Tales of the Paladin
24 There and Back Again
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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24 There and Back Again

[Yan Norton is now Level 50.]

[Rae Thomas is now Level 40.]

[Snow is now Level 35.]

Notifications rang out of Yan's mind. He can feel that his stats surged up again.

Snow was added in Yan's party ten years ago and was also given percentage share of experience that Yan was getting. With new party member added, the distribution of experience also changed.

Yan was now only getting 40% while Rae and Snow gets 30% each. With Yan's 777 times boost, the experience they were getting were still huge.

Snow then lunged onto the wyvern's head to split it apart.

Inside its head, a fist-sized grey gem was sparkling. Faint amount of energy was leaking from it. It was the wyvern's monster core. Monster core are the life essence of a monster but not every monsters have monster cores. But as the higher the level of the monster, the higher chance it has a monster core. As the highest level boss in the area, the size of its core was larger than the other core they got from the other monsters in the forest.

Snow picked the monster core with its mouth and hurriedly run beside Yan.


"Thank you."

Yan patted Snow's head as a thank you gesture. He then picked the core from Snow's mouth and store it in his bulging pouch. Inside the pouch, numbers of colourful monster cores are found. Yan and his party had already collected substantial amount of monster cores. This was all the monster cores they've collected for the past ten years.

"With these monster cores, our journey to the world would be easier. We would sell this core to make money. Uncle Cain said that monster cores sell at a high price in any kingdom's capital. Also, I think we should get it's claws. It can be made as a weapon by blacksmiths. They can be sold at a high price too."

"Big Brother, I think we can also get its skin. Mom can sew it to make battle clothes for us while we sell the remaining. I can freeze it so it won't rot."

"Nice idea, Rae."

Rae rubbed her cheeks on to Yan's arm as she put it in between her well-endowed chest. She was happy being praised and patted on the head by Yan. She was now in her normal form.

Rae was beyond beautiful. She has a mature and graceful body for a 16 year old.

The three of them were now an officially adult. Her parents had told them that they can only start their journey until they've reached the age of 16 and 17.

Yan agreed as he thought that this was logical. Even if though they are strong at their age, there are still people that are a lot stronger than them. Also, being strong isn't enough to survive the world. Having a mature and smart mind was very important.

Yan had also said that they will only go out on a journey if they were able to get revenge for Snow's family. This was his promise to the caretakers of Snow when he was still a pup ten years ago.

As they finished looting the body of the wyvern, they put all their luggage on a makeshift sleigh that was made of ice. The cart was tied up by a rope on to Snow.

Instead of skinning its whole body, they only get the highest quality of skin from the wyvern.

Snow was large. Due to his blood inheritance from the Wolf-God Fenrir, his body were now as large as an elephant. Yan thought at first that Snow's size was just too big but it turns out that Snow can manipulate his size. He can be as large as an elephant or small as a rabbit. Yan was happy for he can let Snow roam like a normal puppy around Rosario Village.

As they rode Snow, Rae was hugging Yan's back the whole time. Yan can feel Rae's chest juggling and pressing on his back as they were travelling. And when they rest for the night, Rae was sleeping on Yan's tent. Rae sleeps while hugging Yan's arms like when they were still children. Yan never opposed this and like it very much. He was the witness of the development of Rae's body thru the years.

It took three days and two nights for the three of them to reach the village. They've been gone for more than two weeks for this hunt.

They parked the sleigh on the thick bushes outside the village to avoid Snow, in large form, entering the village.

It was still noon when they reached the village. They were on foot when the passed through the village entrance with Rae carrying Snow, in puppy form, in her arms.

As they walked thru the village, Yan and Rae were the focus of attention of the villagers. Yan was a handsome young man while Rae looked like a princess. Both Yan and Rae were popular, specially for Rae. All the young men in the village adored her. She was kind and beautiful. Even people outside the village tried to ask her hand for marriage but all was rejected. Everyone can see that in Rae's eyes, there was only Yan.

"Good Noon, Yan!"

"Good Noon, Girls." Yan replied while gently smiling towards a group of young women that they passed by.

"Kyaaaaa!" As one of the girls almost passed out by Yan's smile.

Yan suddenly felt a slight pain from his waist. Rae had pinched him.

"You don't have to be jealous. You know you're the only one for me, Rae."


Yan reached out and held Rae's other hand as they continued to walk towards their house. A smile of satisfaction can be seen on Rae.

A group of young men in the village were extremely jealous of Yan but they know that with Yan's looks, he can capture the heart of every women in the village. They secretly cursed him in their hearts.

Yan was already accustomed to their stares but it did not bother him.

- - -

Cain and May were missing their foster son and daughter. It's been two weeks since they've gone to the inner-most part of the Misty Forest. May was worried that something might have happened to them.

Suddenly, they jolted from their seats as they've felt strong individuals entered the vicinity of their village.

As they finished scanning the aura these individuals, Cain and May smiled as they now know there identities.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Cain then opened the door and a smile crept in his face.

"You're back."

"Father, we're back!" Said Rae as she hugged her father. She also missed her parents in this past two weeks.

"Uncle, we have successfully gotten revenge for Snow. I think we are ready to start our journey."
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