Tales of the Paladin
30 A Night to be Remembered
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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30 A Night to be Remembered

Ever since Yan had been reincarnated in this world, he had promised himself to not be the same useless man he used to be in his past life.

He pledge into himself that the moment he sees a woman that would interest him, he would grab the opportunity on the get go. The moment he saw Guild Master Rosella, Yan was determined to make her his woman.

- - -

"Be my wife. Only then I will tell you how I got those. It's like keeping the secret inside the family."

"Waaa...waaa...what are you saying?! No. No. No. You barely even know me and I'm much older than you think."

Rosella was blushing furiously. She covered her hot cheeks with her hands like a cute little girl. All her life, this was the first time she was asked to be somebody's wife. Most of the men who approach her would be scared silly when meeting her. She considered herself a dominant female. Not only she was strong and talented at her age, she had someone backing her that anyone can't just offend.

No matter how beautiful, people would just adore her from afar. There had been talks in noble circle that they would ask her hand for marriage but no one would dare to say it to her face. That's why it was her first time experiencing a situation like this.

'When I marry him, then we're going to do those stuff. I'm going to get pregnant, right? How many babies are we going to make? One? Three? Ten?!'

Rosella started fantasising things in her mind.

Suddenly, a chill ran down her spine. The temperature of the room suddenly dropped. Rosella was startled. She came back to reality. 'Is there a high level ice mage nearby? Why didn't I felt their presence? Did godfather or maybe father sent someone for me?' Rosella prepared for the unexpected guest.

"Rae, what are you doing? Please, don't be jealous anymore. Of course that doesn't mean I don't love you. Isn't more people, the merrier? Please, calm down."

Yan helplessly tried to appease the cold mood of Rae. 'This girl easily gets jealous.', he thought.

'What? It's her? She's so young to have this power. Only max level mages can produce these intense cold.' Rosella thinking while her gaze fixed on Yan and Rae. 'Who exactly are these youths in front me?'

It took quite some time for Yan to make Rae calm down. It was only when Yan hugged Rae then kissing her cheeks that she calmed down. Her expression towards him were cold but her cheeks were red from blushing. Yan sighted relief.

"Well, jokes aside. How much would our monster cores would worth, Guild Master Rosella?"

"Aheem. Yes. I didn't expect that you would have this much monster cores and with high quality at that too. It would take time to calculate these. Can you come back this time tomorrow? Of course I will let you stay at the best inn in Bree with our guild covering all the expense."

Rosella also calmed down but was still shocked inside on what happened earlier. The intense cold Rae's aura produced almost sipped through her bones. If not for her high level, her blood would have frozen already.

"No problem. We have all the time in the world. One day would not make a difference. This would also mean I get to see your beauty again tomorrow."

"Please stop joking, Mr. Yan. Your partner has an appearance of a goddess. There's no need for you to look for other women. Haha."

Rosella still blushed when she remembered what Yan had proposed earlier.

"Please, Guild Master Rosella, you can call me Yan."

"Okay, Yan. You can also call me, Rosella." Replied Rosella while smiling bewitchingly.


Yan stared at her.

"Umm. Yan? Is there a problem?"

Rosella was curious of Yan's stare into her.

"There's no problem at all. It's just that..."

"Just what?"

"You're really are beautiful, Rosella."

Yan told Rosella with a straight face while directly staring deeply into her eyes.

Rosella was stunned.

Noticing her stunned expression, Yan chuckled when he thought his mental attack worked.

"Okay, then. We'll just tour the town for the rest of the day. See you tomorrow, Rosella."

He winked while wearing an evil smile.

He held Rae's hands and then went out the door.

It took quite some time for Rosella to regain her composure. She chuckled. 'What an interesting youngsters', she thought. She smiled while her heart was beating fast when remembered Yan words.

"Cheeky bastard."

A sudden thought flashed her mind. Her mood quickly turned solemn.

"Would it be alright for me to happy?"

Rosella murmured while she sat on her chair. She sighted. She remembered her sorrowful past.

"Mother, I met an interesting young man today. Maybe...maybe..."

A tear drop from her eyes.

- - -

It was already night time when Yan and Rae entered the inn. It had three floors and was quite large. It was also the tallest building in Bree.

Yan and Rae spent the day touring around town. They were quite sweaty right now. Yan had let Snow go to the forest to hunt for his own food. They currently have no money to buy large quantity of food for him, so he let Snow hunt monster in the forest just for the night.

"Evenin'. The inn is currently full. Find other inn."

When the desk attendant glanced the villager clothes of Yan and Rae, he didn't even gave them a second glance while talking.

"Umm. The Guild Master Rosella said that she will let us have a room in this inn at her expense?"

The desk attendant jolted when he heard the Guild Master's name. He quickly changed his attitude from uninterested to servitude.

"Oh. Yes. Yes. Someone from the Guild came. Would you like two rooms or one, Young Master and Young Madam?"

The attendant didn't dare offend these young guest. 'They must be very important people for the Guild Master to offer them rooms at the Guild's expense', he thought. He had lived long enough to know who to offend or not. He was now very polite to Yan and Rae.

Yan smirked and found it interesting for the attendant's sudden change of attitude. 'This guy is shameless', he thought.

"Just one. A strong bed that's good for two people."

Yan felt a slight pain in his waist. He ignored it. He knew it was Rae.

The desk attendant looked at the young woman beside Yan. He was stunned by her beauty. He once saw Guild Master Rosella years ago when she replaced the old Guild Master. He thought she was a goddess and the most beautiful woman in this world. When he saw Rae in front of him, he never thought that there would be another goddess descending to Bree. He didn't dare linger his gaze to avoid offending them both.

"Yes. Yes."

He gave them a key of a room.

"This is the best room in the inn. All of the expenses are waived by the Guild. Please, enjoy your stay."

The attendant kept a bowing stance.

Yan grabbed the key and went upstairs while holding Rae's hands. He never once let go since afternoon.

- - -

Yan opened the room in the third floor. It was large. Almost as five times as large as his room in Rosario Village. In the room, he can see the whole town from the window. It had a decent king sized bed and a shower room with a toilet bowl. For Yan's standards, it was a decent room.

"Would you like to shower first or I go first?"

Yan suddenly hugged Rae while sniffing her sweaty body. He then stared at her eyes.

"Or how about we shower together?"

Said Yan word by word.


Rae blushed and got out of Yan's clutches. She went straight towards the shower room.

Yan smile evilly while watching the sight of Rae running away from him. He sat on the bed.

"Hmm. Springy. Also quite durable."

After a few moments, he heard the shower turning on. 'Rae must have start showering', he thought.

He stood up and started to take off all the clothes in his body. He went towards the shower room naked.

"Catriona, put up a barrier and lock all the noise inside the room. No one must disturb us tonight. This would be a night to be remembered."
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