Tales of the Paladin
39 Major Jobs and Skill Path
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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39 Major Jobs and Skill Path

"Well, that's the history of Eastern Continent. That's enough for that. I'll read the history of the other continents by the time I go there myself."

Yan closed the book and returned it to it's original place in the bookshelf.

By the arrangement of the books, he can see that Rosella loved these collection of books. That's why he placed it carefully with the exact look of the shelf the moment before.

He returned to his seat in between Rosella and Rae. By looking at the beauties in his side, he felt satisfaction reached to the bones.

"Um. Rosella, can I ask you something?"

Rosella looked Yan's eyes while replying with a seductive voice. Yan's heart raced with excitement but he knew it was not the proper time.


"Can you tell me the specifics of Major Jobs? Though both of Rae and I have relatively high levels, we don't know about our Jobs, really."

"Well, that's the disadvantages if one were born in a place far from any kingdoms or major settlements. Yes, one can gain levels by fighting monsters but if they do not have the power and money to travel all the way to the capital, they can't really evolve and gain skills for their specific jobs."

"Yeah. Uncle Cain said that we need to go to a job master in the capital or a major settlement to know skills in our jobs."

"That's true. According to the books I have read in the Royal Library and also from my Godfather, over the past thousands of years, major races invented and discovered skills for every specific jobs. But to learn these skills have restrictions. One needs to reach a specific level and you also need to choose a certain skill path to follow."

Yan sat straight while Rae put down her teacup in the table. They were really interested at this topic.

"Skill paths? What are those?"

Rosella took a sip in her tea and continued on explaining.

"Skill paths are the same as it sound. A person needs to choose a certain skill path to gained an specialty in their job."

"Oh. Can you tell me all of those?"

"Sure. Every Major Jobs has three skill paths to choose..."

Rosella took a scroll from her storage ring to let both of them see while she explained its content.

- - -


• Strong Arms (Two-Handed Weapon Expert, using mobility and overpowering attacks to strikes their opponents.)

• Berserker (Dual-Wielding Experts, using flurry of attacks to carve their opponents to pieces.)

• Shield Master ( Shield and One-Handed Weapon Expert, using shield to safeguard his or her allies.)


• Evil Vanquisher (Invokes the power of the Light to heal and protect allies to defeat evil from the darkest corners of the universe.)

• Holy Knight (Uses holy magic to shield and protect allies from enemies)

• Crusader (Judges and punishes evil with weapons and holy magic.)


• Beast Master (A master of wild who can tame varieties of beasts to assist him or her in combat.)

• Sniper (A master sharpshooter who specialises in bringing death to opponents from afar.)

• Trapper (A master of survival by using traps, explosives, and poison from animals and plants with the help of adopted beast.)


• Elemental (A spell caster who taps and harness the destructive power of nature.)

• Totem Master (A warrior who uses various totems to empower him and his weapons to strike down enemies.)

• Nature's Hand (A healer who calls upon ancestral spirits and cleansing power of nature to mend allies' afflictions.)


• Poison Master (A deadly master of poison who dispatches victims with vicious dagger strikes.)

• Assassination (A ruthless fugitive who uses agility to stand toe-to-toe with the enemies.)

• Sublime Shadow (A dark stalker who leaps from the shadows to ambush unsuspecting prey.)


• Moon Servant (Transforms into a powerful Moonkin, balancing nature and arcane magic to destroy enemies.)

• Feral (Transforms into a great and ferocious cat to that cause damage with bleeds and bites.)

• Guardian (Transforms into a mighty bear to absorb damage and defends allies.)


• Brawlmaster (A sturdy brawler who uses unpredictable movements to avoid damage and take-down enemies.)

• Dragon Warrior (A martial artist who unleashes powerful punches and kicks to pummel foes by using ancestral dragon powers.)

• Mistweaver (A healer who uses mysterious arts to manipulate nature's Qi elements.)


• Arcane (Manipulates Arcane Magic, destroying enemies with overwhelming power.)

• Fire (Focuses on purest form of Fire Magic to burn and incinerate enemies.)

• Ice (Freezes enemies in their feet and shatters them with Frost Magic.)


• Demonology (Summons demons from other dimension as their slave to defeat foes.)

• Voodoo Master (One who unleashes curses and afflictions to torture and kill.)

• Destruction (Master of chaos who calls hell fire and take advantage of fear to demolish enemies.)


• Discipline (Uses buffs and shield to support and strengthen allies to fight enemies.)

• Holy (A versatile healer who can reverse damage on individuals or groups and even resurrect the dead.)

• Shadow (A fallen who uses dark and sinister magic to eradicate enemies.)

- - -

"By choosing a certain path, an individual can learn certain type of skills by learning it from Job Master who are often seen in the capital or major settlements. You can only learn those by of course paying them with large amount of gold coins, reach certain levels, and you also need to learn the prerequisite skills."

When Yan heard all of this, he began to plan for the future. He never expected this situation. Though the way he learn is different from other, all in all, he still needed a lot of money for his skills to catch up to his levels.

"Oh. That's why we need to earn lots and lots of money from now on."

"Yes. I can lend you some if you want."

Rosella offered money casually to Yan. He was of course her future husband, she will help him with anything.

When Yan heard her offer, he flat out refuse it immediately.

"No. I'm not that kind of man. I need to earn it myself. Thank you but you should keep it. Maybe in the future, when the time is dire, you can help me with other things. But not for this one."

Rosella just nodded lightly while taking a sip in her cup. She was happy with his reply. She knows that every man needs to stand up for himself and not use his wife as a shield.

Rae's eyes also flashed with determination. She would not become Yan's burden. She needs to work hard too.

While thinking of something, Yan had a thought.

'Catriona, what kind of skill path should I pick for my job?'

[Don't worry about it master. As I am a God-Killer System, you do not need to choose paths for you can learn all the skills for your job. Provided of course, you have the amount of gold to pay me. Hehe.]

Yan heard Catriona's mischievous laugh. He thanked and cursed the system. Yes, he can become very powerful in the future but the only flaw is that he need large amount of money to fully utilised the system.

'Well, it is what it is.'

Yan only sighed it his heart.

Three of them continued to chat and flirt the whole morning and afternoon in the Guild Master's office.

- - -

Midnight, the moons are at their highest point in the night.

"Sir, it's time."

As a man with dark cloak kneeled in front of a very large man.

Benedict Tudor stood up from his seat and grabbed his beloved weapon. He was waiting for this moment for the last ten years. He needed to prove his worth in the capital and in front of the Royal Family.

He took a deep breath and his eyes flashed a viscous glint. No one can stop his determination. If anyone stops him from finishing this job, he was ready to kill.

"Let's go!"
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