Tales of the Paladin
26 Mother and Daughter
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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26 Mother and Daughter

At the other part of the forest, an intense fight is happening. The green forest was now covered in ice. If not for the scorching summer sun, many would think it was winter. The trees and other living things near it was now been frozen solid.

In the sky, two beautiful individuals were fighting with ice magic. It was Rae and her mother, Aunt May.

Rae was in her Crystal Maiden form while Aunt May clad her in full-battle mage armour with a white staff in hand.

Rae was attacking her mother with her ice missiles, twelve attacks at a time. She spared no effort in order to defeat her.


"Daughter, we've been fighting for almost 20 minutes now and you have yet to hit me. Yes, your ice magic are much colder than mine but if you can't hit me, then it's useless."

Rae just frowned while looking at her mother. All her mother doing until now have been eluding all her attacks. She had never underestimated her mother and father even as she got stronger with Yan. As she grew older, she can tell that her mother and father were strong people but she never expected that their gap was this big. All her attacks were gracefully dodged by her mother.

When she woke up a little while ago, she was thinking on going to Yan's room to greet him with a hug. But when she opened her eyes, her mom was actually waiting for her at the front door of her room. She was startled by the sudden challenge for a fight.


At first, she was thinking of going easy with the fight. But when she saw her mother in full-battle gear, emitting dangerous aura, she knew that her mother will not.

Even though its her first to fight a human, let alone her mother, she decided to use all her strength. She thought with her magic barrage, she can definitely land an attack on her mother. It's been 20 minutes now and not a single attack landed. She was panicking a bit. She continued her attacks while mother started to critic her skills.

"'Maybe you thought that it's because you haven't learn other skills that you can't land an attack on me. It's not. I'll show you."

A little snowflake appeared on the tip of her index finger and directly pointing at Rae.

"Ice Missile."


Before she can think of dodging, Rae was already hit in her stomach.

"Ugh." Rae felt pain and cold.

"See? I even used the same skill and it was more effective than your attacks. Let get down first and I'll teach you a thing or two."

"Okay, Mom."

As they reached the ground, May waived her hand and then something unexpected to Rae happened. The surrounding ice started to crack bit by bit. Pieces of ice started to float and disintegrate into thin air. The frozen animals had now been thawed and had ran for their lives, afraid of being frozen again by the two ladies.

"Sit." As May gestured to the ground.

Rae nodded. She turned to her normal form and sat on the ground.

"Rae, why do you know you can't hit me?"

"Because you're fast?" Rae tilted her head cutely as confusion can be seen on her face.

"Silly. That's not it. It's because your attacks are slow. Maybe you can hit animals or monsters with your attacks but it's different if your attacking humans or other races."

"What should I do, Mom?"

"Well at first, stop relying on your transformation skill. You should focus on strengthening your current form and your other form will go stronger as well."


"Good. And here I thought you will only listen to Yan. Hahaha."

Rae blushed and replied "Of course I listen to to you and Father as well."

"Okay. Okay. I'll stop teasing you. I know how much you like Yan."

"Mom, I don't like him. I love him. Are...are you angry with me?"

"Of course not. I know him since he was a practically a baby. I've raised him as my own son and I love you three equally. Though I think his personality changed ten years ago, but I know you adore your Big Brother. It's just that your still young. Be responsible with your actions, okay?"

"I know, Mom. I understand."

"Okay. It's good that you understand. Now, let me teach you things that your lacking. First, close your eyes and feel your mana."

Rae closed her eyes and started to feel her mana. She can feel her mana circulating on every part of her body.

"Now, lift your finger forward as you concentrate your mana towards its tip. Think of the skill your about to use, this time, think of Ice Missile."

Rae nodded as she concentrated to accumulate her mana at the tip of her finger. Suddenly, a large snowflake appeared on her finger.

"Though you think what you've done is enough but it's not. Casting this way is very crude and unrefined. Your spell will be slower and will consume large amount of mana. Concentrate on your mana and compress it. This was, it will solidify more will give your skill more depth."

Rae understood what he mother was talking about and did what she instructed. Slowly, the tips of the large snowflake started to fold inward. Inch by inch, it grew small but had now more dimensions that before. After a while, the large snowflake turned into a white rose.

May sighted. Her daughter was genius! When she was learning this trick, it took her almost two years to grasp everything while her daughter only took less than an hour. Her holy physique is really godly, thought May.

"Now, try attacking with this."

Rae nodded. She also thought that her magic right now was stronger and better than before. She opened her eyes and attacked the tree in her front.


It hit the tree. In less than a second, the whole tree was now covered with thick ice.

Rae was delighted of the result. She stood up and hugged her mother.

"Thank you, Mom!"

"You're welcome. I will teach you all the tricks that I know."

Aunt May spent hours to teach her daughter many things. She taught her history, geography, logic, and many more.

As they were about to return home, Rae suddenly had though of something.

"Mom, can you also use Crystal Maiden?"

"No." Replied May while smiling.

Rae had a clue that this was the case but she didn't know why.


"Because you're different. One of the reason why the current Royal Family enslaved our family is that every 500 years, one of the offspring of the family will be born with a holy physique. She will have a unique skill that will make her stronger than her peers and will have an unparalleled connection with ice magic. 500 years ago, when our ancestor, the one that had holy physique died of natural causes, the Tudors suddenly gained confidence to rebel for they did not have to face such strong person. They've enslaved every women in the family in fear that if an another child will be born with that physique, they can kill her or make her join their family. It was unexpected that you were born with that physique."

She caressed her daughter's cheek while looking at her with proud eyes. But Rae can also see worry.

"Theres a bane and boon having that physique. You will be stronger than anyone else and but the current Royal Family will spare no effort in capturing you. So, in the future, you must be careful in using that skill. Only use it when you on crucial times. Okay?"

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