Tales of the Paladin
33 How To Get A Wife
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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33 How To Get A Wife

"What did you just say?"

Rosella's eyes flickered. She stared at him seriously. Killing intent burst out of her body. She spread her palms and dark energy slowly built up.

"I'm going to kill people because they're going to hurt my family. You would do exactly the same if you were at my position, right?"

He fell silent for a moment then continued.

"Don't get me wrong. I've never done something like this before. That's why I didn't brought Rae with me. If she knew what I was about to do, she might not understand and change her opinions on me. I wouldn't want that."

When Rosella heard his words, she loosened up bit by bit. She thought of something.

"Why do you say that their going to hurt your family?"

"Well, I would like tell you everything about me. But you must become my wife first."

Even in serious situation, he still had the guts to flirt with her.

She slightly blushed when she heard his reply. She then remembered his proposal the other day.

"Hmmp! You're just the same with everyone else."

She acted cutely with her fake angry face in front of Yan. She couldn't understand why she would always act coyly like this when she's with him.

"Hey. Hey. Do you really think I'm like everyone else? You haven't even seen me naked yet. Or maybe...you have seen me when I was showering. Ah! So that's why you let us stay in the inn so you can peep at me?"

Yan's face showed a very shocked face. He slowly backed up, like a little girl afraid of his pervert uncle.

"Waaa...don't be ridiculous! Why would I want to see you naked? You...you're the one who wants to see me naked!"

Rosella was always been a proud woman. Her mind and body have never been tainted her entire life. Because of her godfather, she was shielded with these kind of topics. When she became an adult, people were too afraid to talk these things with her.

When she heard his ridiculous accusations, she panicked. She covered her face with her hands, afraid of him seeing her face. She started rambling things. She didn't even know what she had said just now.

Noticing her acting embarrassed, he decided to take advantage of her. Yan evilly smiled and walked slowly towards her. He slowly wrapped his hands around her waist. He then spoked seductively.

"Oh. Now that you mentioned it, I think I would love to see you naked. Do you want to see me naked too?"

His words went straight to Rosella's ears. Her mind froze and body's defences weaken. His words turned into electricity that ran throughout her body.

Noticing her stunned, he slowly pulled her body towards his. He lowered his head close to her ears and slightly licked it.

She jolted. It turned out she was sensitive in this part. It was only then that Rosella gained consciousness.


She jolted and started to panic. She covered her palms with dark energy and slammed into Yan's chest.


Yan was pushed by the attack and had let go of Rosella.

Dark energy attacked his internal organs and mind.

[Warning! Level 1 - Curse of Corruption detected. Can be cured immediately.]

[Warning! Level 1 - Curse of Agony detected. Can be cured immediately.]

'Don't heal me up yet. I have a plan.'


Yan kneeled on the ground and almost howled in agony. He vomited large amount of viscous black blood. His face now is as white a paper.

She was startled by his reaction.

"What? Yan? I'm sorry! I thought you can handle it. It was just basic magic. I didn't think it would harm you to this extent!"

Rosella was now crying. She immediately kneeled to hold Yan. She didn't think she would harm Yan with her curse. It were just basic level curses that even a Level 30 individual would just shook off.

Once curse spells was casted by a Warlock onto an individual, only Priests or Paladins can dispel it. She didn't know Yan was a Paladin or has a system like Catriona to dispel her curse like it was nothing.

Rosella was panicking right now and was not in her right mind when she saw Yan's agony. In truth, with Yan's strength, he would not be in this state.

Yan was really exaggerating. To achieve this result, he lowered his stats in purpose. He stat right now is the same when he was Level 1.

He weakly lifted up his hands and slowly caressed Rosella's beautiful face.

"It's okay. Don't cry. To die in the hands of a beauty like you is worth it."

Yan smiled while black blood flowed in her mouth.

"Nooo! Don't die! I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

Her tears were flowing like rain. Yan was slightly guilty by his acting but his shamelessness was bigger than his guilt.

"It would be great if I get to marry you in my next life."

Yan's fake tears also flowed out in his eyes.

"Uuu...uuu...don't die. Please don't die. I don't want anyone to die in front of me again. Uuu...uuu...If...if you live, I...I would be your wife. So, please...live."

"Re...really? But I...I wouldn't want a wife who doesn't even love me."

Yan fake grimaced. He coughed up large amount of black blood.

"I...I wouldn't say that. I think...I think I like you."

Rosella slightly blushed but were still in tears.

"You...you really like me?"

Rosella slowly nodded.

"If...*cough*...if I live, you would really become my wife?"

She blushed deeply. She nodded again, cutely.

"Ye...yes. So please, don't die."



"Okay! Heal me up!"

Yan suddenly stood up.

"How could I die this pathetic. I can't die, I just got myself a very beautiful wife. Hahahaha!"

Rosella's mind blanked.

'What? How could he be so energetic when he was just about to die seconds ago?'

She was agape. She didn't know what just happened.

Yan's rosy complexion came back just like that. You wouldn't have thought that he was dying two seconds ago.

When Yan saw Rosella's cute mouth wide opened, kneeling on the ground, he smiled. He also kneeled down in front of her.

He put both his hands in her red cheeks. He looked at her eyes with tender care. He may have tricked her into marrying him, but that doesn't mean he would treat her badly. Yan would shower her with great love and care, the same with Rae.


Yan spoke with spoiling adoration. He looked at her eyes. It was only then that Rosella realised that she had been conned by him. But she didn't try to go back on her words. She knew she felt something about Yan that she never felt for anyone before. She didn't know if it was love or something else. Now that she had already promised, she was going to marry him. She will spend her whole life to confirm her feelings.


Yan took her arms and they slowly stood up. Their face were closed to each other. Yan looked deeply her eyes while Rosella looked at his. Both of them felt time froze. Like they were the only people in the world.

Inch by inch, they're moving closer. It felt like a fairytale ending. His lips locked her's. Both heart and mind entwined. His tongue slowly roamed into her mouth.

Rosella hugged him tighter and tighter, like their body slowly become one.

It was only after her lips had swollen that Yan lips separated from her but their eyes still locked the same.

"Now that you're my wife, would you like to know my story?"

"Yes. In return, I'll tell you mine."


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