Tales of the Paladin
27 When Can We See Them Again?
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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27 When Can We See Them Again?

"Kid, you're a monster."

"Woah. How can you call me that, Uncle? As a perfectly handsome human being, it hurts when you call me that, you know?"

Yan and Cain spent the most of the passing days sparring. Yan did not go all-out in fighting Cain but that's what Cain was depressing about. Even without Yan going all out, Cain and Yan were on a deadlock.

Cain, being a Rogue, specialises on knocking or stunning his opponent with a sneak attack then hit them with an array of deathly strikes in their vital parts in a chaotic but systematic way. When the barrage starts, it will be difficult for them to defend. But this time is different. Let alone Yan who was many levels lower than him, he didn't even have a proper equipment!

Cain struggled on sneak-attacking Yan, let alone knocking out him out. With his big hammer and godly reflex, he can't really do much anything about him. Yan can't also land a strike on his Uncle Cain too. With Cain's experiences, dodging skills and with his body melding in to the environment, Yan can only hit the surrounding trees, the ground or his shadow.

"Okay, let's stop this farce. I can tell that you're ready. And here I thought you were not yet accustomed for human to human combat but I was wrong. You're more like monster than a human. You're much stronger than your Father at the same age."

Cain said this while looking at Yan weirdly. Yan just laughed in all of this. For the last few days, he now knew that Uncle Cain's and Aunt May's were Level 72 and Level 70, respectively. And that at this world, the maximum level is at Level 100. He suddenly had a thought.

"Uncle, compared to you, how strong was my Father or my Mother?"

Cain fell silent and began thinking when he heard his question.

"Well, in terms on human to human battle, I think ten of me can suppress your dad. But that doesn't mean we can kill him. We can only hold him off for a while. But your mother was different. She was a mage. Her destructive abilities is far beyond mine. You know, everyone has their own strength and weaknesses. But I guess that's why your Mother and Father fell in love with each other. They filled the gap of their weaknesses with the strength of each other to form a legendary party. It was really a great loss to humanity when they were sent towards that portal."


Yan really didn't know what to feel about this subject. Yes, his identity is different to the Yan of this world but he still can't stop to feel a sense of loss when he thought about his Father and Mother.

Cain can see the complicated emotion showing in Yan's face.

"Don't worry. Their party is very strong, specially your Mother and Father. I believe that they're still alive. But I warn you that do not even think about crossing that portal with your strength right now. That place is hell on earth. Even individuals with maximum levels can't approach the portal carelessly. First, you must have adequate strength in going there. One must have a full set of mythical-grade items or above just to stay alive. But that still not enough. You can't go there alone. Your party members must be as strong as you."

"I understand."

"It's getting dark. Let's go home."


On their way home, Yan still can't stop thinking about his Mother and Father. He's also very curious on what lies on the other side of the portal. But he knows that it was still way above him.

- - -

That night, in bed, Yan was thinking many things in bed.

"Catriona, do you think that Rae and I are ready for this journey?"

[Of course, Master. For the past ten years, all that you have been doing is laying out your foundation. With me here, I can tell that we are all ready. I will also not let you down, Master!]

"All this time, I have been in your care, Catriona. Thank you!"

[Don't worry, Master. I will take care of you for the rest of your life.]

"Then, I will count on you for the rest of my life. Haha."

[That's all that I wanted, Master.]

Yan and Catriona spent the whole night talking and occasionally flirting. It was only when the first light hit the face of Yan when he realised that it was already morning.

He got out of his bed then carried his bag of necessities. He then took a deep breath.

"Ready, Catriona?"

[I've always been ready, Master.]

"Let's go."

- - -

"Mother, Father, we're going now. I'm going to miss you both."

Rae was hugging her crying mother. She can't help but also tear up. The longest time they've separated was only two weeks but this time, their separation will take years.

"I know. Please take care of yourself, okay? Mother will miss you both."

"I know. We'll come back before you know it. Please take care of yourselves too."

She let go of her mother then proceeded to hug his father. Cain was a small talker when it comes to his daughter. But Rae can see the redness of his eyes.

"Father, please take care of yourself too."

Cain just nodded while tightly hugging his daughter. Rae felt warm inside. She let go and proceeded to carry his little brother who surprisingly didn't shed a tear.

"Little Brother, you must take care of Father and Mother when we're gone, okay? Also, don't cause trouble for them."

"Of course! I'm big boy now. Hehe."

"Good, Little Brother!". She then kissed the bubbly cheeks of her brother.

While Rae and Ash are having their moments, May was holding the face of Yan.

"You've grown now. Please take care of yourself and your little sister, okay? Please, avoid getting into dangerous situations. No matter what, your lives are the most important."

"Kid, even though you're their son, I will not forgive you if something happens to my daughter. As a man, you must protect her with all your might."

"I know, Aunt, Uncle. I protect Rae with my life. I will promise you that no harm will befall her."

"Good. We will count on you."

Even though they are not his real parent, he loved and cherished them with all his heart like a real one.

"Kid, take this." As Cain threw something towards Yan. He calmly catch it. It was a ring that was engraved with ancient language that he has yet understand.

"What is this?"

"It's a storage ring. That ring carries a pocket dimension about five square meters. It will help you carry things with relative ease with this. It will also delay the rotting of things. Of course, if you have money, you can buy much better storage ring than this."

Catriona told Yan how to use a storage ring and proceeded to store all their things. Yan thought that it was really handy having one of this.

"Thank you, Uncle! Aunt!"

He then hugged both of them. He really will miss them. He let go of them after some time and carry Ash. After a small manly talk, he put Ash on the ground.

They are far away from Rosario Village now so Snow was in his large form. Ash walked towards Snow. Snow lower his head down to let Ash hug him.

"I'm going to miss you, Snow."


Though Snow and Ash had deep friendship, it was still not greater than what Yan and him had. He followed Yan without a single thought.

"Let's go, Rae."


They climbed up on Snow's back. Rae was again hugging Yan's back.

"Uncle, Aunt, we're going now. See you again!"

"Please, don't forget all that we have taught you. Yes, see you again!"

Aunt May was emotional while carrying his son. It was only this time that Ash let out a stream of tears. Cain hugged both of them.

"Big Brother, Big Sister, when I grow up, I will follow you!"

"Okay. I expect to see you in the future. Haha! Let's go, Snow!"


Snow ran on a fast speed. Yan was carrying a map of the Eastern Continent. It was given to him by Cain a couple days ago. Their first stop is the Town of Bree.

It was only when May, Cain, and Ash saw their rescinding shadow that they decided to go home.

- - -

"Big Brother, when can we see them again?"

"Rae, you must remember why your parents went into hiding in this parts of the continent. They are currently being hunted by the Stormrein's Royal Family. We must solve the root cause to this problem before we can give your family a better life."

"Okay. I understand now, Big Brother."

"Don't worry, I will be with you and protect you forever."


Rae blushed and smiled deeply by the comforting and loving words of Yan. She hugged him even more tightly.

Feeling the tight hug of Rae, Yan was even more excited of the future ahead. Today was the start of their epic adventure!
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