body. Her auburn hair gradually turned blue like ice. Her eyes and lips also turned with the same color. An ice cape formed on her back. And in her hands, an ice staff appeared.

"Crystal Maiden!". This was the second innate skill Rae formed. She waived her hands, then ice suddenly crept out of her. Ice started to spread on the ground and started to enveloped the whole ground.

"Ice field!" Her it was he third innate skill!


More than half of the 300 hundred wolves turned into ice sculptures. They did not even had the time to resist the cold!

Rae was floating on the air like an ice goddess. Six - large snowflakes appeared appeared on Rae's back. The snowflakes shot out ice icicles.

"Ice Missiles!" Rae casted six - Ice Missiles simultaneously fired out. This was the effect of Crystal Maiden. It buffed up Rae's ice magic and let her cast ice spells simultaneously.


Almost all of the Dire Wolf grunts froze, unable to move. Rae's magic was just too strong!

"Good job, Rae! You're the best, as always!" Yan was happy. Rae just smiled and continued to let out spells.


Rae's skills may be strong but Yan knew she can't keep it long. 20 seconds was her current limit of her current form. But 20 seconds was already more than enough for Yan. Without hesitation, he also began his attack.

"Mjolnir, come forth!"

Light enveloped the whole floor. A very large hammer out of nowhere appeared in front of Yan. Purple lightning swirled around it. This was Mjolnir!

Yan then grabbed its handle and light began to dimmed down.

Power surged inside Yan's body. Yan's blue eyes spouts purple lightning. Yan looked like the God of Lightning himself!

Then he moved fast. As fast as lightning!


One by one of the frozen wolves were hit by Yan's relentless attacks. Red ice from frozen blood of the wolves splattered everywhere.


All of the frozen wolves died just like that.

20 seconds had passed. The ice in that had spread in the whole floor slowly vanished into thin air.

Rae also slowly transformed in to her original appearance. She collapsed on the spot. But before her body hit the ground, Yan hastily catched her.

Looking pale in Yan's arms, Rae asked while smiling. "Big Brother, did I do good?"

"Of course, you're the best!" Yan then kissed her cheeks. Rae was happy as she close her eyes to sleep. All her energy was spent.

Then a shadow flashed beside Yan.

"Kid, you did good. You'll have a lot of explaining to us.".

Yan were shocked. If Rae were awake, she would know who it was. It was her father, Cain!

Yan then calmed down and replied with an innocent smile "Uncle, you and Aunt May also need to do some explaining for both May and me."

"Hmmp.". Cain then grabbed Rae gently from Yan. He carried her with care. He looked at her with gentle eyes but Yan can see traces of worry. His eyes then turned sharp suddenly. All of hesitation in his eyes were gone. He moved all the way back.

"Kid. You should finish what you had started."

"Of course!" He turned around to face the wolf generals.

"Now, do you think I don't dare?" Said Yan with a smug on his handsome face.
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