Tales of the Paladin
28 Town of Bree and the Adventurer’s Guild
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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28 Town of Bree and the Adventurer’s Guild

"Have the men brought back any information of those two?"

"Not yet, sir. We've sent personnel all over the continent to search for those escapee. But there are information about a couple that matched the description of both of them. We've got men already sent to confirm this information. They're in the small town called Bree, a town near the Misty Forest. According to the sources, a village is near that town. The area is desolate, it's a good hiding place."

"Mm. Tell me if you finished the job already. We can't let any possibilities that they've produce an offspring with that troublesome physique."

"Yes, sir."

- - -

It was only matter of minutes that Yan, Rae, and Snow reached the Town of Bree. They've already visited this town years ago when they were young. At most, they will only buy things necessary for when they were hunting in the Misty Forest. The Town of Bree is a lot different from Rosario Village. They have at least ten times the population and the buildings are at most three-storey high. Different from the huts in the village. The town also have paved roadways. The surrounding villages sell all their crops and harvest in this town for money and other things. That's why it's relatively wealthy town.

Today, they were going to buy cooking wares and food seasonings for their journey but most of all, they were going to register to the town's Adventurer's Guild.

Adventurer's Guild is the governing body for all adventurers. It's the place where people register to become an official Adventurer's Party. And if their party was big or strong enough, they can upgrade their party into a named guild. The Adventurer's Guild is the body that handles the classification of the ranks of a party or a named guild based on their merit points, overall strength, and achievements. They also have their set of strict rules to follow but have abundant benefits when joining. The Adventurer's Guild is acknowledged by all the kingdoms of The United Arms.

Because the town is close to the Misty Forest, they've decided to put up a small Adventurer's Guild in these area.

Yan and Rae had arrived in a wooden building. It had two floors and looked better than other buildings around. In the roof, a hanging sign of a bow and a sword crossed each other. This place is Bree's very own Adventurer's Guild. From the outside, both of them can hear people occasional shouting, laughing, and rumbling inside. They've passed by this building before but it's their first time entering. Rae is carrying the cute Snow in her arms.

The three of them entered the building with Yan leading. As they entered, the commotion inside quieted down. Every person inside glanced at the newcomers entering. A quick crowd scan, with the help of Catriona, Yan now know the levels of all the men and women on the floor.

Their average levels were at Level 30 to Level 35. After scanning, Yan frowned and noticed something unexpected. He noticed five strange individuals. They wore dark hoods and moved very secretive. The five of them were quietly drinking at the rear. Catriona had told Yan that they were three - Rogues and two - Mages. Their strength ranges from Level 65 to Level 68. By the teachings of Uncle Cain, it would be very unlikely that these individuals would come in these parts of the continent. Yan sensed danger from them.

"Catriona, locked on their aura. I have a hint on why they are in this town."

[I'm on it, Master.]

Yan approached the desk where a cute female in her early twenties can be seen. In a place where rowdy individuals gather, she looked like a gentle flower surrounded by cow dung.

Yan noticed her gaze to him of a young maiden who is in love. Surrounded by these scary individuals all day, Yan's face really look so handsome and very refreshing to the soul.

Yan smiled gently and politely inquired.

"Excuse me, Beautiful Miss. Is this the Adventurer's Guild?"

"Ye...yes." The young woman blushed when she heard Yan called her 'beautiful'.

"That's great. Can you tell us how to register in the guild? I'd like both me and my partner to register our party officially."

The female was still locked on his enigmatic eyes when she heard 'my partner' came out of Yan's mouth. She got out of daze and looked at the female in his back.

She was the most beautiful woman her eyes had ever laid upon. She can tell with the gaze of this beautiful woman to this handsome young man in front of her that their relationship was not of a normal 'partner' but something deeper. Her mood quickly dampened and all her fantasies for him shattered like a falling mirror.

Her heart died instantly. She proceeded to do her job professionally while looking at him with blank eyes. She passed him a pen and a paper with writings on it.

"Please fill up this form. Write here, here, and here. No matter what, your rank will start at Rank F and can only accept requests that ranks two levels higher than your rank. It means that the request that you can only accept would be Rank D and lower. I suggest that you stick with Rank F request first. Many newbies dies by overestimating themselves. Each request accomplished is equivalent to certain amount of points. With higher accumulated point, your Rank will also upgrade. You need to pay twenty coppers for each party members to register. Any questions?"

The young woman said all of these in just one breath. Yan grimaced by the sudden change of attitude. But he understood. Rae was just too beautiful and just by looking at her, it lowers other women's self confidence. Yan shook his head lightly. He still used his gentle smile.

"Um. We don't have money right now but we do have monster cores. Can we exchange them here with money?"

When everyone in the floor heard the word 'monster core' coming out if Yan's mouth, they all looked at him with serious gaze.

When the young woman heard him, she was also shocked. She asked him again to confirm. She may hate him in her heart but she still did her job seriously.

"Do you really have a monster core?"


"Do you really plan on selling it to us?"

"If you want to buy it, we can sell it."

"Okay, wait here. I'm going to head upstairs to ask our Guild Master."

The young woman immediately proceeded to the second floor. After a few moment, she came back.

"Sir, the Guild Master invites you both to head to the office upstairs"

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