Tales of the Paladin
43 Weapon and Treasure Grade
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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43 Weapon and Treasure Grade

"Hoo. That was tiring."

Yan released mouthful of air. The dark clouds in the sky slowly disperse like it had never appeared. The quiet and peaceful nighttime returned.

Yan turned his back to his wives and gently smiled to the both of them.

"Are you both alright?"

Both women snapped out of daze and hurriedly approach him. Rae and Rosella grabbed both his hands and looked at him with worried look. His body ached from the use of his full power. His complexion became paler after the fight.

"Yes. We're good. How about you?"

"I'm fine. With a couple minutes of rest, I'll return to my top form. Hehe."

Only with his reassuring words did his wives sighed with relief.

"Snow, grab all of their storage rings and weapons. We're poor right so we need all the resources we can get."


Snow changed his body from an elephant sized into of a common dog. He hurriedly approached the six dead bodies of their enemy. He bit, scratched and dismembered parts of their body to get each storage rings and weapons. He obediently passed it all to him. After completing the task he commanded, Yan patted his Snow's head and caressed his fur.

"Good job, Snow! I'll comb your hair later."


Snow was very happy with his praises. He loved Yan very much.

"Husband, these storage rings and weapons were soul bounded. It means that these items are bounded by original owner's soul and only them could use it. If others were to use it, it would only be like common pieces of metal. Only a Third-Rank Master Class Blacksmith, and above, can successfully sever its ties to its previous owner."

Looking at the six storage rings in his hands and weapons on the ground, Yan began to think of ways to make use of their loots.

"That may be a problem. Hmm. Let me try something for a bit."

At situations like this, the only one he could turn to is Catriona.

'Catriona, can you sever the soul bindings of these items for me?'

[Of course, Master! Just put a drop of your blood on each items and let me do the work.]

'Really? That's great! You're truly the best, Catriona.'

He followed Catriona's instructions and drop his blood in each items. Each of the items glowed brightly as the power of God-Killer System broke through the soul bindings of each item. Seconds later, the light immediately dimmed after.

[It's done, Master.]

'Thank you, Catriona!'

[It's always a pleasure helping you, Master! Fufufu.]

Yan really love the sultry and seductive voice of Catriona. If a woman were to possess her voice, every men would be fallen in love only with her words!

Yan excitedly opened all the rings and put out all of its contents on the ground. Rosella couldn't help to be astonished by the scene unraveling in front of her. She wanted to confirm it with Yan.

"Honey, how did you do it?"

"I told you. The things I can do can only be counted in one hand, and these simple things are not one of those. Hehe."

"Hmmp! Forget it. I'm not curious anyway."

Rosella pouted with his boastings. She was very curious! She couldn't think of any way Yan opened the rings. She only saw him drop his own blood to the items but she knew things were not that simple. Something profound must have happened. And it was quick too! Even a Third-Rank Master Class Blacksmith would spend hours to sever the soul bindings of a single item, but Yan only spent a couple of seconds in all of them. If Yan didn't want to tell her, then she could only accept it.

Rae on the other hand didn't think of it much. She was confident with Yan. If he said he could do it, then he could do it easily.

On the ground, numbers of different kinds of weapons, potions and foods, clothes and armours were laid down. He wanted to sell some of these items for money. On the side, 15,000 gold coins were stacked. Benedict alone had 10,000 gold coins in his storage ring!

Yan was wanted to shed tears in happiness. He really struck rich this time. He knew that money is very important in surviving this world. Rae on the other hand was thinking about something. She recalled something then asked Rosella about her thoughts.

"Big Sister, you told us that the big bad guy's trinket was 'Rare' Quality, what do you mean by that?"

Rosella was slightly surprise by Rae's question. Even though they already had tacit understanding with each other, it was very rare for her to initiate conversations. She smiled and patiently explained it to her, and also Yan.

"Well, you see, Little Sister, treasures and items are graded by their quality. Their grade depends on the difficulty it can be obtained, its effects, and disadvantages. The trinket Benedict used was a 'Rare' treasure.

Yan was also curious of these grading system.

"Can you tell us how are treasures and items are graded?"

"Sure. Treasures and items are divided into seven grades..."

Rosella again grabbed a scroll from her storage ring and unrolled it for Yan and Rae to see its content.

- - -

• Poor Grade - Weapons that were made by a Beginner Class Blacksmiths. Could also be found at Class F to Class A Dungeons.

• Common Grade - Weapons that were made by a Novice Class Blacksmiths. Could also be found at Class E and Class A Dungeons.

• Uncommon Grade - Weapons that were made by a Third-Rank Master Class Blacksmiths. Could also be found at Class C to Class S Dungeons.

• Rare Grade - Weapons and Treasures that were made by Second-Rank Master Class Blacksmiths. Could also be found at Class B to Class S Dungeons.

• Mythical Grade - Weapons and Treasures that were made by First-Rank Master Class Blacksmiths. Could also be found at Class A and Class SS Dungeons.

• Legendary Grade - Weapons and Treasures that were made by Legendary-Rank Blacksmiths. Could also be found at Class SS Dungeons.

• Immortal Grade - Weapons and Treasures that were made by the Gods. No confirmed other sources.

- - -

After hearing her explanation, Yan began to think deeply. He wanted to know what grade his Mjolnir was.

'Catriona, does that mean that Mjolnir is an Immortal Grade weapon?'

[Yes, Master. Mjolnir was made by the God of Blacksmithing after all.]

'Woah! Wait, there's a God of Blacksmithing?'

[Yes, Master. But I'm sorry, you have not yet reached the required strength to know more about these information.]

'It's okay. We'll get there eventually.'

[Yes! I'll help you get there eventually, Master.]

Yan wore a happy smile. With the severance of the soul bindings, he can now gain profit from this fight.

"Now then, before we do anything with these items, what should we do with the bodies?"

"Oh. That's easy."

Rosella stepped forward and snapped her delicate fingers. Black raging flames lit up her hands.

"Hell Fire!"

• Skill: Hell Fire Level 5 - Summons a raging black fire from the deepest section of Demonic Dimension. Can incinerate target's body when latched on.

Like a black snake, six wriggling hell fire crawled to the ground and latched onto the dead bodies. Without resistance, the dead bodies became ashes in the matter of minutes. Only a dark charred spot remained on the ground.

Yan closed his eyes as the six bodies turned into ashes. This was the first time they killed a human being but he knew this would not be the last.
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