Tales of the Paladin
47 Surprising their Visitors
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Tales of the Paladin
Author :AdmiralBayabas
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47 Surprising their Visitors

The 'Third Arc: Journey to the Kingdom of Stormrein' begins now!

- - -

The moons had just shown up in the dark blue sky when Yan, and his party, decided to rest for the night. Today was their fourth day travelling together as an official adventurer's party.

"Okay. Let's camp near the river over there, Snow."


Snow happily complied to his master's command. Though the carriage was large and heavy and the travel was long, it did not matter for he had the bloodline of the Wolf God - Fenrir, which makes him a lot more stronger and tougher than the average beast.

Along the way, they've hunted monster meat for food. But with Snow's large appetite, they were bound to hunt dozens of them everyday. Yan was assigned to cook for all their meals while Rae and Rosella prepares the ingredients and set the small table.

The past Yan had the knowledge for cooking but it was subpar compared to the the food made by his past ex-girlfriends. Years before, Yan and Rae only used to eat the food made by his Aunt May. When the food was exhausted, they roasted small critters or bought rations from Bree. But that was before.

Yan was now a professional chef. Prior to embarking to their new adventure, he became a Third-Rank Master Class Chef. He spent a little over 2,000 gold coins to become one, with the help of Catriona.

"Do you have any requests for the kinds of food you want to eat for tonight, ladies?"

"Right now, he have 5-Horned Rabbit meat and Purple Grassland Fowl meat. We also have lots of wild root crops and vegetables. How about you use that?"

"Well, let me think of the food I can make with those."

'Catriona, can you show me the available recipes for those things that I can make?'

[Master, I have ten recipes you can make with those ingredients.]

Catriona transferred ten recipes in Yan's mind. From there, he careful read the recipes and chose the dishes he will prepare.

'Well, I think these three recipes would suffice. Thanks, Catriona!'

[I'm always at your service, Master. Hihi.]

With that, Yan prepared to cook his dishes. In the back of the carriage, he opened a small door and drag out a large red metal box. This was a common Azureth fire range. This range is not powered by normal fire but from a monster core of a fire monster. It costed them 150 gold coins to buy this. Rae and Rosella already cleaned the kitchenwares, ready for him to use them for cooking.

It only took a few minutes for the smell of food to wafted through the air. Yan and Rae bought a considerable amount of all herbs and spices available in Bree. With this, he can manipulate the flavours of each dishes.

Yan cooked four dishes in total. He chose to cook '15 Herbs and Spices - Rabbit Kebab', 'Stuffed Butter Roasted Fowl' and 'Three Star Mellow Vegetable Soup' for the two beautiful women. But for Snow on the other hand, Yan roasted many fowls and rabbits on the camp fire. After over an hour of waiting, Yan placed the food he cooked on the table while Snow had a large plate with a mountain full of meat near the camp fire.

"Thank you for waiting, ladies. Please, enjoy."

"Thank you for the food, Honey."

"Mm. Thank you."


"You're welcome. Dig in."

Rosella first tried the rabbit kebab while Rae took a sip for the vegetable soup. The combination of many herbs and spices burst out in Rosella's mouth while the soup warmed Rae's body.

"Mmm. So juicy and tender! Even with so many flavours present, the flavours did not fought each other but coalesce to create a very delicious dish."

"Uwah. Though made only with vegetables, it still had that mellow flavour that will warm your body."

Yan smiled. He was glad and satisfied with their compliments. But the thing he was happiest the most was their facial reactions when eating.

'Yes. Yes. Those smiles, the redness of their cheeks, the heating of their bodies, oily juices flowing out their mouth and those tongues licking my...wait. Did I just became a pervert?'

Yan shook his head and let go of his indecent thoughts, temporarily. He started to eat his fill. After eating, they cleaned all their things in the river and store it properly in the carriage.

When the camp fire started to burn out, Yan and his two wives started to walk upstream.

'Catriona, can you help me check the surroundings for potential danger?'

[I've already checked, Master. No potential danger in the vicinity. I also spotted the best area for bathing.]

'Thank you!'

When they saw the decent spot, they undressed themselves to clean their bodies. In the shallow water, Yan started fondling the soft bodies of his wives.

"You are naughty boy."

"Of course I am! Hehe."

"Hmmp! Let me scrub you're body."

Rae and Rosella began to start cleaning Yan's body with a soft cloth like the virtuous wives they were. Yan would not let go of this opportunity to shamelessly asked a request.

"Um. Honey, Darling, can you wash my body but not with that cloth?"

"Huh? What should we use then?"

Yan wore an evil smile while looking at their well-developed breasts. Seeing his indecent stare on their body, both beautiful woman blushed. The two beautiful woman spent over an hour with their perverted husband in the river.

In the middle of the night, the husband and his two wives laid on the bed inside the carriage while Snow slept outside.

"Honey, according to my knowledge, this area is terrorised with bandits. We should be careful and conserve our energy lest we became their targets."

"I know. Don't worry. I can sense anyone 500 meters away from me. And also, I know we can defeat them. I agree that we should conserve energy."

"It's good that you understand."

"Of course, I understand. That's why tonight, you should both conserve your energy and I will be the one moving. Hehe."

Rae and Rosella were stupefied with his reply. They lightly punched his chest. They thought Yan looked really righteous just now, but he still as perverse as ever. But it didn't mean they didn't like it.

Yan was about to start to kiss Rosella but his suddenly face turned serious and looked towards the window. He then let out a small killing intent. Seeing the abrupt change of his expression, both woman were curious.

"What's wrong, Honey?"

"I think we've got company. Haa. Why now, when we were about to start having fun? Don't worry. Both of you should stay here. You don't need to get up. I can handle all of them. I don't want you sullying your hands."

Both woman also turned serious but they were not afraid. Though they may look weak and coyly in front of Yan, they were still both proud and powerful woman when it comes to battle.

"No need to do that. We can help you. We're not that weak."

Yan's face turned gentle when he heard their words. He smiled and kissed their foreheads. He knew his wives where not weak woman who fears enemies. He smirk and let out a killing intent.

"Okay. How about we surprise our visitors?"
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