Tales of the Paladin
37 Origins of Races in Azureth
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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37 Origins of Races in Azureth

"After the creation of the universe, The Elder Titans, except one, began their eternal slumber. It is said that only when Ragnarok, the Universe-Ending Calamity, happens will they rise again from their sleep.

Only the sixth Elder Titan, Alderien 'The Watcher' continued to watched over the universe.

It is said that Alderien watched over and guided the first intelligent races to unite and build settlements and equipments.

Billions of years ago, from the creation, Azureth had only one giant continent and was surrounded by oceans. Millions of creatures thrive in the land, air, and the seas of this blue planet lived in harmony.

But peace in this planet only lasted for a moment.

As billions of years passed, thru battle and massacre, the strongest creatures became hegemon of the parts of the continent. They call themselves Gods in Azureth.

With their strength, they conquered and enslaved countless of other creatures. Only when they became their slaves will they survive the harsh reality.

After millions of years, the countless enslaved races began to revolt the so-called Gods. Thousands of races where wiped out and millions of lives vanished in the battle. After millions of years of struggles, did the rebels won. Some of the Gods were killed while others were imprisoned and will never see the light of the day again. They as now referred as the Old Gods.

Only then the First Great Era ended and the Second Great era started.

But freedom proved to be too good to be true. After defeating the Old Gods, the stronger races who rebelled also began to enslaved the weaker races. Though they are not as strong the the Old Gods, but their cruelty was the same, if not worse.

After millions of years, other weaker races escaped their master and roam the endless and unexplored lands. Some also went into the deepest seas.

After another hundreds of millions of years of adapting and evolving, the other races also began to split apart somewhere along the line to start their own tribes.

The Mar'grosh Race began to split in two tribes. The other began to worship feral spirits in the wild to integrate in their bodies and soul while the other strive for knowledge though research and their intellects. The former the became the ancestors of the Were-People while the latter became the ancestors of the Human Race.

The Dut'dran Race also split apart into two tribes. One began to research about making weapons and armours and settle themselves in mountains full of minerals and metals while other research about machines through engineering and science and settle themselves in small hills and grasslands. The former became the ancestors of the Dwarves and the latter became the ancestors of the Gnomes.

The Alter'an Race were intelligent creatures with animal like feature that gained magic properties when they, millions of years ago, discovered a cave full of stones filled with magic properties and became the ancestors of the Mystics.

On the other side of the continent, Ogg'rish Race split in three tribes. One settled in the planes and grasslands and became the ancestors of the Orcs, another settled in the woodlands and became the ancestors of the Trolls, while the weakest ones settled on the mountains and became the ancestors the High Goblins.

While others split, other races also began to integrate themselves with other races. After millions of years, these group of races became the ancestors of the Beastmen. But somewhere along the years, one tribe separated themselves with the Beastmen to became the ancestors of the Pandarens.

At that time, hundred of millions years ago, the most intelligent race where the Elwe'denar. But unlike the other races, they constantly research about power and magic.

Ten million years ago, the Elwen'denar Race also began to split apart to research different kind of power sources. One tribe researched about Blood Magic. The research used the blood of creatures as a sacrifice to gain their life essence. Another tribe began to researching about everlasting life on a corpse of a certain Old God. While the third tribe began to researching power by integrating themselves with nature.

The first one then became the ancestors of the Blood Elves, the second one became the ancestors of the Undyings while the last tribe became the ancestors of the Night Elves.

Many tribes began developing their minds and continued to evolve. Civilisations rose and fell one after another but everything changed a million years ago.

A large explosion happened in the centre of the continent. It was so large that the single continent split apart into four large continents and countless archipelagos. Now, the four large continents is called The Eastern Continent, The Raging Lands, Pandaria and The Northern Abyss.

In present time, The Northern Abyss is a place where the major powers of the continent had not been completely explored. Only the strongest individual can go there. It is said that in this place where the sealed Old Gods and the past masters are currently found.

And also, somewhere in The Northern Abyss is where the portal to the other world appeared.

The splitting of the world was called The Great Chasm.

This event ended the Second Great Era. The world had now arrived to the Blank Period.

During this period, due to the splitting of the land, tsunamis, huge earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other known disasters plagued the whole Azureth. Countless of races again died out due to this disasters.

It been said that the world's mana well exploded and split the whole Azureth. Mana circled all around the world thru air and the sea. It seeped through the bodies of all creatures. Other places have a lot of mana concentration than the others.

During this harsh period of times, alliances and enemies were made.

Twenty thousands years ago, the very first people of now the thirteen major races appeared in Azureth.

Ten thousand years ago, intelligent races were born with bodies that were compatible with certain things in the environment. At this time, the Major Jobs were born.

For example, if individual was born with a pure strong physical body they are referred as Warriors. If they also have compatibility with magic in addition with a strong physique, they are referred as Paladins.

If an individual was born with weak physique but with strong connection with mana, if they are compatible with dark magic, then they are referred as Warlocks. But if they're compatible with the elements, then they are referred as Mages.

If an individual was born with light and agile physique and compatible with animals, they are referred as Hunters while individual compatible with quick attacks and in their bodies in the environment, they can be called as Rogues.

Other Major Jobs depended on their environment and blood lines."
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