Tales of the Paladin
38 Eastern Continen
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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38 Eastern Continen

"Because of Jobs, the thirteen major races thrived in the land better and better. Their bodies and mind are now stronger than ever before.

During the Blank Period, civilisations all around Azureth slowly started to rise again. On the northern most part of the Eastern Continent lies a large island covered with gargantuan trees, the Forest of Myths.

Due to the spread of mana on the whole Azureth, myriad of different kinds of flora and fauna bloomed and created.

In these vast forest housed thousands of creatures from small critters to large dragons.

One of the miracles born at the Blank Period was the Sentinel or the World Tree.

Before the Great Chasm, this island was nothing but a dessert. Due to the explosion of the world's mana well, the Sentinel sprouted in this barren land. The moment it sprouted a leaf, it burst out life so much life essence that turned the vast dessert into the Forest of Myths it is today.

Because of these events, the Night Elves moved to this forest and made it their home, Sentinel Reserve, around the Sentinel, borrowing its powers and also protecting it.

Only by travelling to the sea by a ship will one reach the mainland of the continent.

South of the island lies a large and wide Indigo Marshlands. Underground caves and natural tunnels below the soil connected the whole marshlands. This connecting tunnels and caves holds vast amount of crystal stones filled with natural mana essence.

In these caverns is where the Mystics build their home. In present day, this place is called the Under City of Albion.

It is named by the Mystic-Hero Albion who heralded the Mystic Race in fighting and expelling the creatures in these caverns to make the marshland the safe haven for their race.

South of Indigo Marshland is Lake Heartstone. Lake Heartstone provides the water supply in the Indigo Marshland.

Lake Heartstone, the largest lake in the Eastern Continent, also housed to many herds and camps of low intelligent creatures who build their nest around the lake.

South of Lake Heartstone are the towering Sunless Twin-Plateaus.

The Sunless Twin-Plateau are surrounded with thick eerie fog where sunlight never reached the ground, thus the name. The Twin-Plateaus are divided by a long-natural narrow pass. Only by travelling to this pass will one safely traversed the Sunless Twin-Plateaus.

In the middle of this pass is a large basin. Because of its environment and strategic position, the Were-People made their home, Sunless Legionnaire, in this basin.

The Were-People controlled the merchant roads in the Sunless Twin Plateaus by making outpost both ends of the narrow pass.

South of the Sunless Twin Plateaus is the largest flatlands in the Eastern Continent, the Draconic Plains, where the Human Race thrived.

The Mercury Family led the whole Human Race to spread and survive in Draconic Plains, to make the Kingdom of Stormrein the largest kingdom in the Eastern Continent.

The booming of the Human Race's population is due to the Mercury Family's gentle and just rule and being the vanguards of the Human Race in the Eastern Continent.

Southern most border of Draconic Plains is the Misty Forest, the widest rainforest in the Eastern Kingdom.

Though monsters in the Misty Forest is relatively weak, countless of monsters take home in the forest lead by a great wyvern.

Passing the Misty Forest is the Sunny Side Hills. Its the place where vast farmlands and thousands of hills are found. In this place where the Gnomerian Metropolis is found.

This place is the centre of science and technology in the Eastern Continent. Inside these hills where Gnomes build their homes and laboratories where they made their experiments and invent their machines.

Sometimes, one can hear maniacal laughs and chemical explosions inside these hills.

Passing the long serpentine Road of the Mirage Woods, one can reach the last major settlement in the Eastern Continent.

The southern most part of the Eastern Continent is where, the coldest part of the continent, White Iron Mountain Range peaked.

At the foot of these snowy mountain range is where large blast furnace that expel out dark smoke from smelting and steam-powered trains pulled out minerals mined from the mountains. The clanking of metals can be heard everywhere.

This place is the Iron-Forged Cavern of Aragorn, the Home of the Dwarves. In these mountain ranges is where the dwarves mined their minerals to make their world-renowned weapons and armours. Because of their partnership with the Gnomes, the Dwarves gained foothold in the continent."
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